maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary B


B&S: Abbreviation of ‘Bait and Switch’, when a very attractive man or woman introduces his/herself to a group of the opposite sex in order to get their ugly friend somebody.

Baby Batter: A slang term which stands for the sperm.

Babylons: Slang term used for ‘woman breasts’. The expression may originate from the ancient city of Babylon, which was initially a small city, and than sprung up after, like a women breasts do.

Back Scuttle: Used for anal intercourse performance. It usually refers to the act when a man prods someone up the arse hole with his stiff penis violently. Often used to describe a person who was buggered without a permission.

Back Yard: Slang term used instead of ‘ass’. It is more sophisticated and not as vulgar as the term ‘ass’ or ‘butt’. Suitable to use in public places.

Backdoor Man: Someone who finds pleasure in giving anal sex.It originates from a famous song written by Willie Dixon, which is about a man having an affair with a married woman and always using the back door before the husband comes home.

Badly Packed Kebab: A vulgar term used for the female genitalia, especially when the labia majora sticks out offering an ugly image.

Bag: Slang term used for a man’s scrotum. It is also used when a guy intends to go out with a girl and have sex with her.

Bald Headed Hermit: A slang term used instead of ‘penis’, usually in the form of an euphemism, or to emphasize your sexual appetite.

Baldy: When a man or a woman is shaving his/her ‘private parts’ or, in other words, ‘genitals’, these shaved parts are called ‘baldies’.

Ball and Chain: When somebody wants to express that his/her partner is very important, instead of the nice expression of belonging together like ‘popcorn and movies’, ‘ball and chain’ can also be used.

Ball Weights: Heavy objects which are attached to testicles in order to make them longer.

Balloon Knot: Used when, during sexual intercourse, you bend over and your partner can see your ‘balloon knot’. A ‘balloon knot’ is also used for a very tight butt hole that has not recently seen any form of penetration, thus giving the illusion of the knot of a balloon.

Balloons: It is a slang used for huge woman breasts, gained after breast enlargement surgery. The implants are called the “balloons”.

Balls on Chin: Also referred to as ‘deep throat’, it is the act of getting a woman to take the penis so deep in her mouth that she can feel the man’s testicles at her chin.

Ballsacking: When a man spreads his nut-sack all over a woman’s face during sex.

Bareback: When you are having sex without a condom it is called ‘bareback’ sex. The term ‘bareback’ originally means ‘riding a horse without a saddle’.

Barely Legal: Used for girls who have reached the age 18 or they just look like that they did, and they act in porn movies.

Basket Weaver: A slang term for those men who are wearing tight pants in order to make their penis look bigger.

Batin: It is a groin massage or hand job. The term ‘groin massage’ here means massaging your partner’s butt or anus in order to free her/him from stress.

Bazooms: A slang term for women breasts. It comes from the term ‘bosom’, which means ‘the breasts of human being’. It is used when somebody wants to refer to them as the centre of feelings and emotions.

BBBJ: Stands for ‘Bare Back Blow Job’, in other words ‘making love without a condom’. The term ‘bare’ here refers to the natural penis of a man.

BBBJTC: ‘Bare Back Blow Job to Completion’, which, in contrast to the simple ‘BJ’, means ejaculating in a woman’s mouth.

BBBJTCWS: ‘Bare Back Blow Job to Completion with Swallow’, when, after ejaculating in a woman’s mouth, she swallows the man’s cum.

BBW: The term ‘Big Beautyful Woman’ is used to express sexual attraction to overweight woman. The term was coined by Carol Shaw in 1979, when she published her ‘BBW Magazine’, a fashion and lifestyle magazine for ‘chubby’ woman.

Bear Claw: Pussy lips which are larger than the usual. ‘Bear Claw’ is originally a very popular breakfast food in the US, which, if one is analyzing it carefully, has the shape of a vagina. Looks very delicious.

Bearded Clam: A slang term used instead of vagina. Often used when you are at a public place chatting with somebody and you don’t want the others to understand what you are talking about.

Beating the Meat: Stands for male masturbation.It has many alternatives, like ‘beat the pup’, ‘choke the chicken’, ‘pound one’s meat’, ‘pull one’s wire’, ‘whip the dummy’, and so on. The expression has been considered vulgar slang, since it uses ‘meat’ in the sense of penis. The usage is dating from the late 1500s.

Beaver Leaver: Used for homosexual males. It is also used for men who are acting very timid when seeing a beautiful woman.

Bed Aerobics: To have sex, make love. It is called so because sex is very good for one’s health and it makes move every part of your body.

Bed Hop: To jump from one’s ‘bed’ to another, that is, to have sex with different partners around the same time. Often used to describe sexually promiscuus individuals.

Bedroom Eyes: When you are giving a ‘I want you in my bedroom’ glance to somebody with a seductive purpose.

Beef Gravy: It is a slang term used for semen. Originally, Beef Gravy is a delicious dish.

Beefcake: A man who is very handsome and attractive is called a ‘beefcake’. The word ‘cake’ is used in other expressions as well to somebody who looks very nice, i.e, ‘a piece of cake’.

Beer Dick: It’s an expression for what most man are doing after they were drinking a lot, because they would like to ‘do’ all the pussies with their ‘beer dick’.

Beer Googles: When, after drinking a lot of alcohol, you are attracted more to the members of the opposite sex.

Ben-Wa Balls: Objects inserted into the vagina or anus in order to increase sexual pleasure.

