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Welcome to the Maxim Erotic Glossary. Here you can find some common abbreviations.

Used as a texting term, meaning 'nude club'.
3-Eyed Turtle
It is used when you are putting your penis in a woman's anus, your fingers in her vagina and your dick in her mouth in this order.
'Get in, Get off, Get out', thought or told usually by men to women after seducing them and having sex with them.
Used when somebody does not want to pronounce the word itself, 'sex', and instead uses this combination, where 5 stands for the letter 's' and 3 for the letter 'e'.
Used as a texting shortcut instead of writing the sexual term 'oral sex' itself.
A Bit of Crackling
Used to be in usage in the UK. Stands for a woman who is very attractive but is regarded as a sex object. However, this expression is a little outdated, because it lost its popularity after the 1970s.
A Bit of Skirt
Used for a sexually active or promiscuous women. This term is considered to be derogatory.
A Bit on The Wild Side
Used mostly during the 19th Century for celebrated homosexuals. Nowadays it is used to describe someone who is simply having homosexual tendencies. The term was first used by Oscar Wilde.
A Date With Senorita Mano
Slang term used instead of male masturbation.
A Knee Trembler
A sexual intercourse in a knee position, based on the sensation of trembling on the knees when having orgasm.
A spot
An erogenous zone located in the anus.
Sexually speaking, it is a term used for what is considered normal sexual practice, i.e a sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.
Used for the 'madam' of a brothel, either as a manager or a proprietor. Actively used from the 17th to the 19th century.
Abe Lincoln
When the man hits the woman in the back of her head with his cum after performing doggy style sex.
Used for homosexuals or lesbians. It is used so because these people's sexual behavior is sexually unnatural.
A man who's penis does not become straight when he is having an ejaculation but instead deviates to one side in a curved manner.
Term used for becoming sexually aroused from taking baths, showers and other modes of washing.
Used for the act of watching women taking shower or bath and thus becoming sexually aroused.
Absolute Inversion
Used for a person who is exclusively homosexual and has no attraction to the other sex, feeling even hatred or horror for them.
An anal position where you are lying on your back while touching your shoulders with your knees.
Used for somebody who is bisexual. The expression is inspired from the famous rock band AC/DC, because they are considered to be the best fucking band on Earth.
Used for those men who have a very rough or spiny penis. It was defined in Lecher's Lexicon in 1967.
The name of a masturbation device for men consisting of an electrically-operated, variable speed, sucking pump connected to a sleeve that fits over the penis . It comes with buddy attachment , allowing two men to use it simultaneously.
Ace Lover
Slang term used for a sexually talented man or woman.
Considered to be a psychoanalytic term used for the summit of sexual pleasure reached during the orgasmic phase of the sexual intercourse.
Used for the highest point of sexual excitement reached before orgasm.
A preference, especially of men, when being aroused by hairless vagina.
The medical term used for the head of the penis. It can also refer to a very small penis.
Sexual stimulation or arousal from different sounds, like music, songs, verbal abuse, screaming moaning, foreign languages, heavy breathing or any other sound heard during sexual intercourse.
Used for a person who you know intimately, but with whom you did not have sexual intercourse more than twice. It is a vague term.
Used when somebody becomes sexually aroused from highs or high attitudes.
Used for the abnormal condition of having too many erections too often.
Act of Darkness
A very sophisticated and elegant term used for sexual intercourse in Shakespearean acts, like in 'King Lear'.
Sexual pleasure which derives from exposure to the sun's rays, usually being present when making love under the sky.
A slang term for when you are having sex in doggy style you are slapping her arms out from under her and steer her face first around the room/bed/back of your car.
A male who is as handsome as seeing him can be breathtaking.
Sexual intercourse between two people when one or both of them are married.
Aeroplane Blonde
Used for those women who used to dye their hair but still have a 'black box', which Aeroplanes have it too.
Afternoon Gig
Having sex with a married woman while her husband is at work ('gig' is a synonym of 'concert').
Used for the non-erotic and non-sexual type of romantic love, when two people are having a relationship where they are in love with one-another or with a community. It is the Christian type of love.
Used for a marriage in which the partners are not having sex at all.
When somebody is addicted to a particular part of one's body no matter on who's body is it seen.
Sexual arousal from being outdoors, in open spaces or from having sex in public.
The condition of being unable to perform sexually because of the constant fear of being overheard by somebody.
A sexually uncontrollable person, i.e a pervert or someone who was abandoned earlier.
Used for a woman's inability to give sexual satisfaction.
Someone who likes having sex with fat woman.
Used among British gay men for an overused anus.
Used for sexually bashful men or women, when they are unable to perform sexually because they are too shy. This can also result in impotence or frigidity.
An abnormally strong carving for sex, always having sexual fantasies or activities.
Air One's Pores
To be absolutely naked so that your 'pores' can be cleared from the fresh air.
An addiction used for those men who are preferring to have sexual intercourse with women having a very white skin.
Used when somebody becomes sexually aroused from water.
A person who becomes sexually aroused when suffering or having pain (often being obsessed with S&M).
When a man cannot be aroused sexually and lacks sexual desire.
All meat, No potatoes
An expression or cliché used when a man has a big penis but small testicles.
All Tits and Teeth
Used for those women who are very unintelligent but sexually very active.
Used for women who tend to practice male masturbation using a sausage.
Used for a 'quick sex' in any deserted public area.
Alligator Slap
When you are slapping somebody with a penis it is called "alligator slap".
A condition in which, during sexual intercourse, one is fantasizing about someone, other than his/her partner, who is more desirable. This 'tact' is often used by men in order to make the intercourse last longer.
Used for those men who are sexually interested in women from other nations or races.
When somebody is having contradictory feelings, attitudes or wishes towards the same person.
Used for having sex in a parked car. This expression was defined by J.E. Schmidt in the Lecher's Lexicon in 1967.
A highly experienced lover or sex partner, a person who have had many sexual affairs.
"Asian Massage Parlor", where the term "massage" can be used as a methaphor for paid sexual favours.
Amply Endowed
Used for women who have very large breasts.
The habit of scratching the partner's back during petting or sex.
Anal Astronaut
A person who enjoys having anal sex and is trying different positions and extremities related to it.
Anal Beads
Beads that are inserted into the anus and are pulled during anal sex.
Anal Beard
If someone's anus is hairy, it is called "anal beard".
The anal stimulatuion of the anus with your tongue.
Used for the decline or absence of sexual desire.
Used for men who pay for sexual acts.
Angry Dragon
After you blow your cum in a girl's mouth and you push the back of her head so your load can come out of her nose. This move is called an 'angry dragon', because the girl will be as angry as a dragon.
Animal Play
Used when, during sexual intercourse, one or both partners pretend to be an animal, i.e a dog or a horse in a role play.
Specific term for those who become sexually aroused from smells or aromas, i.e, perfumes or the smell of different flowers.
Slang term used for vagina. Originates from the British point of view that The Antipodes (that is a group of Islands in the South Pacific close to New Zealand) are 'down under'.
Used for the vertical penis which is placed on the head of the penis.
Used for any kind of small and narrow opening. In sexual meaning, it is used to refer to a female photographer's vagina.
Used for anyone who cannot be satisfied sexually. It is considered to be a mental disorder and it was first defined in Lecher's Lexicon in 1967.
Used for the inability of enjoying sex. This term was first used by the psychoanalyst Ernest Jones, and he believed that this is the root of all neuroses.
Any chemical substance that brings back somebody's sexual appetite.
The abbreviation of 'Anal Rimming'. It is a term used for the orally stimulation of the anus.
Arabian Googles
When your testicles are over the woman's eye's sockets whereas your ass is on her forehead.
Around The World
The act of kissing the entire body as part of the foreplay. It also means having oral, vaginal and anal sex in the same session or evening. It is often find as an option on the 'menus' of some brothels.
