maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary 0-9, A


1174: Used as a texting term, meaning ‘nude club’.

3-Eyed Turtle: It is used when you are putting your penis in a woman’s anus, your fingers in her vagina and your dick in her mouth in this order.

3G’s: ‘Get in, Get off, Get out’, thought or told usually by men to women after seducing them and having sex with them.

53x: Used when somebody does not want to pronounce the word itself, ‘sex’, and instead uses this combination, where 5 stands for the letter ‘s’ and 3 for the letter ‘e’.

8: Used as a texting shortcut instead of writing the sexual term ‘oral sex’ itself.


A Bit of Crackling: Used to be in usage in the UK. Stands for a woman who is very attractive but is regarded as a sex object. However, this expression is a little outdated, because it lost its popularity after the 1970s.

A Bit of Skirt: Used for a sexually active or promiscuous women. This term is considered to be derogatory.

A Bit on The Wild Side: Used mostly during the 19th Century for celebrated homosexuals. Nowadays it is used to describe someone who is simply having homosexual tendencies. The term was first used by Oscar Wilde.

A Date With Senorita Mano: Slang term used instead of male masturbation.

A Knee Trembler: A sexual intercourse in a knee position, based on the sensation of trembling on the knees when having orgasm.

A spot: An erogenous zone located in the anus.

Abberation: Sexually speaking, it is a term used for what is considered normal sexual practice, i.e a sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.

Abbess: Used for the ‘madam’ of a brothel, either as a manager or a proprietor. Actively used from the 17th to the 19th century.

Abe Lincoln: When the man hits the woman in the back of her head with his cum after performing doggy style sex.

Aberrosexual: Used for homosexuals or lesbians. It is used so because these people’s sexual behavior is sexually unnatural.

ABLAZE: A man who’s penis does not become straight when he is having an ejaculation but instead deviates to one side in a curved manner.

Ablutolagnia: Term used for becoming sexually aroused from taking baths, showers and other modes of washing.

Ablutoskepsis: Used for the act of watching women taking shower or bath and thus becoming sexually aroused.

Absolute Inversion: Used for a person who is exclusively homosexual and has no attraction to the other sex, feeling even hatred or horror for them.

Abuck: An anal position where you are lying on your back while touching your shoulders with your knees.

AC/DC: Used for somebody who is bisexual. The expression is inspired from the famous rock band AC/DC, because they are considered to be the best fucking band on Earth.

Acanthophallic: Used for those men who have a very rough or spiny penis. It was defined in Lecher’s Lexicon in 1967.

Accu-Jac: The name of a masturbation device for men consisting of an electrically-operated, variable speed, sucking pump connected to a sleeve that fits over the penis. It comes with buddy attachment, allowing two men to use it simultaneously.

Ace Lover: Slang term used for a sexually talented man or woman.

Acmasya: Considered to be a psychoanalytic term used for the summit of sexual pleasure reached during the orgasmic phase of the sexual intercourse.

Acme: Used for the highest point of sexual excitement reached before orgasm.

Acomoclitic: A preference, especially of men, when being aroused by hairless vagina.

Acorn: The medical term used for the head of the penis. It can also refer to a very small penis.

Acousticophilia: Sexual stimulation or arousal from different sounds, like music, songs, verbal abuse, screaming moaning, foreign languages, heavy breathing or any other sound heard during sexual intercourse.

Acquaintance: Used for a person who you know intimately, but with whom you did not have sexual intercourse more than twice. It is a vague term.

Acrophilia: Used when somebody becomes sexually aroused from highs or high attitudes.

Acrorthosis: Used for the abnormal condition of having too many erections too often.

Act of Darkness: A very sophisticated and elegant term used for sexual intercourse in Shakespearean acts, like in ‘King Lear’.

Actirasty: Sexual pleasure which derives from exposure to the sun’s rays, usually being present when making love under the sky.

Admiral: A slang term for when you are having sex in doggy style you are slapping her arms out from under her and steer her face first around the room/bed/back of your car.

Adonis: A male who is as handsome as seeing him can be breathtaking.

Adultery: Sexual intercourse between two people when one or both of them are married.

Aeroplane Blonde: Used for those women who used to dye their hair but still have a ‘black box’, which Aeroplanes have it too.

Afternoon Gig: Having sex with a married woman while her husband is at work (‘gig’ is a synonym of ‘concert’).

Agape: Used for the non-erotic and non-sexual type of romantic love, when two people are having a relationship where they are in love with one-another or with a community. It is the Christian type of love.

Agaptism: Used for a marriage in which the partners are not having sex at all.

Agastopia: When somebody is addicted to a particular part of one’s body no matter on who’s body is it seen.

Agoraphilia: Sexual arousal from being outdoors, in open spaces or from having sex in public.

Agrexophrenia: The condition of being unable to perform sexually because of the constant far of being overheard by somebody.

Agriophrenia: A sexually uncontrollable person, i.e a pervert or someone who was abandoned earlier.

Agynophelymity: Used for a woman’s inability to give sexual satisfaction.

AHAB: Someone who likes having sex with fat woman.

Ahall: Used among British gay men for an overused anus.

Aidacratia: Used for sexually bashful men or women, when they are unable to perform sexually because they are too shy. This can also result in impotence or frigidity.

Aidoiomania: An abnormally strong carving for sex, always having sexual fantasies or activities.

Air One’s Pores: To be absolutely naked so that your ‘pores’ can be cleared from the fresh air.

