Krug - Rosé Champagne

Krug – Rosé Champagne

The Krug Rosé champagne is the next bubbly from this famous brewing company. Much like the Grande Cuvée, this sparkling wine is also a worldwide sensation that is enjoyed on various gatherings around the globe. Krug Rosé is one of the most elegant champagnes and it is perfect for a romantic evening or a sexy Maxim meeting. The champagne’s elegance and perfection make it an excellent choice for the club.

The Krug Rosé has a specific taste that only Krug champagnes have. This clearly distinguishes it from other rosé bubblies and the distinct Krug taste and aroma make the Krug Rosé a memorable champagne. This is a subtle and balanced rosé that is nothing like the other rosé champagnes in the business.

History of Krug Rosé

Since 1843, the Krug champagne house has become one of the leading sparkling wine production houses in the business. The house is known for their prestigious vintage champagnes with distinct and rich taste which can only be found in a Krug.

The Krug Rosé champagne was created by brothers Henri and Rémi Krug. They created the blend as an experiment in the 1970s and it turned out to be one of the best rosé champagnes of the 21st century. The Krug Rosé and the Grande Cuvée are the only non-vintage bubblies from this champagne house.

The Signature Blend of Krug Rosé

The Krug Rosé is comprised of many wines from different years and three grape types; Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. The Krug house uses a variation of exquisite reserve wines to ensure that every bottle of this sparkling wine is authentic.

All Krug Rosé champagnes have to go through an ageing process in one of the house’s wine cellars. Like most other Krug champagnes, the Krug Rosé also ages beautifully, with time enhancing the champagne’s flavor and elegance even further.

The Characteristics of Krug Rosé

The Krug Rosé is a very gastronomic champagne. On the nose, it is very interesting and complex. The aroma is fresh and bright and you might get notes of red fruits, exotic spices, biscuits and pastry cream.

On the palate, the Krug Rosé is exceptionally juicy, dense and spicy. When you taste this champagne, the red berry flavors and puff pastry will come out more. Additionally, you might taste citrus and dried or stewed fruits. The Krug Rosé also has some minerality in its taste too.

The Krug Rosé has a very elegant noble golden pale pink color. It gets its distinct and elegant color from skin-fermented Pinot Noir. The champagne is best served with white meat, spicy dishes, Foie Gras or anchovies.

Krug Rosé in Maxim Wien

This exquisite pink drink is available on Maxim’s Champagne Card and can be purchased in the club. Since the Krug Rosé is such a distinctive drink, it had to be added to Maxim’s roster of champagnes. Of course, it is not the only bubbly that you can buy in Maxim; you can also order a bottle of Louis Roderer, Moët & Chandon or Dom Pérignon champagne too.

The girls that you’ll meet in Maxim also appreciate it when they are invited for a glass of exquisite bubbly. There’s truly no better ice-breaker than ordering one of these elegant drinks and sharing it with the lady of your choosing!

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