„I have a dream…“ Black lives matter

„I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.“

These were the words of Martin Luther King Jr. Back in 1963, he made a historical speech during the March for Work and Freedom in Washington. Now, 57 years after his speech, we still remember this sentence. His abovementioned children are now full-grown, standing up for civil rights just like their famous father. (One of them, namely Yolanda King, passed away on May 15th, 2007).

Martin Luther Kind would surely turn in his grave if he saw what is going in the World right now, more than 50 years after his diligent efforts.

One of the Saddest 8 Minutes in Our History

The whole World saw the tragedy that happened thanks to the Internet. An African-American citizen named George Floyd became the victim of police violence. Millions have viewed the video where a police officer kneeled on his neck for a painful 8 minutes. It was more than enough for him to pass out and die on the spot.

On Maxim, we enjoy writing about many beautiful and entertaining things that can spice up one’s life, including our club. However, this was an issue that shook up the whole World, one that caused riots and people’s outcry for justice. We couldn’t resist to notice the elephant in the room. The violent and inhuman death of George Floyd has moved us all even though we didn’t know him.

What Concerns the Maxim Wien Team the Most?

Why does such a problem as racism still emerge among us? Why is it that some people are still oppressed, discriminated or treated unfairly? Racism is not an inhabited human trait. It is rather a way thinking that can be learned through life. We believe that the fact that it’s learned also means that people can unlearn it.

We are all different, yet we are all human. All lives matter, which is why the “Black lives matter” movement had to be formed after this horrible act. They do their best to organize a campaign against black violence. This movement receives support from all around the World as a unified movement against racism.

In Vienna, the USA and in many countries in between, people are showing solidarity by going out to the streets.

Black Lives Matter in Maxim Wien

In Maxim, we treat everyone with the same respect. This includes our international guests, local clients and, of course, our Maxim Girls. People from all around the World visit Maxim Wien and they are all welcome without exception. As an international club, we are strongly against racism. We stand for respect, freedom and acceptance. Black lives matter as much as any other life in the World and that’s no different in Maxim Wien.

Maxim Wien Loves the Magic of Black Magic Escort Ladies

At Maxim Wien, we welcome girls of all nationalities and skin colors since the club was founded. Our beautiful and unique Maxim Girls are the heart of our business. Many light and dark-skinned girls have enriched our nightclub with their beauty throughout the years.

Maxim Girls with darker skin tones are quite rare and sought-after in our club and in Vienna in general. Those who are looking for something special in Maxim Wien often pick one of our black girls for a magical experience. All Black Magic ladies at Maxim Wien have an upbeat personality that will bring you pure pleasure and joy.

Maxim Wien Stands for Respect and Peace

Regardless of their characteristics or skin color, all people including the Maxim Girls are special, unique and incomparable. We should celebrate the differences between people, as it is what makes each of us unique. According to the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “We have to learn to live together as brothers or else we are going to go down as fools.” We choose the former and thus look forward to even more Black Magic at Maxim Wien in the future.