Ashes Hauled
Used when visiting a brothel. It can also refer to ejaculation, in the sense of the 'ashes' representing the semen.
The abbreviation of 'Adult Service Provider', who is an individual or a business corporation which is providing different sex services for those who are interested in this particular field.
Aspen Leaf
Slang term used for the tongue, presumably because it resembles a leaf in some of its shapes.
It refers to the withdrawal of a person's penis from the partner's anus, and inserting it immediately after to the receptive's or another partner's mouth.
A randez-vous between lovers for sexual purpose.
Assume The Position
In police terminology, it means to lean a suspect forward against the wall, but sexually speaking it can be a position for anal or vaginal penetration
When somebody is struggling or trying very hard to reach orgasm.
Aunt Flo
It refers to the period when a woman is usually 'not in the mood', that is, when she is having her period.
Used for a homosexual who is becoming older and older, and despite of this, prefers the company of younger man. He does not intend to have sex with them, but to appear trendy.
Aural Sex
The act of either giving or recieving sexual stimulation from a pleasant voice or accent.
The dark, brown and tough skin around the nipple.
Aussie Kiss
A synonym of french kiss, exept this term stands for the act of performing oral sex on someone.
Australian Sex
A sex play during which an active partner starts at the mouth and neck of a passive partner and kisses her/his way down.
Morbid or irritating fear of being dirty or smelling bad while engaging in sexual activity.
Used for the cases when somebody loves to masturbate more than to have sex with another person.
Auxiliary Intercourse
The act of moving the penis back and forth in the armpit which results in sexual climax.
Term used when somebody is no longer a virgin.
Scientific term used when the semen of a man does not contain sperms, either because the testicles are not able to make sperms or because of a reproductive tact blockage.
A modern term used instead of 'ass'. It is actually an internet slang that allows to use the word without getting censored.
Abbreviation of 'Bait and Switch', when a very attractive man or woman introduces his/herself to a group of the opposite sex in order to get their ugly friend somebody.
Baby Batter
A slang term which stands for the sperm.
Slang term used for 'woman breasts'. The expression may originate from the ancient city of Babylon, which was initially a small city, and than sprung up after, like a women breasts do.
Back Scuttle
Used for anal intercourse performance. It usually refers to the act when a man prods someone up the arse hole with his stiff penis violently. Often used to describe a person who was buggered without a permission.
Back Yard
Slang term used instead of 'ass'. It is more sophisticated and not as vulgar as the term 'ass' or 'butt'. Suitable to use in public places.
Backdoor Man
Someone who finds pleasure in giving anal sex.It originates from a famous song written by Willie Dixon, which is about a man having an affair with a married woman and always using the back door before the husband comes home.
Badly Packed Kebab
A vulgar term used for the female genitalia, especially when the labia majora sticks out offering an ugly image.
Slang term used for a man's scrotum. It is also used when a guy intends to go out with a girl and have sex with her.
Bald Headed Hermit
A slang term used instead of 'penis', usually in the form of an euphemism, or to emphasize your sexual appetite.
When a man or a woman is shaving his/her 'private parts' or, in other words, 'genitals', these shaved parts are called 'baldies'.
Ball and Chain
When somebody wants to express that his/her partner is very important, instead of the nice expression of belonging together like 'popcorn and movies', 'ball and chain' can also be used.
Ball Weights
Heavy objects which are attached to testicles in order to make them longer.
Balloon Knot
Used when, during sexual intercourse, you bend over and your partner can see your 'balloon knot'. A 'balloon knot' is also used for a very tight butt hole that has not recently seen any form of penetration, thus giving the illusion of the knot of a balloon.
It is a slang used for huge woman breasts, gained after breast enlargement surgery. The implants are called the "balloons".
Balls on Chin
Also referred to as 'deep throat', it is the act of getting a woman to take the penis so deep in her mouth that she can feel the man's testicles at her chin.
When a man spreads his nut-sack all over a woman's face during sex.
When you are having sex without a condom it is called 'bareback' sex. The term 'bareback' originally means 'riding a horse without a saddle'.
Barely Legal
Used for girls who have reached the age 18 or they just look like that they did, and they act in porn movies.
Basket Weaver
A slang term for those men who are wearing tight pants in order to make their penis look bigger.
It is a groin massage or hand job. The term 'groin massage' here means massaging your partner's butt or anus in order to free her/him from stress.
A slang term for women breasts. It comes from the term 'bosom', which means 'the breasts of human being'. It is used when somebody wants to refer to them as the centre of feelings and emotions.
Stands for 'Bare Back Blow Job', in other words 'making love without a condom'. The term 'bare' here refers to the natural penis of a man.
'Bare Back Blow Job to Completion', which, in contrast to the simple 'BJ', means ejaculating in a woman's mouth.
'Bare Back Blow Job to Completion with Swallow', when, after ejaculating in a woman's mouth, she swallows the man's cum.
The term 'Big Beautyful Woman' is used to express sexual attraction to overweight woman. The term was coined by Carol Shaw in 1979, when she published her 'BBW Magazine', a fashion and lifestyle magazine for 'chubby' woman.
Bear Claw
Pussy lips which are larger than the usual. 'Bear Claw' is originally a very popular breakfast food in the US, which, if one is analyzing it carefully, has the shape of a vagina. Looks very delicious.
Bearded Clam
A slang term used instead of vagina. Often used when you are at a public place chatting with somebody and you don't want the others to understand what you are talking about.
Beating the Meat
Stands for male masturbation.It has many alternatives, like 'beat the pup', 'choke the chicken', 'pound one's meat', 'pull one's wire', 'whip the dummy', and so on. The expression has been considered vulgar slang, since it uses 'meat' in the sense of penis. The usage is dating from the late 1500s.
Beaver Leaver
Used for homosexual males. It is also used for men who are acting very timid when seeing a beautiful woman.
Bed Aerobics
To have sex, make love. It is called so because sex is very good for one's health and it makes move every part of your body.
Bed Hop
To jump from one's 'bed' to another, that is, to have sex with different partners around the same time. Often used to describe sexually promiscuous individuals.
Bedroom Eyes
When you are giving a 'I want you in my bedroom' glance to somebody with a seductive purpose.
Beef Gravy
It is a slang term used for semen. Originally, Beef Gravy is a delicious dish.
A man who is very handsome and attractive is called a 'beefcake'. The word 'cake' is used in other expressions as well to somebody who looks very nice, i.e, 'a piece of cake'.
Beer Dick
It's an expression for what most man are doing after they were drinking a lot, because they would like to 'do' all the pussies with their 'beer dick'.
Beer Googles
When, after drinking a lot of alcohol, you are attracted more to the members of the opposite sex.
Ben-Wa Balls
Objects inserted into the vagina or anus in order to increase sexual pleasure.
A slang term used for the penis which is not sexually aroused, so it is very small and not so tight.
A slang term for condom. It is called so because a 'beret' in everyday usage is a soft hat, having the shape of a cap, and condoms are having a similar shape. This kind of hat has been used since the 19th century, and so were condoms.
Used as a slang term for an extremely hot chick, one that has a very good taste in clothes and mascara as well and is very confident. She is able to make herself look perfect.
Big Bulge
Slang term used to describe a man's penis when it is 'standing straight' as a result of sexual stimulation or as a result of seeing a thrilling phenomena.
A women who is working in pornography and is acting very cold and unfeeling during sex-acting.
Birthday Suit
When somebody is naked it is said that he/she is wearing a 'birthday suit'.
Bit of Fluff
Used as a female version of the male term 'piece of meat'. It could apply for young girls who are not appreciated for their high IQ, but rather for their outlook and their lack of intelligence.
Bite a Nipple
When somebody uses his/her teeth to grip the nipple of a woman.
Stands for 'Blow Job', which means stimulating a man's penis orally. It is also called 'fellatio', which derives from the latin term 'fellātus', meaning 'to suck'.
