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Dom Pérignon – Vintage Champagne

When people think of prestigious champagnes, most of the time Dom Pérignon Vintage is the first thing that comes to their mind. This champagne brand is one of the most well-known sparkling wines in the world and there are over 5 million bottles of Dom Pérignon made in each vintage year. Dom Pérignon champagnes are not released every year, but rather only in the years when the grape harvest is perfect. This ensures that every single bottle of Dom Pérignon champagne is according to the highest standards in the champagne business. This makes the Dom Pérignon an elite champagne that can be enjoyed in any top-quality restaurant, bar or club.

History of Dom Pérignon Vintage

The champagne house is named after a Benedictine monk named Dom Pérignon, who had a vision of creating the best champagne in the world. The house still holds this tradition and they strive to create the very best blends each year their vintage champagnes are created. This is one of the main reasons why they only release their blends when the harvest’s quality is sufficient enough.

Dom Pérignon was the first prestige cuvée champagne that was released in 1921. Today, this champagne producing house is one of the leading companies in the champagne business and their brand has become a household name. Throughout history, Dom Pérignon champagnes have been often served at royal gatherings, such as the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles.

The Signature Blend of Dom Pérignon Vintage

The signature blend of Dom Pérignon is made of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes. What makes this blend special is that the ingredients that go into the champagne are extremely high quality. This is a vintage champagne, which means that it is released only when a year’s grape harvest is absolutely perfect. Quality is one of the most important things for the champagne house and this can be clearly seen and tasted in their sparkling wines.

Each bottle of Dom Pérignon Vintage has to sit for at least eight years in one of the champagne house’s cellars in order for it to strike the perfect balance the house is known for.

The Characteristics of Dom Pérignon Vintage

Even though each Dom Pérignon vintage is somewhat different, they all have a style that is unique to this champagne brand. Each year’s vintage is different, but all of them have a specific Dom Pérignon style that distinguishes this champagne from the rest.

On the nose, the champagne is very fruity. You will get notes of spicy green grapefruit, white peach, nectarine, vanilla and you might also sense floral notes. Some of the vintages that have been released by Dom Pérignon also have elements like almonds, ripe fruits, dark berries and citrus.

On the palate, the Dom Pérignon Vintage is full bodied, rich and powerful. The palate is complex, intense and it is filled with toasted nutty flavors, biscuits, caramel and dried flowers.

The Dom Pérignon Vintage has a vibrant, lemon-gold color, with small but refined bubbles. The champagne is best enjoyed with fish, vegetables or it can also be served as an aperitif.

Dom Pérignon Vintage in Maxim Wien

As the Dom Pérignon Vintage is one of the world’s most well-known champagnes, it is no surprise that you can order a bottle of this exclusive vintage drink in Maxim Wien. If you want to spend a memorable night in Vienna, come to the club, order a bottle of Dom Pérignon and drink it in the company of one of our sexy Maxim girls. There’s really no better way of impressing a Maxim girl than treating her to a glass of this exquisite bubbly.

Numerous other champagnes are also available on Maxim’s Champagne Card. If you would like to learn about other elite sparkling wines, go ahead and check out some of the other champagne houses that are available in the club, such as Louis Roederer, Krug or Moet & Chandon.

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