June 10, 2017

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Thanks to the internet, we get a full, unmoderated insight of how full of shit everyone is.
It’s a really huge deal. And if you think there is such thing as objective independence you are wrong. As soon as you come into contact with another shit-talker, they affect you. This cannot be prevented.
That´s why I deleted my private FB Account and that´s why I don´t watch TV since about 10 years. And that´s why I will remove every bullshit talker from now on and I already did. Since so many are full of shit, it´s really hard to distance yourself from it every time.

Shit is like Karma. What goes around -comes around. You go around and you come around.

And I don´t want to insult you, but that´s just the way it is.
Your brain is absorbing information at a rate that you cannot comprehend because 99% of you have absolutely no conscious choice about what the brain decides to take on board to our cognitive biases which are like subconscious filters directing the traffic shit-flow into different parts of your brain for storage, use or deletion. You only become aware of information after your brain has already absorbed it. You are constantly soaking in the opinions, ideas and manipulation techniques of others.
I want you to think how this affects everyone.

Your friends and influencers are all subject to this mass exposure of globally viral bullshit.

And they’re the ones telling you how to live your life just like the media does every fuc*ing time.
So what do we do about all of this?
Based on these factors, here are some tips on how you can manage the influences in your life:
• Only seek guidance and advice from proven experts, people with vast experience and a measurable record of success.
• Stop believing.
•and last but not least SHUT THE F´ UP!
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