'Body Lick', which can be a part of the presexual activity, in other words 'petting',during which the partners are kissing and licking each-other's body to reach sexual appetite.
When, during sex, the partner's eyes are covered in order to increase sexual pleasure.
Blow In His Ear
To exhale into a man's ear in order to make him want to have sex. This 'tact' is usually used as a part of the foreplay.
The abbreviation of 'Ball Licking and Sucking', an expression that sounds less vulgar when pronouncing the abbreviated version. It is used when somebody is licking the balls of one's penis.
Blue Balls
The pain which occurs in the penis of a man when he becomes sexually aroused, but he cannot reach the ejaculation.
Blue Pill
The viagra is called so because of its color, and because it is easier and less embarassing to use this name instead of the original.
When somebody is on the closet and a woman has oral sex on him it is called a 'blumpy'.
The abbreviation of 'Baby Making Sex', used when two people are having sex as a part of the 'Baby Making Project'.
The abbreviation of 'Blow and Go', which is a maximum 15 minute long session and involves oral sex only.
The abbreviated version of 'Battery Operated Boyfriend'. It is used when somebody does not have a boyfriend and uses a vibrator instead of having real sex.
Abbreviation of 'Body of Baywatch, face of Crimewatch', used when a person has a very good body but an ugly face. This is a word play on two popular TV shows in the UK, Baywatch with muscled and tanned bodies and crimewatch a TV show highlighting criminal activity with many mug shots of scary looking wanted criminals.
A sexual position which, when performed, looks like as if people are sitting on a bobsled.
Body Shots
When alcohol is licked off of a person's body. Often used when somebody, before drinking tequila, licks the salt off from another person's abdomen.
Used for a quick sexual intercourse, during which the man usually does not takes off his pants. It involves a lot of dry humping.
Used when parents are trying to describe sex to their small child, or even to their adult one. It also means 'to have an intercourse'.
Slang term used for sexual intercourse. There is also a similar magazine, except that that is called 'Boink'.
Booty Call
Slang term for a late-night call or a call given in the last minute with the intention of having sex.
When a woman is masturbing a man's penis with his breasts is called 'bow-tie'. It is called so because when performing this act, the breasts and the penis offers the image of a bow tie.
Bowling Ball
The act of inserting two fingers into a vagina and one into the anus.
Box Lunch
A slang term for having oral sex on a female. It is called so because in this sense the female's vagina represents the 'lunch box'.
Brazilian Bikini Box
When most of a female's public hair is shaved.
Brown Bagging It
When you meet a girl who has an excellent body but an ugly face you just have to draw a smiley face on a paper bag and place it on her head.
Brownie Queen
Used for a partner who is very passive when having anal sex.
When a man puts his face between a woman's breasts and moves his head back and forth saying 'Brunski', but there are many other expressions which can be said instead.
The abbreviation of 'Big Swinging Dick'. Surprisingly, it is a term used in business for those who are bringing in enormous amounts of money just because they were sleeping with different customers.
A term used in England for anal sex, however, it is very close in meaning to the term 'sodomy', used in law or popular speech. The word 'sodomy' actually derives from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah from the Book of Genesis in the Bible.
When multiple men are ejaculating on a woman's face.
Bull Dagger
Used for a very masculine lesbian. They are usually overweight, very pushy and middle aged. They never shave and shower/bath every few days or so. They sometimes feel shameful that they were born a woman.
Bunny Boiler
Used for a partner in a relationship who has an extremely impulsive behavior and tends to quarrel all the time. The term originates from the Glen Closecharacter in the movie 'Fatal Attraction'
A slang word used for women who look and behave like men. It is a term mostly used for lesbians who identify themselves with men.
Butt Plug
An artificial penis specially designed for insertion into the anus. Usually it has a flared base to prevent it from going in too far.
A term used for women with amazing body but ugly face ('But her face').
A sexual position during which both the man and the woman is stands and faces each-other while leaning back.
Cactus Cock
A penis that has been shaved recently, and now there is stubble on it is called a 'cactus cock', because it looks like a cactus.
A very sexy lady, usually a prostitute, who has three different colors in her hair. This is an effort to look good and young. Even though it fails, it catches attention.
Call Girl
Slang term used for female escorts who usually are not visible to the general public, unlike those who are working on the streets.
Camel Toe
When a woman's labia is so 'puffy' that it can be seen through her clothes.
A slang term for kissing extremely passionately, usually in public.
A very sexy and funny girl at the same time. Used for girls who are easy to get along with until you piss them off. They are very good in bed too. However, her best friends are always more important for her.
Sexual pleasure which derives from smoking, when somebody is a heavy smoker.
Car Wash
When a man is having anal sex with his partner and recieves oral sex afterwards. It is metaphorically a 'car wash', because the woman is licking the man's 'product' from his penis.
Carpet Munch
Slang term for pleasing somebody orally,usually used in case of lesbians.
Cash and Dash
An escort showing up, taking the money, offering to dance too, and leaving without providing anything.
When the reproductive organs are removed with surgery both at men and women.
Slang term used for man who receives anal penetration. A term often used in jail.
Abbreviation of 'Covered Blow Job', which means oral sex with a condom. It is called 'covered' job, because the man's penis is not bare.
Ceiling Inspector
A slang term to describe somebody who spends most of her/his time having sex, so he/she knows best how the 'ceiling' looks like.
A term to describe a person who is very desirable sexually. Used also for people from the centerfold of porn magazines
The opening of the uterus that opens and extends into the vagina.
Abbreviation of 'Covered Full Service', that is, having sex with a condom. It is called so because the penis is covered and sex involves everything, 'full service'.
A moral restriction applied to women where they are prohibited to make love until they get married.
Term used for girls who are still virgin. It is also used to refer to the 'hymen' (see among the expressions) itself.
Chick Magnet
Slang term used for those men who are as handsome as they are attracting lots of women.
Chicken Choker
Slang term used for a person who masturbates on a regular basis.
Chicken Cutlet
A summertime act on the beach when, during sexual intercourse, a man covers his penis with sand before re-inserting it into the woman's vagina.
Abbreviation of 'Come In Deep', often told during sex when you are penetrating into a woman's vagina using a condom.
The removal of the skin that surrounds the head of the penis, mostly performed for cultural and religious reasons in Judaism or Islam.
When two woman is having sex there is an attractive gap between their breasts when they are close to each-other which is called 'cleavage'.
A small female organ situated above the urinary opening and vagina. It is the point which leads to orgasm during masturbation or stimulation. Its only function is to give sexual pleasure.
Someone who is fond of counting the minutes until the sexual session is over. Often used for those who are in a rush and does not have time to enjoy the act.
Closet Exhibitionist
Term used for those people who pretend that they do not enjoy being looked naked.
Closet Queen
Used for men homosexuals who hide their desires for men. (See also the expression 'Out of the Closet').
Clown Face
An aging slut who wears a lot of makeup to hide her numerous wrinkles because the facelifts cannot cover them.
Club Sandwich
When two man are having sex with one single woman. It is called so because they tend to lie at each-other like a 'sandwich'.
Cluster Fuck
Used for group sex, during which many females are having sex with vibrator type toys.
Abbreviation of 'Cum on Body', when the man ejaculates on the female's body. The 'cum' here is a preposition, meaning actually 'when', so the expression can be used as 'When on Body' as well.
Used in gay circles, when they are inserting different thin items from the kitchen into their anus. For instance, thermometers or wires.
Used when preventing a male friend from seducing a woman.
Used for those women who are sexually arousing a man without having any interest in sexual intercourse with him.
Or the 'act of completing', which can be used as a sexual term as well, with the meaning of 'having an orgasm'.
Birth control measures, like condom or pills altogether are called 'contraception'.
It is a variant of 'cooch', which means 'female vagina'. The expression presumably derives from the famous song called 'Hoochie Coochie Man' by Willie Dixon, written in 1954, with a sexually suggestive phrase.
