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Maxim Blog Flashback: A look at our earlier posts

Unfortunately, the current Coronavirus situation is making it impossible to enjoy the company of Maxim Ladies in our Sexclub. We here at Maxim Wien take the COVID-19 epidemic very seriously and advise all of our clients to stay at home for the time being and practice social distancing. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t look back at some of our earlier posts that we published on the Maxim Wien blog for a nostalgic feeling.

In the following section, you’ll find some highlights from our blog that might ease your mind in these troubling times. Enjoy a flashback at some of these outstanding blog posts from previous years!

2019: Gentlemen Love Maxim Wien

Last year, we published a blog post in which we explained why gentlemen love our Sex and Stripclub Maxim Wien. We also wrote about what gentlemen who visit Maxim Wien can expect to experience in the club. If you consider yourself a gentleman or you just want to learn what it takes to be one, you’ll definitely want to read this entry! For the entire blog post, click on the following link: Gentlemen Love Maxim Wien

2018: Top 6 Sexual fantasies of women

Back in 2018 we’ve posted an article about the top 6 fantasies women have when it comes to an erotic time. In this post, you can read more about what many women secretly want to happen in order to spice up their love-life. If you’re interested in the post either because of curiosity or to find out the secrets that ladies want, go ahead and read the full article. Click on the link to get redirected now: TOP 6 sexual fantasies of women

2017: Black magic – Black Girls in Maxim Wien

Black girls have always been part of our Sexclub Maxim Wien and in 2017 we have commemorated this with a blog post about some of the Black Magic Girls that worked in the club. Black ladies are highly sought after by our clients because of their exotic personalities and sexy bodies. If you’re interested in seeing some of the black ladies who have worked in Maxim, you should definitely click on the link: Black Magic

black girls in Night Club Maxim Wien
all of our Black Ladies

2016: A perfect bachelor party in Maxim

As some of you might already know, our Maxim Wien club is the perfect location for a sex bachelor party. There’s no better way to spend your stag party than with your best friends in the company of sexy Maxim ladies. There are various benefits that you can reap and you can enjoy the whole night with drinks, gorgeous ladies and great music. For more information about bachelor parties in Maxim, go ahead and click on this link: A perfect Bachelor Party at Nightclub MAXIM Vienna

2015: Pornstars in Maxim Wien

Back in 2015, our Sexclub Maxim Wien had multiple former and rising pornstars working for us. Having an erotic time with a pornstar is a dream of many men. Well, with Maxim Wien, this didn’t have to be just a dream, but you could also meet and spend quality time with these pornstars. In case you wish to see which pornstars were in our Maxim Wien club, be sure to check this post: Pornstars in Maxim

Parting Words

We here at Maxim Wien hope that each and every one of our clients is well. Our Maxim Ladies are safe and waiting to be able to return to our Sexclub to continue working as soon as possible. For further updates and news, be sure to regularly check our Facebook page, as well as our website. We will post updates as soon as something new happens or if we are allowed to start doing business again. Until then, go ahead and browse our blog and website for other interesting content!