Recommended hotels near maxim Wien

Since Sexclub Maxim Wien is located in the city center, there are numerous accommodation options available for clients who wish to settle near the club. If you’re thinking about booking a hotel that’s close to Maxim, we’ve got some recommendations. The following hotels are not only in the close proximity of the club, but they are also high quality boarding houses with clean facilities and a friendly staff. All of the hotels that we are mentioning are highly recommended; some of them are higher class, while others are more budget-friendly. Most importantly, some hotels are much closer to the club than others. Based on your preferences, if you wish to stay in a hotel near Maxim, we recommend you choose from the following establishments:


Price: from €370 to €5870 per night

Hotel Imperial is located at Kärntner Ring 16, which is only a couple of hundred meters away from Sexclub Maxim Wien. You can get to the club from the hotel in under 5 minutes, so there’s no need for a taxi or other form of transportation.


This 5-star hotel is perfect for anybody who is looking for luxurious accommodation in the center of the city. The building was created in 1863 for the Prince of Württemberg as his Viennese residence, but the palace was turned into Hotel Imperial for the universal exhibition in 1873. Since then, this hotel has acquired worldwide recognition as being one of the most grandeur hotels in Vienna.


The hotel’s location is perfect, there’s no doubt about that, but this isn’t its biggest strength. If you choose to stay in Hotel Imperial, you are going to sleep and live like Viennese royalty used to. All of the rooms are luxurious and impressive and the hotel’s staff is extremely friendly and helpful. You can
experience the way Viennese nobles used to sleep by spending a couple of nights in Hotel Imperial.


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Price: from €133 to €154 per night

Hotel Kaiserhof (aka Best Western Premier KAISERHOF Wien) is a fine family-owned 4-star accommodation right in the center of Vienna. This is a very popular destination for tourists who are looking for an affordable, yet luxurious hotel in the middle of the city.


Hotel Kaiserhof has been serving adventurous souls for many generations and they have had a long list of satisfied visitors. This can clearly be seen through their Tripadvisor page or on other review sites, as they have an overwhelming number of positive comments.


The hotel’s elegance, outstanding cleanliness and attentive staff makes visitors want to come back for more. The facilities of Hotel Kaiserhof are also state-of-the-art and extremely comfortable. You can rest assured that you can relax and forget about your everyday problems if you choose to reside in this Viennese hotel. The staff of the hotel will do everything they can to ensure that you are having a perfect time.


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Price: from €342 to €7500 per night

The Ritz-Carlton is a world renowned hotel chain with hotels in over 30 countries. Their 5-star resort in Vienna is exceptionally luxurious and perfectly located in the heart of the city.


The Ritz-Carlton hotel is one of the most prestigious accommodations that you can find this close to Vienna’s center. If you’re looking for the most prestigious hotel experience in Vienna, The Ritz-Carlton is definitely the right pick. With an outstandingly attentive staff, magnificent facilities and an abundance of extra services, this 5-star hotel is among the most popular for visitors who want to live like royalty for a couple of days in Vienna.


The hotel’s main mission is to satisfy their visitors and exceed their expectations; and most of the time they succeed at it. Regardless of what kind of hotels you have visited around the world, the Ritz-Carlton in Vienna is most probably going to surprise you with their excellence and the outstanding care they have for their guests. This is why The Ritz-Carlton is among the most recommended hotels in Vienna!


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Price: –

Hotel Bristol is another luxurious 5-star hotel right in the center of the city. This hotel has acquired worldwide recognition and it is considered to be one of Vienna’s most elite hotels.


Hotel Bristol is part of The Luxury Collection, which is a collection of higher class resorts and hotels around the world. This ensures that the experience that Hotel Bristol guests are getting is according to the highest quality standards. With numerous extra services, expert customer service, immaculate rooms and state-of-the-art facilities, Hotel Bristol is among the most favored accommodation options in Wien.


Visitors are greeted by a welcoming staff whose job is to ensure that everything that the guests want is delivered to their doorstep. Members of the hotel’s staff are trained professionals who will gladly help with any questions, requests or desires that you may have. Their ultimate goal is your unprecedented satisfaction and they will do anything to achieve this goal. This, the hotel’s luxury and its central location are the main reason why so many tourists choose this accommodation when they visit one of Europe’s most beautiful cities.