Sexual intercourse. It derives from the Latin term 'copulâre , copulât-', which means 'to join together' or 'being liked together'.
Cop's Delight
When you are doing a woman in the ass and you are spitting all over her butt, thus making it look like a huge donut.
Similar to the act of 'fingering', except that in this case you have to cross your fingers and then begin to wrist back and forth either in the butt or in the vagina of a women.
A rarely used term which originates from the campus of Cornell University, used for very hot and gorgeous girls. It is used when a woman looks as beautyful as a man would even 'eat the corn out of her shit'. Can be used as a friendly compliment as well.
It is used instead of the term 'anus', probably because the anus has the shape of a corn.
A middle-aged woman, usually over thirty-five, who prefers to have sex with younger boys.
It is a term used for girls who are on the top during sex. It is a sexual position, which is also called 'woman on top' position.
Used when a man ejaculates on a woman's breasts. It originates form the fact that the male cum is 'creamy'.
Crime Scene Action
It means having sex during the women's period. It is called so because there is blood everywhere, as if you were at the scene of a crime.
Crossing Swords
When a man rubs his penis against another man's during sex (usually in case of homosexuals or groupie).
Looking for a sexual partner while driving or walking in a particular area, usually for a single ocasion.
Slang term for a very hot and sexy chick. It is a term especially used in British English.
Used as a texting abbreviation, meaning 'See you for sex'. The letter 'C' is used here instead of 'S' in order to make the abbreviation more encoded.
Cum Gargle
Used when, after ejaculation, the partner gets the cum in her mouth and uses it to wash her mouth.
Cum Guzzling Sperm Burping Bitch
When a man is blowing his hot cum down a woman's throat, as if he is giving her a cold bottle from her favourite drink. After that he is shaking the woman's head to create the effect given in the expression's name.
Performing oral sex on a women is called so, because your tongue plays a very important part in it, and 'limba', which here is 'lingus', is a term used in some latin languages.
Cupid's Alley
Slang term used for the vagina, in sense of having a very long path or passage.
Cups of Coffee
It is another slang term for orgasm, because when you have it, the feeling is similar with the one after drinking a cup of coffee.
Cyber Sex
A kind of Foreplay, except that in this case the partners are communicating through their PCs.
Daisy Chain
Sexual activity during which several peoople are stimulating each-other's genitals. The 69 is the most common position of it.
David Copperfield
Used for the act when you are having sex with a girl from behind and then you suddenly give it out and let one of your friends continue while you are waving to the girl from the window.
Dead Soldier
A slang term for a penis which is in its normal state, without any stimulation.
Dental Dam
A safe-sex barrier made of flat sheet of latex and used when having oral sex on a woman.
Abbreviation of 'Deep french kissing', which means kissing with open mouth and with tongue.
A birth controller method, which consists of placing a flexible device into the vagina behind the public bone to block the sperm from reaching the uterus.
It is a slang term for female masturbation. The word itself means 'to shake rapidly'
Digital Penetration
The insertion of the toes or fingers in the anus or vagina for sexual stimulation.
An object having the shape of a penis and used instead of masturbation by women.
Dine At The Y
A slang term used for performing oral sex on a woman, the 'Y' representing her body and legs.
Dirty Girl
Slang term for a woman who is very promiscuous, and is living a life which involves having sex at a regular basis.
Dirty Old Man
Used for men over middle age who have sexual desires for younger women.
Dirty Sanchez
The act during which you are performing anal sex on a woman and you are inserting one of your fingers in her anus, and than drawing a thin mustache from shit at her face.
Dog in a Bathtub
The act when one is trying to insert your nuts in a woman's anus. It is called so because this is as difficult as keeping a dog in the tub while bathing it.
Used for those women who enjoy humiliating men for money or pleasure.
Donkey Punch
The movement when, before ejaculating, a man inserts his penis in a woman's anus and than punches her neck, so that the punch can stun the muscles in the woman's anus and give a man an extraordinary feeling.
Double Bagging
When, during oral sex, a man is placing his testicles into a woman's mouth. It is called so because the word 'double' stands for the man's testicles. It is also used when a man is wearing two condoms during sex (not recommended).
Double Bass
A sexual position during which the man enters the woman from behind while grabbing one of her nipples with one hand and her budgie's tongue with another. It is similar to the sound of a double bass instrument.
The abbreviation of 'Double Penetration', when two men are having sex with a single girl.
Dry Hump
The act of stimulating sex clothed. There is no tactile sweat during it, that is why it is called 'dry'.
The abbreviation of 'Deep Throat', used for the act when the entire penis is taken in the mouth. It goes as deep as it almost reaches your throat.
Used for a very ugly and fat woman who is hanging out with her hot and beautiful friends at a bar.
Used as a 'sexting' abbreviation when one would like to ask the following: 'Do you masturbate'?
Abbreviation of 'Damn you are sexy', used in 'sexting'.
Mostly used as an internet acronym instead of asking 'Do you scream loud?'. It is usually employed during cyber talking as an act of virtual foreplay. It is popular amongst older men and young girls.
This expression is mainly used in hard porn, and it is the abbreviation of 'double-anal, double-vaginal'. It is used when a woman takes four penises in two holes.
Abbreviation of 'Deep wet passionate kiss on the lips', used as an erotic texting term as a foreplay of cyber sex.
It is a slang term used for lesbians who are noticeably masculine.
Easy Access
A kind of clothing that offers easy access to sex organs.
Eifel Tower
A 'threesome' position, during which a woman is having sex with two men, one being behind her and the other in front, while high-fiving each-other to form the shape of the Eifel Tower.
When the penis, as a result of stimulation, becomes firm and grows its size. The stimulation can be either physical or psychological.
Used as a psychological term to describe a phobia which is related to sex. It means 'fear or anxiety of sexuality or the expression of sexual love'. It is often used by feminists and when analyzing literary works.
Eskimo Sisters
Term used for two women who, in a point or another, discovered that they were having sex with the same man.
The act of playing with a woman's nipples in order to make her smile.
A community of people who are biologically men adopting feminine characteristics and are castrated or hermaphrodites (that is, born with both male and female private parts).
The habit of showing your own 'private parts' mostly in public or to a specific person, in order to increase sexual appetite.
Exotic Dancer
Slang term used both for male and female strippers.
Eye Candy
An extremely attractive person or phenomena. As attractive as you wish you can eat it.
Abbreviation of 'In the front, in the back', used as a 'sexting' term during cyber sex.
Face Painting
When a man ejaculates on a woman's face and her face resembles a surrealist painting.
Face Sitting
When a woman is sitting on a man's face so he can please her orally.
When a man is spanking all over a woman's face with his 'thingies', and she looks as if she is wearing a mask.
Family Jewels
Used as an euphemism of 'testicles'. 'They' are called so because 'they' are responsible for creating all the families.
The abbreviation of 'Full Body Sensual Massage', a kind of petting form, erotic massage. It can also be a sexual game, during which, if it is performed properly, one can even have an orgasm.
Abbreviation of 'Face Down Ass Up',an expression used when the partners are preparing to make anal sex in doggy style.
The act when somebody is ejaculating into the anus and then licks or sucks the cum out.
Fell Her Up
A kind of a foreplay, when a man is touching or handling the breasts or butt of a woman.
Femoral Coitus
In other words, 'penis-tight sex', which involves the masturbation of the penis while being inserted between the thighs of the partner.
Used to describe those who feel compulsion to use objects in order to achieve sexual pleasure. Watching porn movies is also considered a 'fetish' act.
The strategy of 'Find them, Fuck them, Forget them'. It is used when somebody is seeking for a women who is up for a 'single occasion' good sex without strings attached.
Used when someone is using ginger (the spicy root of a plant) for anal playing. The burning caused by the root offers intense pleasure.
Used when a man is using his fingers to cause a woman to become wetter and to reach the orgasm.
Finger -fuck
Used for masturbation that involves inserting one's finger not fully into a woman's vagina, but just to the 'hall' of it.