Albedosynia: An addiction used for those men who are preferring to have sexual intercourse with women having a very white skin.

Albutophilia: Used when somebody becomes sexually aroused from water.

Algolagnist: A person who becomes sexually aroused when suffering or having pain (often being obsessed with S&M).

Algorsenia: When a man cannot be aroused sexually and lacks sexual desire.

All meat, No potatoes: An expression or cliché used when a man has a big penis but small testicles.

All Tits and Teeth: Used for those women who are very unintelligent but sexually very active.

Allantotrioism: Used for women who tend to practice male masturbation using a sausage.

Alley-Affair: Used for a ‘quick sex’ in any deserted public area.

Alligator Slap: When you are slapping somebody with a penis it is called “alligator slap”.

Allorgasmia: A condition in which, during sexual intercourse, one is fantasizing about someone, other than his/her partner, who is more desirable. This ‘tact’ is often used by men in order to make the intercourse last longer.

Allotriorasty: Used for those men who are sexually interested in women from other nations or races.

Ambivalence: When somebody is having contradictory feelings, attitudes or wishes towards the same person.

Amomaxia: Used for having sex in a parked car. This expression was defined by J.E. Schmidt in the Lecher’s Lexicon in 1967.

Amorist: A highly experienced lover or sex partner, a person who have had many sexual affairs.

AMP: “Asian Massage Parlor”, where the term “massage” can be used as a methaphor for paid sexual favours.

Amply Endowed: Used for women who have very large breasts.

Amychesis: The habit of scratching the partner’s back during petting or sex.

Anal Astronaut: A person who enjoys having anal sex and is trying different positions and extremities related to it.

Anal Beads: Beads that are inserted into the anus and are pulled during anal sex.

Anal Beard: If someone’s anus is hairy, it is called “anal beard”.

Analingus: The anal stimulatuion of the anus with your tongue.

Anaphrodisia: Used for the decline or absence of sexual desire.

Angel: Used for men who pay for sexual acts.

Angry Dragon: After you blow your cum in a girl’s mouth and you push the back of her head so your load can come out of her nose. This move is called an ‘angry dragon’, because the girl will be as angry as a dragon.

Animal Play: Used when, during sexual intercourse, one or both partners pretend to be an animal, i.e a dog or a horse in a role play.

Antholagnia: Specific term for those who become sexually aroused from smells or aromas, i.e, perfumes or the smell of different flowers.

Antipodes: Slang term used for vagina. Originates from the British point of view that The Antipodes (that is a group of Islands in the South Pacific close to New Zealand) are ‘down under’.

Apadrayva: Used for the vertical penis which is placed on the head of the penis.

Aperture: Used for any kind of small and narrow opening. In sexual meaning, it is used to refer to a female photographer’s vagina.

Aphallatosis: Used for anyone who cannot be satisfied sexually. It is considered to be a mental disorder and it was first defined in Lecher’s Lexicon in 1967.

Aphanisis: Used for the inability of enjoying sex. This term was first used by the psychoanalyst Ernest Jones, and he believed that this is the root of all neuroses.

Aphrodisiac: Any chemical substance that brings back somebody’s sexual appetite.

AR: The abbreviation of ‘Anal Rimming’. It is a term used for the orally stimulation of the anus.

Arabian Googles: When your testicles are over the woman’s eye’s sockets whereas your ass is on her forehead.

Around The World: The act of kissing the entire body as part of the foreplay. It also means having oral, vaginal and anal sex in the same session or evening. It is often find as an option on the ‘menus’ of some brothels.

Ashes Hauled: Used when visiting a brothel. It can also refer to ejaculation, in the sense of the ‘ashes’ representing the semen.

ASP: The abbreviation of ‘Adult Service Provider’, who is an individual or a business corporation which is providing different sex services for those who are interested in this particular field.

Aspen Leaf: Slang term used for the tongue, presumably because it resembles a leaf in some of its shapes.

Ass-to-mouth: It refers to the withdrawal of a person’s penis from the partner’s anus, and inserting it immediately after to the receptive’s or another partner’s mouth.

Assignation: A randez-vous between lovers for sexual purpose.

Assume The Position: In police terminology, it means to lean a suspect forward against the wall, but sexually speaking it can be a position for anal or vaginal penetration.

Attempts: When somebody is struggling or trying very hard to reach orgasm.

Aunt Flo: It refers to the period when a woman is usually ‘not in the mood’, that is, when she is having her period.

Auntie: Used for a homosexual who is becoming older and older, and despite of this, prefers the company of younger man. He does not intend to have sex with them, but to appear trendy.

Aural Sex: The act of either giving or recieving sexual stimulation from a pleasant voice or accent.

Aureola: The dark, brown and tough skin around the nipple.

Aussie Kiss: A synonym of french kiss, exept this term stands for the act of performing oral sex on someone.

Australian Sex: A sex play during which an active partner starts at the mouth and neck of a passive partner and kisses her/his way down.

Automysophobia: Morbid or irritating fear of being dirty or smelling bad while engaging in sexual activity.

Autophilia: Used for the cases when somebody loves to masturbate more than to have sex with another person.

Auxiliary Intercourse: The act of moving the penis back and forth in the armpit which results in sexual climax.

Axed: Term used when somebody is no longer a virgin.

Azozoospermia: Scientific term used when the semen of a man does not contain sperms, either because the testicles are not able to make sperms or because of a reproductive tact blockage.

Azz: A modern term used instead of ‘ass’. It is actually an internet slang that allows to use the word without getting censored.