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Goodbye Corona! Maxim Vienna is back soon

Almost three months after the outbreak of the Corona Virus, we are now happy to announce that we will open Maxim Wien on Wednesday, July 1st, 2020. (Note: If the date changes due to new government regulations, we will inform you immediately.)

The current Corona Virus situation will soon come to an end! We went through difficult times together and will come out of the crisis even stronger. If you have the urge for erotic adventures and exciting experiences, we look forward to welcoming you to Maxim Vienna again soon. Maxim Wien has a personal message for you. Read on.

A personal message from Maxim Wien

Here’s a personal message to everyone who makes Maxim Vienna a great place.

Dear Maxim guests,

Dear Maxim Girls,

Dear Maxim employees,

Whether you’re a loyal guest or a loyal team member, only with your help can we make Maxim Vienna the place it truly is. At Maxim Wien we conjure up a happy smile every day on the faces of our guests. This is only possible with our great team and our great Maxim Girls. Maxim Wien hereby thanks you for your loyalty.

The Corona pandemic forced us to take some time off. We had the opportunity to calm down and reflect on the true values ​​of life. We cope with every crisis and emerge stronger from it. We had the opportunity to devote ourselves to things that push us ahead. Maybe you took more time to cook fresh and eat healthier. And we were able to do this together with our family, which is often neglected.

We have proven that we stand together in difficult times and stick together. Despite the Corona crisis, that was a nice revelation. Special moments, such as the mini concerts on the balcony and the clapping and honouring for the professions essential in times of crisis, will be remembered in 50 years’ time.

Optimally prepared for the time after Corona

We are more motivated than ever and take joyful steps towards a positive future. Maxim Wien is optimally prepared for the time after Corona. When the time comes, we can’t wait to welcome our Maxim Girls and guests from all over the world again.

We look forward to the return of our dear Maxim Girls, our great employees and our valued guests. Our main focus is on everyone’s safety. When reopened, we will strictly implement all government measures and regulations. The protection of everyone in Maxim Vienna is our priority, because everyone should feel comfortable with us and above all feel safe. We do not yet know whether and which regulations will affect the Maxim Wien night club. In the meantime, however, we would like to assure everyone that we will do everything we can to ensure your health and well-being in Maxim Vienna.

We would like to emphasize that we want to express great praise to our Maxim employees, Maxim Girls and all our Maxim guests. It is you who makes Maxim Vienna a great place where unforgettable experiences are made. If you come back to us as a guest soon, you will see the same faces again, because Maxim Vienna is a big family.

Let’s bring back the joys at Maxim Vienna

When the time is right again and the crisis is over, we look forward to bringing the joys back to Maxim Vienna. We can’t wait to blossom again, as spring has shown us in the past few months.

We look forward to your desire for fun and adventure again. At Maxim Wien you can bloom and develop. Therefore, we cordially invite you to make Maxim Vienna the place of unforgettable experiences again.