Gentle lady

Hazel brown eyes and a beautiful face


Age: 27
Weight: 50kg
Height: 161cm
Nationality: RO
Language: EN, FR, GER
Hair: Black
Eyecolor: Brown
Breast Size: 75B
Natural Breasts: Yes
Shaved: Yes

Antonia in Nightclub Maxim Wien

Maxim Girl Antonia has hazel brown eyes and a beautiful face. Her amiable appearance makes men's hearts line up in rows for her.
Antonia’s personality is reflected in her appearance, because she is a lovable young lady inside and out.
She likes to take long walks and loves to travel the world.

With her natural curiosity, she ended up with us at the one of the Best Sex Clubs in Vienna, Maxim. For some time we have been happy to count her as one of the returning and lasting Maxim Girls.

One of the best Maxim Girls Wien, Antonia caresses your body with a sensual massage. She welcomes couples very much and enjoys having sex with couplesespecially with her calm and harmonious manner.
As a dominant man, you have found the ideal lady with Maxim Girl Antonia, who likes to put herself in your strong hands and can let herself fall in your arms.

As a dancer on the stage of the Sex Club Maxim Wien, she shows her qualities and gives a little foretaste of what could come next. Sex with a stripper is possible with Maxim Girl Antonia.

Visit Maxim Girl Antonia and meet this gentle lady in the club. Alternatively, you can book her for exclusive escort Vienna service.

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