Krug - Grande Cuvée Champagne

Krug – Grande Cuvée Champagne

The Grande Cuvée is an exceptional champagne from one of the most influential champagne houses in the business; Krug. This bubbly is sheer perfection and wine critics often refer to it as the best champagne in the world. It has all the important qualities of a great cuvée and the Krug certification ensures for an out of this world experience. The Grande Cuvée is a very popular champagne that is served in higher class establishments around the world, such as restaurants, formal meetings, brothels and any type of celebration.

History of Grande Cuvée

Krug is a legendary champagne producing house that was founded in 1843 by Joseph Krug. The house’s headquarters were and still are in Reims, France where most of the champagne world’s vineyards are located. Joseph worked on establishing fame for the house with his son Paul Krug, who inherited the business when his father died in 1866. Paul successfully made the Krug house a famous champagne producer by the 1880s and their cuvées were enjoyed all over Europe.

The Grande Cuvée is one of the most popular Krug blends, mostly because of the champagne’s complexity, great harmony and luscious taste. The bubbly is true to the Krug standard of ultimate perfection and quality and it captures the essence of the traditions that Joseph Krug wanted to leave behind.

The Signature Blend of Grande Cuvée

The blend of the fine Grande Cuvée champagne consists of over 120 unique wines and three grape types. The Grande Cuvée is a wine that is recreated each year, with the same perfection and according to Krug’s high standards.

Some of the wines that are used in the making of the Grande Cuvée blend are over ten years old, which gives this champagne an inimitable aroma and taste. Every Grande Cuvée bottle also needs to sit in one of Krug’s cellars for an additional six years after it has been bottled. Over twenty years are required for creating a bottle of Grande Cuvée.

The Characteristics of Grande Cuvée

The Grande Cuvée is a champagne that has great harmony and complexity. Krug achieved perfect harmony with the aromas, as there are many different flavors that you can taste, but none are dominant. The long ageing process and the unique blend of wines from different years gives the champagne the many aromas and flavors that you can smell and taste.

On the palate, the champagne is exceptionally fresh. The flavors that you might taste are nougat, toasted bread, jellied fruits, apples, sweet spices and even honey. The champagne’s complex aroma and taste are truly unique and no other bubbly tastes similar to it.

Grande Cuvée has a distinct deep gold color, with fine and persistent bubbles. The champagne has a 12% alcohol rate and is best enjoyed with mature parmesan, fish, seafood, and black truffle or it can also be served as an aperitif.

Grande Cuvée in Maxim Wien

The Grande Cuvée is among the world’s best champagnes, so naturally you can order a bottle of this fine bubbly in the club. Krug is an exceptional champagne house, so there are two different champagnes from this winery on Maxim’s Champagne Card. If you wish to experience what it’s like to drink an exquisite champagne, such as Krug Grande Cuvée or Krug Rosé in a high class establishment, come to Maxim and order a bottle of fine bubbly for yourself and the Maxim girl accompanying you.

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