Fish Eye
Used for the act, when, during sex, while working from behind, you shove your finger in a woman's butt and she turns around in a one-eyed winking motion to see what the hell are you doing.
The movement when a man pulls back toward the vagina after he had stuck his finger up the woman's anus.
The inserting of the whole hand into the vagina or anus.
The abbreviation of 'Finger in Vagina', used when a man's finger is in the woman's vagina trying to give her an orgasm using his finger instead of his penis.
Used to describe the condition of the penis before and after the erection. Also used as: detumescent, flabby, lax (and soft), limp, not erect, not firm, relaxed, soft.
It is similar to S&M, except that in this case the emphasis is on the fact that one enjoys being whipped sexually.
A homosexual who is not making a secret of his homosexuality and emphasizes his attraction to the other sex.
Flap Jacks
Used for those 'tits' that are very small, without shape, discolored or look like pancakes. They offer a very unattractive image.
Somebody who reveals his/her naked body or his/her sex organs to strangers. These kind of persons are also called 'exhibitionists'.
Used for the tiny breasts of young girls working in porn industry. It is also used as 'mosquito bites', but this term is considered rather derogatory.
Flooding The Cave
The act when a man inserts his penis into a woman's vagina and than pees in it.
Usually used in porn industry. A 'fluffer' is a person who prepares male actors for sex either by manual or oral stimulation.
Abbreviation of 'Fuck me up the ass'. It can be used both in positive and in negative meaning. It is used in a positive meaning when it is said during sex, and in negative meaning when it is used as a swear expression.
Used when speaking about a big sticky aromatic vagina. Meaning also sexual stimulation, oral or hand job.
Foot Fetish
Used for those who are obsessed with feet and prefer to use it as a part of sexual pleasure.
A part of flirting, when a person touches another person's genitalia with his/her legs in public under the table.
A synonym of 'petting'. It means having sexual acts, like kissing or body massage, before making love.
Used for a person who is very attractive and sexy. The term derives from the british word of 'Foxismonitism', meaning 'attractive or sexually appealing person'.
Punching a person with a penis is called 'frapping'.
Freak Show Porn
Something that is as scandalous as it is not even about sexuality anymore, i.e, anal cum slurping, severed limb porno, etc.
Slang term for performing oral sex on somebody.
French Maid Outfit
A very revealing clothing worn by women when they would like to invigorate their sexual relationship with a man.
French tickler
Used for a type of condom having a feather at the head of it to tickle women during sex. This type is considered to be an urban legend because nowadays it is not popular to see these kind of condoms in the markets.
Usually used as a euphemism of the word 'whore', 'hooker' or 'slot', a woman who is immoral and engages in sexual intercourse with men for money.
A type of foreplay, which is as unnecessary as it could not worth any time.
Froggy Style
A sexual position where a woman faces the man in 'frog position' while bunching up and down.
When someone is passionate and has sexual pleasure from rubbing against another person's body.
Used for a person who tends to masturbate in public while secretly rubbing against other people.
Abbreviation of 'Full Service', meaning complete sex that can involve everything related to love-making.
Fuck Buddy
Someone who has a 'fuck buddy' is having sex with his/her friend ocasionnaly, without any feelings.
Fudge Packer
A homosexual who has anal sex with another man. It is considered a vulgar term for homosexual men.
Funky Spunk
Used for semen which has a very bad taste or smells very bad. This can be caused either by being a heavy smoker or by eating something which generates the bad smell and taste.
The abbreviation of 'Fat Upper Public Area', which is used to describe the public area of those fat people who has patches of fatty waste on it.
FUPA Chalupa
Used when an extremely overweight woman has a flatty flap that hangs over her vagina.
Abbreviation of 'Finger Up the Butt', when someone is stimulating somebody's anus with his/her finger.
Abbreviation of 'Friends with benefits', used when somebody is having sex occasionally with one of his/her friends.
An area located in the inside of the vagina, which, when it is stimulated, its size increases and gives intense orgasms.
Used when several partners, usually 3 or more, are engaging in sexual intercourse with a single partner. Often used when selecting and changing partners in a very indiscriminate manner.
Used for a very dilated anus which became dilated after having anal sexual intercourse.
Gaylord Perry
Used when, engaging in anal sexual intercourse with a virgin, one is using several knuckles in order to stimulate the virgin's anus.
Gender Outlaw
A person who tends to mock the usual gender roles.
Used when a person is sending mixed messages towards the other person such as wearing a prom dress, a skirt and a beard or combat boots and mustache. It is based upon the belief that either gender does not exist (but only in the context of culture) or that there are multipule genders (beyond male and female), including but not limited to transgender.
Your external sexual body parts, parts of the penis or vagina.
Get Confortable
Abbreviation of 'Rip off your clothes', usually men telling women when they are inviting a girl up to their apartment just for a 'quickie'.
Get Your Rocks Off
Slang term used when somebody is having a really good time, either by getting an euphoric feeling, orgasm or is in a state of excitement.
Glazed Donut
A person's face after licking the vagina, covered with the sticky, wet sauce.
Glory Hole
A slang term used for a hole, usually in the wall, in which a man inserts his penis and a woman stimulates it either by performing oral sex on it or by masturbating it from the other side of the wall.
It is a slang term for condom. In reality, it is a garment covering the whole hand in order to protect it from cold weather at winter. Its openings for each finger are similar to the shape of a condom.
Abbreviation of 'Get naked on cam', used when two people are having sex on the internet using microphone and webcam.
Golden Shower
When you are peeing all over your partner's body.
Goodie Drawer
Slang term for the place where sex toys or under-wears are stored in your house.
Grabbing Ankles
To bend over at the waist before sexual intercourse. Usually it is a reference to having anal sex.
Greek Sex
Synonym of anal sex, whereas 'french sex' is the synonym for oral sex.
Slang term used for a very short skirt, only an inch from the 'hare'(in this context, stands for the vagina of a woman).
Guppy Mouth
A sexual position when a woman is standing on her knees with her head cocked upwards and with her mouth open waiting for the man to ejaculate in her mouth or on her face.
Used when a person becomes extremely aroused by a woman's earlobe.
The abbreviation of 'Get Your Pants Off'. It is similar to the expression 'Get Comfortable', except that in this usage the other clothing items were eliminated previously.
Half and Half
A service offered and performed by a prostitute. One half is oral sex and the other is vaginal sex.
Hall Pass
When one's partner gives him/her permission to have a night out with his/her friends and do whatever he/she wants.
Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Eating your own cum mixed with the woman's 'juice' after the orgasm.
A large penis which was enlarged through masturbation.
Happy Trail
A form of public hair which starts at the belly button of a woman and ends in her pubes. It is considered very sexy on guys.
Hard Nipples
Often, as a result of stimulation or cold the nipples of a woman can become erected. When they do, they become tougher and bigger. This phenomena is also called 'Bruce Lee'.
Slang term used for performing oral sex on a guy. Often teens do not know how to do this, so they practice a lot. They tend to forget to move their head up and down on the part of the penis which actually leads to the ejaculation.
A person with both male and female sexual organs.
High Dive
When a man is pulling his penis all the way out of his partner's anus and than putting it back again.
When, during 'doggy style',the man is waiting until he is about to ejaculate and then pulls his penis out and ejaculates on the girl's back or face when she turns around.
Used for someone who's hobby is to visit the local escort places. It resembles a gambling addiction because a huge amount of money is necessary.
When drunk, depressed or lonely you are getting off to search for the fattest woman and you ride her like a Harley.
Hood Ornament
A piercing which is attached to the clitoral hood of a woman.
Slang term for prostitutes. It is simply used to describe those who 'hook' or 'snare' clients.
Slang term used for a person who is very excited sexually.
Hot Carl
When a woman gives oral sex to a man with whom she was having anal sex earlier.
Hot Pants
Slang term for being sexually aroused. It is used when somebody is dying after sex or wants somebody badly.