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Price: from €262 to €664 per night

The Guesthouse is another top-notch 5-star hotel in the center of the beautiful city of Vienna that is perfect for anybody who is looking for a modern and luxurious accommodation. Many of Vienna’s most gorgeous buildings and famous shops are only a couple of minutes away from The Guesthouse. This 5-star hotel is gracious, with modern, elegant and stylish rooms and facilities. The staff of the hotel is very pleasant and extremely helpful. They are always a call away to assist you with anything that you might require. The brasserie that is located inside the hotel is also one of the main reasons why so many people choose this hotel. You can expect to taste delicious dishes created by professional chefs from some of the best ingredients money can buy. This is also a hotel that is very welcoming towards pets and they allow dogs to stay in the hotel free of charge. The many additional bonuses that The Guesthouse visitors get make this place a highly recommended one among Viennese hotels.




Price: from €374 to €5695 per night

Hotel Sacher is one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels that you’re going to find in the center of the beautiful city of Vienna. This world-renowned hotel brand has housed a multitude of guests from all over the world and they managed to keep a high rating on review sites. Almost all of the guests of this hotel have had a positive experience and most guests choose to revisit Hotel Sacher after they spend a night or two here. The reasons for this are the extremely attentive staff members who are willing to do anything to ensure that you’re having a good time, the prestigious and comfy rooms and the numerous additional benefits that guests of Hotel Sacher get. The royal Sacher torte that so many people love should also be mentioned. This delicious dessert is created in the hotel and served in the in-house restaurant of Hotel Sacher.


The fact that this hotel brand is among the most well known in the world also ensures a high quality standard for all visitors. And let’s not forget that the hotel is as central as it gets when it comes to Vienna’s central area. All of these reasons make Hotel Sacher a perfect accommodation option for people who want to stay in a luxurious hotel that is close to most of Vienna’s sights and landmarks.




Price: from €194 to €311 per night

The Derag Livinghotel in Vienna is a 4-star hotel that is located in the downtown area of the city. This hotel might not be the most prestigious accommodation that you’re going to find in the city, but it is by no means bad. Not only is it centrally located, but the rooms and facilities of Derag Livinghotel are all comfortable and clean. All of the rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities that you would expect and depending on which room you choose, there are a couple of extras that you can get too. Most of the rooms in this hotel are quite luxurious for a 4-star hotel.


The staff of the hotel is also very helpful towards their guests and they are ready to help at any moment. The professional staff is very reliable and willing to help with anything that you might require. This, the central location and the lower price point are the main reasons why so many tourists and regular visitors choose Derag Livinghotel as their accommodation in Vienna.




Price: from €242 to €1350 per night

The Ring Hotel is a modern 5-star accommodation that many tourists and regular visitors choose when they travel to Vienna. The reason for this is that the hotel offers some amazing services and luxurious facilities to all of their guests.


As you would expect from a 5-star hotel, the staff is extremely polite and friendly. They are also available day and night to help you with anything that you might need assistance with. Since The Ring Hotel is part of the Relais & Châteaux group of luxury hotels the staff only consists of individually selected professionals.


All of the rooms in The Ring Hotel are large and comfortable, with state-of-the-art equipment. Guests of The Ring Hotel are also able to enjoy a nice dinner at the “At Eight” restaurant which is located in the hotel. Those who prefer drinking professionally made cocktails should visit the Drings Bar, which is also located in the hotel.




Price: from €69 to €136 per night

Motel1 is the last hotel in Vienna’s center that we are recommending for those who want to reside near Maxim. Rather than being another 5-star luxurious and expensive hotel, Motel1 is a budget option that is still very centrally located. This is the perfect hotel for those who do not want to spend a fortune, but still want to stay near some of Vienna’s most memorable and popular landmarks and sights.


Naturally, you’re not going to get the same services as you would in a 5-star luxury hotel, but Motel1 is still a good option regardless. The staff of the facility is friendly and helpful and the facilities of the hotel are clean and cozy. More importantly, you are residing in the heart of the city, meaning that you can access most things by foot. This eliminates the need for public transportation and you can enjoy the sights that Vienna has to offer as you’re exploring the surroundings of this hotel.


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