girl services

Girl Services

In the sex- and strip club Maxim Wien we fulfill all your sex fantasies. As different as our Maxim Girls are, as diverse and almost unlimited are your possibilities. A certain amount of service is a matter of course in our premium brothel. However, each Maxim Girl decides individually which service she offers. Additional charges may apply for special services that are out of the ordinary. We therefore recommend discussing your wishes directly with the lady.

A passionate foreplay

The foreplay has many facets and gets you and the Maxim Girl in the mood for more. It starts with a lively conversation and a glass of champagne. You decide whether the foreplay is tender or demanding.

Blowjob in Vienna

The blowjob is probably the hottest foreplay for a man, a kind of "mindblowing" experience. Let yourself be pampered by a Maxim Girl.

French Kiss

The most famous kiss in the world. When your tongues meet and a passionate fireworks display ignites within you. Such a kiss clearly tells you "I want you!" And more.

Striptease Vienna

A seductive look and a sexy hip swing. Maxim Girls know how to play with their charms and impressively defoliate themselves in front of you. What follows then gets even hotter.

Maxim Girls

Sex in Vienna

Let's talk about sex. From foreplay it goes straight to the nitty-gritty. There are no taboos with us when it comes to different sex positions and types of play, with or without taboos. The right Maxim Girl can be found for every wish.


Anal sex in Vienna

Anal intercourse is at the top of the wish list and is one of the most popular types of games. Many ladies offer this special service. Ask the Maxim Girl if anal sex is possible with her.

Sex Toys

Upon request, she can use her sex toy. You can use it to stimulate her or yourself, depending on the toy. Whether vibrator or dildo or something else, ask the Maxim Girl.


Do you like to give instructions during sex and like to take it harder? Or do you like to play the submissive role during sex? Whether submissive or dominant, everyone has a place in the Maxim Wien sex club.

Maxim Girls