Hotdog In A Hallway
When a man is trying to insert her penis in a vagina and realizes that his dick does not even touches the walls of the pussy, resembling a hot-dog tossing in a hallway.
A pre-sexual activity, during which the man is placing his penis between the butt cheeks of his partner, forming a 'hot-dog' shape.
Slang term for performing oral sex on a man.
A thin part covering the vaginal entrance when somebody is still virgin.
Abbreviation of 'Intercourse and intoxication', used in texting when somebody would like to 'chill out' at night, get drunk and have sex.
The scientific term for becoming sexually aroused by looking at different pictures.
A common abbreviation of the sexting expression 'Is it tight?', often used by men who are going to have text-sex and would like to know whether their partner's breasts are tight enough or not.
Abbreviation of 'I love female/male dominance', used when somebody would like to let the other person know that he/she is bisexual.
Abbreviation of 'I'm easy, are you?', often used when, after flirting with somebody at a public place, one of the 'flirting partners' are sending a text to the other asking whether he/she is up to sex or not.
Meeting the girl at her place is called an incall, because she is calling you 'in'.
When the members of a family are having sex with each-other. This can lead to very serious psychical problems.
When a man ejaculates into the vagina on purpose.
Sexual act during which the penis is inserted into the vagina,anus or mouth.
Abbreviation of 'I'm posting naked',usually used when a person is about to have online sex or just seeking for a potential sex partner.
Abbreviation of 'Intense sex text', used when two people are having a very heated 'text sex'.
Abbreviation of 'I want sex now', often used by lazy people or as a joke. Lazy people tend to use these expressions when playing video games which have chat rooms and seeing the picture of a very hot player.
A man who is very good in bed and moves very quickly in and out during sex, thus giving more pleasure to his partner.
Jail Bait
A very attractive but underage girl who would like to have sex. It is called so because if you get cauth, you will be her 'bait', and this will send you to the jail.
Jelly Dougnuth
The act of punching a woman in the nose while she is having oral sex on you.
Abbreviation of 'Just ejaculated on my keyboard', used when having online or text sex in order to let to know your partner that you are 'done'.
Jersey Turnpike
The act of inserting your finger in a woman's anus and then putting it into her mouth.
A sexual position during which both the man and the woman kneels down,except that the woman kneels on a single leg, while putting the other around the man's tights and sitting on his penis.
Jill Off
It is a vulgar synonym of female masturbation, and its pair 'Jack Off' is used for male masturbation. These two expressions are probably originating from the 'Jack and Jill' movie.
Slang term used for a very dominant male homosexual.
Joy Juice
Slang term used for the natural vaginal lubrication produced by a woman who is sexually aroused.
Abbreviation of 'Jerking off Before', that is, masturbating before going out on a date in order to reduce your sexual appetite.
Juicy Lucy
Girls who can supposedly "squirt" when they cum.
K-J Jelly
A material applied on the condom in order to have hurt-less sex.
Slang term used for 'doggie style'. Originally used for the police unit which has dogs to sniff for drugs or other stuff.
When you are getting kicked in your ass during sex, and this gives you sexual pleasure.
Kinky Sex
Slang term for unusual or very extreme sexual activities, being very creative or imaginative during the sexual intercourse.
Slang term for vagina. Beside the word 'kitty', which is used to describe cats as well, the word 'pussy' also means vagina.
Kryo Queen
Slang term used when two people are having sexual intercourse without any feelings, when the two partners are 'cold fucking'.
Lace Curtains
Slang term for the long, frilly skin on an uncircumsized penis.
Lady's Best Friend
Slang term for any kind of gadget often used by women to please their-selves sexually, i.e a vibrator or a dildo.
A tantric sex term used for goddess of wealth and prosperity. The Hindu Goddess of wealth, which bestows people with wealth, wellbeing and prosperity. The goddess is worshipped especially on Diwali day, the biggest hindu festival in a year.
A sexual act during which the woman braces herself facing a wall, naked, hands against the wall, bent over. Next, the man also naked walks to the opposite end of the room, places his palms together and raises them above his head, and begins singing the theme to Jaws. When given some predetermined signal, the man sprints toward the girl at full speed and starts to have anal sex with her.
Launch The Morning Missile
Slang term for having sex in the morning. The erectile penis of a man when he is waking up in the morning it is called 'morning wood'.
Abbreviation of 'Let's fuck', generally used when having cyber or text sex.
Abbreviation of 'Let's have sex', used as a texting abbreviation sent by either a girl or a boy who are in a relationship and one of them becomes 'horny' at a place where they are not allowed to have sex. It is also common in sex texting.
Abbreviation of 'Let's have sex online', used when somebody would like to express his/her intention to another person to have online sex.
Abbreviation of 'Let's hook up', used as part of sex texting, when partners are about to begin having sex. The noun 'hook-up' itself is used when talking about a temporary connection between two pieces of equipment, i.e electricity, computers or water supply.
Sexual energy, the desire for sexual pleasure and for having sex.
Abbreviation of 'Light kissing', that is, kissing without tongue and without an open mouth. It is like a little peck.
Slang term used for semen. It is better to use instead of cum or other derogatory words.
Lorena Bobbit
A sexual act for ladies. When engaging in sexual intercourse, the act of squeezing the butt cheeks as tight as they can and start jumping and trashing the ass around in an effort to rip the man's penis off.
Lot Lizard
Slang term used for those prostitutes who tend to work in truck shops so that they can get more clients. Truck drivers tend to use their services because they are always on road and do not have time for normal relationships.
Love Wand
A very polite word used for penis. It is highly recommended to use this in public places because it is not a well-known word.
Low Dollar Looker
A person who does not worth a dollar because she/he doesn't look hot. It is the opposite of the expression 'High Dollar Hottie'.
The body 'juice' appearing in women's vagina during sexual stimulation. Without it, sex would be painful for women.
Slang term for shaving a man's penis. Waxing and cleaning up the unnecessary hair.
Manual Release
Stimulation of the penis to orgasm using your hands and fingers. You are helping yourself or somebody else out here when you cannot do sex in the particular situation. After that you or your partner will be feeling more released.
Used to describe the dubiously trained cosmetic surgeon who works on porn stars.
Mile Heigh Club
Having sex in a plane when it is flying, and it is at least one mile above the ground.
Stands for 'Mom I'd Like to Fuck', and it denotes a sexually attractive older female. It is generally regarded vulgar when spelled out. It was made famous at the 'American Pie' movies.
Mirrors on The Ceiling
Used when a couple puts mirrors on the ceiling in order to watch their sexual intercourse. Often available at some hotel rooms upon request.
It means 'man on top', and it is an abbreviation of a sexual position called 'missionary'. It is a very popular sex position because the majority of people are unable to perform other, more complicated sexual positions, and this one is relatively easy, especially for women.
Abbreviation of 'Mini skirt, no underwear', used as part of sex texting or online sex, when a girl would like to let the boy know that she is not wearing underwear.
Money Shot
A man blowing his load on a girl's face is called 'money shot'. The term is mostly used in pornographic movies.
Monkey Shot
The climax of a sex scene in a porno movie.
Monkey Wrench
When a woman takes a man's penis between his legs and pleases him orally.
Used by Robbie Williams and Mork&Mandy, and it involves sticking a man's pinky and ring fingers up a girl's ass and then jamming your middle and index fingers up her vagina.
A man who enjoys having sex with a woman during her period. The expression originates from the Biblical figure Moses, who parted the Red Sea.
Abbreviation of 'Multiple Shots on Goal'. It is used when somebody is having several orgasms during one sexual progress.
Mud Flaps
Used for the meaty, not so usual vaginal lips or labia minora which offer a very ugly picture.
Muff teaser
The act of fingering, fucking or licking a girl until she is begging for it. During the act, when she is feeling deeply in heaven, finish the act, and start a handjob on yourself. Then, when done with this, leave the room without saying a word.
