italian punters in bordelli vienna maxim

Bordelli Vienne – Maxim Welcomes the Italian Punters

Vienna is a highly popular city for many different nationalities. People from all around the World come here to admire the architecture, art, cafés, cuisine, the cultural events and all the other wonderful things this city has to offer. What we noticed in the past few years is that Maxim is one of the Bordelli Vienne that is particularly appealing to Italian mongers.

Why? Because we have numerous beautiful girls here who all speak Italian! If you are an Italian guy yourself, then we are here to inform you about our current lineup of girls who speak the language pretty well. Here is the right place to confess that here in Maxim, we highly admire the Italian mentality.

It is always great to see how they put particular effort into their appearance, smell and attitude in a way that only Italians do. And they expect their women to have high standards too, which is why many of them end up in Nightclub Maxim, the absolute best among Bordelli Vienne.

If you are an Italian gentleman looking for passion, intimacy and maybe a bit of wildness in women, then you are going to have a great time with our Maxim girls. They know exactly that Italian men are great lovers and one of the most exciting clients to meet. Flirting is like breathing for them and our girls love everything about it.

They also love the Italian man’s appreciation for women and good Vienna sex. But who are these girls? Let us introduce you to all the Italian-speaking women who currently work at Maxim!


Valentina is currently the hottest MILF in Maxim. She is an absolute blonde stunner with fit body and perfect figure. If you are an Italian guy looking for an experienced lady to have fun with, then she is the go-to Maxim girl for sure.

Valentina in Bordelli Vienne Maxim

She is passionate, seductive and her erotic dancing skills are going to blow your mind. Valentina promises an unforgettable experience if you take her to one of our private rooms. She is Romanian but speaks German, English and Italian pretty well.


Carla is another one of our experienced MILFs with an irresistible body. She even won the Miss Maxim title where she convinced everyone with her erotic moves on the pole. You can already tell just by watching her dance that she is a passionate woman full of sexual energy.

Carla in Maxim Wien

Spend a beautiful time with Carla in one of our comfortable rooms where she will enchant you with her sensuality. All that passion that she exhibits on stage will manifest itself on a higher level between closed doors. Maxim is one of the Bordelli Vienne that offers you the opportunity to have sex with a real stripper.


Rosie is an absolute sweetheart with black hair and a nice pair of natural breasts. All in all, she has a perfect figure that will leave you speechless once she gets rid of her clothes. Rosie is a confident girl who speaks Spanish, Italian, German and English pretty well.

Rosie in Sex club Vienna Maxim

She is an easy-going girl who loves to meet new people. Just like many other girls here in Maxim Club, Rosie is also eager to meet Italian guys who are looking for some passionate flirting and sex. She has a lot of experience, meaning that the time you are going to spend with her is going to be unforgettable.


Alina is a tender young lady looking forward to an exciting adventure with the next Italian gentleman. She might look innocent but in fact, she has plenty of experience under her belt. Alina knows exactly what a man needs, making their wishes come true from the fist moment to the last.

Thanks to her cheeky and entertaining personality, you will guaranteedly have a great time flirting and joking around with her. If you are looking for a girl who really puts your sexual fantasies into work, then Alina is the perfect choice.

Alina in night club Wien Maxim

You can even ask her to show off her erotic dancing skills to give you a taste before you get closer to her. Bordelli Vienne like Maxim allow you to drink at the bar, watch how the girls dance and then take them to the room if you want.


Alice is a thin blonde beauty with the figure of a model. If you are looking for a petite girl who speaks Italian, then we can only recommend her. Alice is friendly and easy-going who knows how to make every moment pleasurable for you.

She is the type of person who truly cares about you having a good time and she does it with little effort. With many years of experience behind her, it is only natural for her to be an absolute pleaser. Alice especially enjoys to show off her dancing skills, as pole dancing is one of her specialties.

Alina in Bordelli Vienne Maxim

Among all the Bordelli Vienne, Maxim is where you can see some true pole dancing skills in action.


Nicky is ready to seduce any Italian gentleman with her beautiful long legs and sexy thin figure. She has the characteristics of a model and she is well aware of it. This makes her a highly confident Maxim girl who is ready to sweep you off your feet.

Nicky in Bordelli Vienne Maxim

She also likes to present herself as a model, elegance and style being her two main priorities. Besides her flirting skills, Nicky also has a great sense of humor that will make the experience even more enjoyable. If you like thin girls with long legs in Bordelli Vienne, then you are going to have an amazing time with her.


Selena is a sexy Romanian girl in her early twenties with long black hair and an outstanding figure. She has a pair of natural breasts that will fit nicely in your hands. Not to mention that firm and perfectly round ass of hers that will make your jaw drop.

Selena in Maxim Club

Although Selena is quite young, she already has plenty of experience. She will listen to every one of your wishes. What awaits you with this gentle and playful Maxim girl is an adventure full of pleasure where all your fantasies will come true.


You will be delighted to see this extremely hot Maxim babe in some sexy lingerie. She should definitely be a lingerie model because everything looks amazing on her. But just you wait until you find out how she looks like when she’s completely naked.

Ilona in Brothel Maxim Wien

Either way, it is going to be a feeling of extasy to enjoy the view in person. Ilona is quite an energetic and joyful girl who can lift up your mood at any time. Her erotic massage skills will relax you and arouse you at the same time. Her magical hands will prepare you for a steaming hot sexual adventure.

Bordelli Vienne – Summary

If you are looking for Bordelli Vienne where you can chat, flirt and joke around with girls in Italian, then make sure to visit us. As you can see, we have numerous hot girls who all speak the language. In case you have any further questions about them, feel free to contact us via phone or email. We are looking forward to hearing from you!