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Age: N/A
Weight: N/A
Height: N/A
Nationality: Romanian
Language: N/A
Hair: Black
Eyecolor: Brown
Breast Size: N/A
Natural Breasts: Yes
Shaved: N/A

Girl Description

As you step into my world, you'll notice the way my black leather boots click against the wooden
floors, echoing throughout the room. The sound alone is enough to send shivers down your spine, but
that’s only the beginning.

My gaze meets yours and you feel yourself falling under my spell. I am the ultimate goddess of pleasure and pain, a seductress with a heart of gold and a mind as sharp as a whip. My name is Cinthia and I am
here to lead you on a journey of self-discovery and surrender. I am your guide, your mistress, your
queen of pain and pleasure.

With my long black curly hair cascading down my back and my deep brown diabolic eyes that seem to
pierce your very soul, I am the perfect combination of angel and devil. My medium-built figure and
172cm height only add to my commanding presence. I am a Domina, and I'm not here to judge or
condemn but to liberate your mind, to set your soul free. I am a sanctuary for those who crave
submission, for those who yearn to let go of control and surrender. It's not about weakness, it's about
trust - trusting me to take you to places you've never been before, to unlock the deepest parts of your

For me, it's not just about the physical act of domination - it's about the mental and emotional
surrender that comes with it. Violence is a word that scares many, but it's all about context. In my
world, it's not about causing harm, it's about exploring boundaries. It's about pushing you to your limits
and then bringing you back to reality. It's about the release that comes with feeling the sting of a whip
against your skin or the weight of my hand on your neck mixed with a sensual touch, whispered words,
and the knowledge that you're safe in my hands.
Together, we will explore the depths of pleasure and pain, finding beauty in the most unexpected

To all the men and women who are always in control and need to surrender, I am here to give you the
release you crave. Let me take the reins and guide you to a place where your mind can finally breathe.
For those who have been victims of their life experiences, I offer a safe haven where you can explore
your deepest desires without judgment.
As the great Marquis de Sade once said, "It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure."
• If you’re interested to find out more about my practices you can visit me in Maxim Night Club
Vienna 3 nights/week. Because my schedule is not always the same,if you want to find me,
please call and ask for Cinthia.

• SM escorte service is possible just after a first meeting in the club as i need to know your sexual
preferences in order to be able to bring the right prop with me so you can have an unforgettable

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