A slang term used for a very attractive girl in tight shorts or jeans through which you can see her vagina's lips 'moving'.
Mushy Biscuit
Choose a piece of food which you like the most together with your friends and jerk off all over it. Who ejaculates last can eat the food.
The abbreviation of 'No Beers Required', used when there is a very attractive woman in a bar and a man who sees it would like to have sex with her instantly in the pub.
Nectar of the Gods
A slang expression for the female wetness that occurs during arousal or after orgasm.
New York Style Taco
Slang term used when a man is so drunk that he actually boots on a woman's 'box'.
New-Jersey Meat-Hook
The act of inserting your finger in your partners ass while screwing her and sensing her cervix.
Abbreviation of 'Need for Sex', it is mostly used when texting a girl and letting her know that it is high time for her to sleep with you.
Nocturnal Emissions
In other words 'wet dreams', when a man is ejaculating in his dream as a result of having sex during his sleep.
Escorts who are not professionals, and rarely get paid for sex.
Slang term used for the sexual encounter during lunch hour.
Having sex during lunch hour, especially when it is not allowed.
Abbreviation of 'No Strings Attached'. Either being in relationship with someone and dating other people or frequently having sex with a person without any feelings.
Slang term used for 'breast'. It can also refer to small bumps on a vibrator that provides extra vaginal stimulation.
Inserting the penis deeply into the vagina, while the woman is flexing her vaginal muscles.
A 'hyper-sexual' woman who cannot stop thinking about sex. This is considered as a mental illness, and the term colloquially stands for a 'horny' girl.
One-Eyed Trousers Snake
A snake that likes to live in the trousers of men. They are very unusual creatures that like to be caressed, licked and played with, and they spit on you through their one eye when they are happy. In other words, they are called 'penises'.
Open Swinging
Used when a couple is swinging with another in the same room. It can involve several or all the couples swinging in the same room. The swinging usually refers to group sex.
Out of The Closet
A person who is not hiding his/her sexual orientation, i.e. a homosexual or a lesbian.
The oposite of the 'incall', when you call the girl 'out' to your place.
A type of sex play that does not involve inserting the penis into the vagina or anus.
Abbreviation of 'Oral Without a Condom', the normal way of giving oral sex on a man.
A similar movement to the 'tea bag', except that in this case the man is numbing his testicles with ice and than inserting them in a woman's mouth.
Abbreviation of 'Private to Private', meaning sexual contact between two person without birth controlling devices. It can also mean to rub a penis on a vagina without penetration.
Slang term for gently beating your partner's butt, either with an object or with your hands.
Paint Brush
Slang term used for a type of public hair which has a racing stripe.
Palace of Poundage
An apartment used for sex only.
In other words 'pimping', being a Prostitute Pimp who is facilitating in sexual activity for money.
Used for an avarage male pornstar, typically working for the compensation of cheeseburgers and gas money.
Paying The Rent
A sexual position during which the woman is folded in half with her knees above her shoulders, and the man holds the back of her calves and bangs it.
Peach Fuzz
Slang term for public hair.It derives from the fact that there are peaches which are 'hairy'.
Pearl Necklace
When a man cums on the neck of a woman, and the cum has the shape of a beautyful jewelry.
Used when a woman begins to masturbate a man and when he is about to blow, she stops and walks away. Then the guy walks after her with his pants on his ankles to see where did she go.
Phallic Symbol
An artistic representation of a man's erected penis, often exaggerated in the art of myth.
Philly Fakeout
The conception of this act is that while having sex with a girl/guy from behind, right before you are ejaculating you pretend to spit your cum on the woman's back and when she turns her head you are spitting it at her face.
Picasso Arse
Slang term used for those women whose panties are too small because they have got too many butt surgeries.
Pick-Up Joint
A place where one goes to search for potential sex partners.
Pile Driver
A sexual act during which the girl is on the floor, her body up in the air at 90 degree angle to her face. She is looking up at the guy as he hovers over her and he is now able to have free access to her vagina.
Pink Glove
Often, the petting before sex is not done properly and the woman is not wet during sex. Then, when the man wants to grab his penis out, it is stuck there.
Pink Sock
Used for the act when a man is having anal sex with a woman and gives her simultaneous blows to the sides of her kidneys.
Play The Field
When somebody is afraid from loneliness and he/she is dating multiple people in order to avoid monogamy.
Slang term used for overweight women. Plumper than the average lady, but nonetheless very attractive.
Pocket Rocket
Slang term for the erection when a man's pants are on. Also used for small vibrators.
Poke In The Whiskers
Slang term for the act of going through the hair, that is, in other words, to have sex.
Slang term which can refer either to a sexual intercourse with a woman, or stands as a pejorative term for a woman.
Slang term used to refer to sexual intercourse. It can also be called 'porks' or 'porking'. This term derives its meaning from the fact that pigs are as 'dirty' as sex.
Postage Slot
Slang term used for those women who does not have a visible outer labia, i.e Pamela Anderson.
Premature Ejaculation
When a man cannot control the timing of his ejaculation and has a 'quickly' orgasm.
Abbreviation of 'Private Sexual Dance Show', performed either by girls working for agencies or by average woman as a pre-sexual activity.
Pucker Up
When, before kissing, you prepare your lips for the kiss.
Punching Possums
Slang term used for a one night stand whose performance in the sack 'just lays there'.
Purple Mushroom
When a woman is giving a man oral sex and the man pulls out his penis in order to punch the woman's cheeks. It can make her face look like a 'purple mushroom'.
Slang term used when withdrawing the penis before ejaculation either during anal or vaginal sex.
Abbreviation of 'Pussy Whipped', an expression used when a guy is controlled by a girl because she is giving him sex at a continuous basis.
Abbreviation of 'Quick to cum', used when a woman is texting about her adventures from last night to one of her friends and would like to express that the man she was sleeping with is very bad in bed.
A very embarrassing phenomena, happening when there is some air trapped in the vagina and makes a weird sound when coming out.
Slang term used for the act of sitting on a person's face as a form of captivity, i.e when you would like to punish somebody for something she/he had committed before.
A British term used for male homosexuals or for those men who are quite 'womanish'.
The noun 'quim' was a Victorian-era word that was used specifically to refer to the fluids produced by the vagina. In modern usage it is primarily heard in British slang and is a vulgar term for the vagina. The word may be related to Welsh 'cwm' meaning 'hollow' or 'valley'.
When, during sex, one is moving or shaking himself very slowly. Often used for the slow motion performed before orgasm.
The act of stealing a girl with which someone else was flirting before.
Ragman's Coat
Slang term used for a very untidy public hair. Probably it derives its origin from a fictional character whose coat has always been dirty.
Slang expression for condom. As the man's cum is wet, the condom can be called 'raincoat', because it prevents the woman from becoming pregnant.
Reach Around
To stimulate your partner's genitals manually while penetrating them anally.
Red Light District
An area in a town with many brothels and striptease clubs or prostitutes.
Refractory period
When a man is unable to have another erection immediately after he ejaculated.
Resolution Phase
The last phase of sex when the man and the woman is about to have orgasm.
Reverse Cowgirl
Sexual position during which the woman 'rides' a man while she is facing him. It is a variation of the 'mish' position, except that here the girl is on the top.
Reverse Piggy Back
A sexual position during which the woman straddles the man from the front.
Used as 'anilingus' as well, it means licking one's anus. Focuses on the use of the tongue.
Roman War Helmet
The act of placing your nut-sacs on a girl's forehead and then shafting it across her nose.
Abbreviation of 'Are you horny?', used in sexting when a man would like to know whether the woman is in the mood for some sex or not.
Rule #2
It is a rule between men that says 'never perform cunillingus on a newly met woman'.
Rubbing your penis between a woman's breasts.
Rusty Trombone
Performing oral sex on a man's anus while masturbating him manually.
Scratch Marks
When you and your partner are making love very intensively, you can get abrasions from it.
The scientific name of the 'balls' of a man's penis, which are containing the testicles.
A sexual act during which one person is having oral sex on a man while he receives a blowjob from the fruitcake on the bottom.
The white,milky fluid which is leaving the man's penis during ejaculation.
Sex Kitten
Slang term for young, beautiful girls who usually enjoys having sex, in spite of the fact that they look very innocent. They are often flirty and playful.
Slang term for young and beautiful woman who enjoys engaging in different sexual relationships. They are usually promiscuous and horny, and a men often tend to sense that they can be seduced easily.
Sexual Endurance
Used for being able to prevent orgasm.
Shack Up
To move in with a sex partner, usually from the opposite sex in order to have sex often.
Slang term for sexual intercourse. Also, British coloquialosm for sex, but it was also used in the Victorian period for eating grass.
Shagging Wagon
An automobile which is mostly used for having sex.
Shop Vac
The feeling when a woman, very good at giving oral sex, gets your entire 'package' in her mouth, and sucks you with an amazing power like a vacuum cleaner.
Licking or sucking someone's toes in order to generate sexual appetite.
Sixty Nine
A sex position from Kama Sutra when the partners are performing oral sex on each other at the same time.
Sixty-eighter (68er)
Used as a sexual lesbian term for the act where one girl will go down on the other, but the other girl will only fingerfuck or toyfuck the first girl.
Used when a girl is having sex with two guys, and while they are facing in the same direction, she gets between them and jerks them both off.
Slag term used for those athletes who are engaging in sexual intercourse with the fattest and ugliest woman in order to break up a scandal.
After the man's orgasm the girl takes the ejaculation in her mouth and kisses the man, giving it 'back' to him.
A semen from one's clothes or chest remained there and hardened.
The abbreviation of 'Sat On My Face', an expression usually told to each-other when partners want to have oral sex during the actual sex.
Abbreviation of 'Sex on Text', meaning having sex during talking on-line.
A woman who is as thick as she can be rotated during sex at a man's penis.
Spoon, spoonning
A sexual position during which both partners are lying on their sides and the man is lying behind the woman.
Spread Eagle
Used when a girl opens her legs so far that her vagina splits in half. Usually performed before sexual intercourse.
A slang term used for the female anus.
Abbreviation of 'Sexually Transmitted Disease', which you can get easily if you are not cautious enough during sex.
Stingy Nut
Used when a girl is not worth having sex with and one pulls down her pants, bends her over and performs anal sex on her.
The act of sitting on your penis until it shrinks, and than masturbating. This will give you a feeling that somebody else is jerking you off.
Stranger On The Rocks
The act of putting your hands in a bowl filled with ice and than masturbating.
Strangers In The Night
Used when two gay guys are masturbating each-others penises.
Sugar Daddy
An older man who supports a young girl for sexual favors in return.
Used when pleasing a fat woman with your fingers. It is called 'surfing', because during the act the woman's fat is shaking up and down, and you are getting the feeling of riding a wave.
Slang term used for a very-very unattractive woman. When you see her, it scares the hell out of you.
Swing From The Chandelier
A wild sexual position which involves holding a lighting fixture.
Switch Hitter
Slang term for a bisexual or sexually flexible person. Originally used for someone who could bat with both hands equally well.
Taffy Pulling
An euphemism used for male masturbation. It is advisable to use this term in public instead of other, more vulgar terms.
Tap That Ass
Expression used to encourage a person to have sex with another person, usually not hearing the conversation.
Abbreviation of 'Talk dirty to me', used in sexting when one of the partners become sexually aroused from dirty talking so he/she can enjoy the sex better when hearing dirty words.
When a man kneels down and puts his balls in a woman's mouth that looks like a 'teabag'.
Tears of Joy
When, during anal sex, a woman sucks a penis so hard that it makes her vagina begin to 'cry' and it offers 'joy' to the man.
Slang term used for a woman with who a man would only have sex after drinking at least 10 pints because she is so unattractive.
The Bronco
When you are having sex in 'doggy style' with your partner and you are grabbing your partner's breasts while screaming another woman's name. This will make her look like a 'wild bronco' because she will try to stop you and push you off.
The Bullwinkle
The sign given to a friend during 'doggie style' sex, while the man's palms are placed over the woman's head.
The Chili Dog
Taking a hot dump on a woman's breasts and then 'titty fucking' her.
The Dunkin Delight
Used when a woman fills her mouth with a cup of milk and the man sits on her face and shakes his nuts in and out in her mouth.
The Fire Island
When somebody is threatening you that he will spit his cum on your face while you are asleep, and you don't believe him, so he does it to prove that he was not joking.
The Flying Camel
When the woman is lying on her back and you are doing her from your knees, you are moving forward propping yourself on your penis while it is still inserted in the woman's pussy. Then, you are continuing with your hand instead of your dick and you are yelling like a flying camel.
The Flying Dutchman
When, during sex, before the ejaculation you are starting to scream: 'Here comes the flying Dutchman', thus confusing your partner, causing interesting side effects.
The Fountain of You
When a man is sitting on a woman's face and the woman is biting his ass, the man suddenly stands up. Then, surprisingly, he is ejaculating all over the woman's body like a fountain.
The Hindenburg
Used when a slut is as bad in oral sex as you are crying during: 'Oh!The humanity!'.
The Indian Cock Burn
When a woman is having oral sex on a man and twists her head around his dick as if she was trying to give him an 'Indian burn'.
The Jedi Mind Trick
When, during sex, you tend to repeat: 'I'm NOT fucking you'. Actually, this expression is the name of a hip hop duo from Philadelphia.
The Mellon Dive
When you are 'headbutting' a woman's big and fat tits.
The Menthol
The act of receiving oral sex from a woman who moments earlier ate many cough drops, thus giving a very pleasurable feeling on the penis.
The Moped
Used for woman with whom the sex is a pleasure until your friends see the whole act. Than, you would not like to fuck her anymore.
The Motorboat
When giving oral pleasure to a girl, the kiss of her clit, which will give out a sound resembling to a motorboat.
The Rodeo
A sexual act during which, while having sexual intercourse with a girl in 'doggy style' suddenly you are grabbing her hair and then several friends of yours bust into the room.
The Woody Woodpecker
When a woman is sucking her partner's nuts and he taps his penis on her forehead.
Third Leg
An incredibly large penis. Very rare because this is not a usual phenomena.
Slang term used for a girl who experiences her first oral sexual adventure.
Abbreviation of 'Topless Lap Dance', when in a striptease bar women are dancing with a naked upper body.
Tossing salad
A slang expression for inserting one's tongue into the anus of their partner. To 'toss' means to throw something up, and in this case, you are throwing up your tongue.
Abbreviation of 'Tap that ass', used in sexting, originating form a song called 'Sexting' by Ludacris.
Abbreviation of 'Tongue Up My Ass', an expression used when you are licking your partner's anus and your tongue is deep in his/her butt.
Abbreviation of 'Transvestite', the practice of cross-dressing, when somebody is wearing clothes which are traditionally associated with the opposite sex or gender.
Up On The Blocks
Slang term used when a woman is having her period and she is not willing to have sex like an old car in the garage.
Abbreviation of 'Untranslated French', when an escort or a prostitute is performing oral sex without using a condom.
Utopian Swinger
Slang term used for a person who practices swinging as part of her lifestyle with humanistic ideals.
Vagina Decliner
Slang term used for a male homosexual who is not willing to 'copulate' with women.
A spasm of the female muscles in the vagina that makes sex very difficult, often caused by stress or other emotional factors.
A person who gets sexual pleasure from watching others have sex.
Abbreviation of the question 'Will you fuck me?', used either in negative or in positive meaning. In negative meaning it is used as a swearing and in positive meaning it is used when a girl is very horny and texts one of her potential sex partners to have sex.
Used when somebody is unable to have an orgasm.