Bender: A slang term used for the penis which is not sexually aroused, so it is very small and not so tight.

Beret: A slang term for condom. It is called so because a ‘beret’ in everyday usage is a soft hat, having the shape of a cap, and condoms are having a similar shape. This kind of hat has been used since the 19th century, and so were condoms.

Betty: Used as a slang term for an extremely hot chick, one that has a very good taste in clothes and mascara as well and is very confident. She is able to make herself look perfect.

Big Bulge: Slang term used to describe a man’s penis when it is ‘standing straight’ as a result of sexual stimulation or as a result of seeing a thrilling phenomena.

Bimbot: A women who is working in pornography and is acting very cold and unfeeling during sex-acting.

Birthday Suit: When somebody is naked it is said that he/she is wearing a ‘birthday suit’.

Bit of Fluff: Used as a female version of the male term ‘piece of meat’. It could apply for young girls who are not appreciated for their high IQ, but rather for their outlook and their lack of intelligence.

Bite a Nipple: When somebody uses his/her teeth to grip the nipple of a woman.

BJ: Stands for ‘Blow Job’, which means stimulating a man’s penis orally. It is also called ‘fellatio’, which derives from the latin term ‘fellātus’, meaning ‘to suck’.

BL: ‘Body Lick’, which can be a part of the presexual activity, in other words ‘petting’,during which the partners are kissing and licking each-other’s body to reach sexual appetite.

Blindfold: When, during sex, the partner’s eyes are covered in order to increase sexual pleasure.

Blow In His Ear: To exhale into a man’s ear in order to make him want to have sex. This ‘tact’ is usually used as a part of the foreplay.

BLS: The abbreviation of ‘Ball Licking and Sucking’, an expression that sounds less vulgar when pronouncing the abbreviated version. It is used when somebody is licking the balls of one’s penis.

Blue Balls: The pain which occurs in the penis of a man when he becomes sexually aroused, but he cannot reach the ejaculation.

Blue Pill: The viagra is called so because of its color, and because it is easier and less embarassing to use this name instead of the original.

Blumpy: When somebody is on the closet and a woman has oral sex on him it is called a ‘blumpy’.

BMS: The abbreviation of ‘Baby Making Sex’, used when two people are having sex as a part of the ‘Baby Making Project’.

BNG: The abbreviation of ‘Blow and Go’, which is a maximum 15 minute long session and involves oral sex only.

BOB: The abbreviated version of ‘Battery Operated Boyfriend’. It is used when somebody does not have a boyfriend and uses a vibrator instead of having real sex.

BOBFOC: Abbreviation of ‘Body of Baywatch, face of Crimewatch’, used when a person has a very good body but an ugly face. This is a word play on two popular TV shows in the UK, Baywatch with muscled and tanned bodies and crimewatch a TV show highlighting criminal activity with many mug shots of scary looking wanted criminals.

Bobsled: A sexual position which, when performed, looks like as if people are sitting on a bobsled.

Body Shots: When alcohol is licked off of a person’s body. Often used when somebody, before drinking tequila, licks the salt off from another person’s abdomen.

Boff: Used for a quick sexual intercourse, during which the man usually does not takes off his pants. It involves a lot of dry humping.

Boink: Used when parents are trying to describe sex to their small child, or even to their adult one. It also means ‘to have an intercourse’.

Bonk: Slang term used for sexual intercourse. There is also a similar magazine, except that that is called ‘Boink’.

Booty Call: Slang term for a late-night call or a call given in the last minute with the intention of having sex.

Bow-tie: When a woman is masturbing a man’s penis with his breasts is called ‘bow-tie’. It is called so because when performing this act, the breasts and the penis offers the image of a bow tie.

Bowling Ball: The act of inserting two fingers into a vagina and one into the anus.

Box Lunch: A slang term for having oral sex on a female. It is called so because in this sense the female’s vagina represents the ‘lunch box’.

Brazilian Bikini Box: When most of a female’s public hair is shaved.

Brown Bagging It: When you meet a girl who has an excellent body but an ugly face you just have to draw a smiley face on a paper bag and place it on her head.

Brownie Queen: Used for a partner who is very passive when having anal sex.

Brunski: When a man puts his face between a woman’s breasts and moves his head back and forth saying ‘Brunski’, but there are many other expressions which can be said instead.

BSD: The abbreviation of ‘Big Swinging Dick’. Surprisingly, it is a term used in business for those who are bringing in enormous amounts of money just because they were sleeping with different customers.

Buggery: A term used in England for anal sex, however, it is very close in meaning to the term ‘sodomy’, used in law or popular speech. The word ‘sodomy’ actually derives from the story of Sodom and Gomorrah from the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Bukkake: When multiple men are ejaculating on a woman’s face.

Bull Dagger: Used for a very masculine lesbian. They are usually overweight, very pushy and middle aged. They never shave and shower/bath every few days or so. They sometimes feel shameful that they were born a woman.

Bunny Boiler: Used for a partner in a relationship who has an extremely impulsive behavior and tends to quarrel all the time. The term originates from the Glen Closecharacter in the movie ‘Fatal Attraction’

Butch: A slang word used for women who look and behave like men. It is a term mostly used for lesbians who identify themselves with men.

Butt Plug: An artificial penis specially designed for insertion into the anus. Usually it has a flared base to prevent it from going in too far.

Butterface: A term used for women with amazing body but ugly face (‘But her face’).

Butterfly: A sexual position during which both the man and the woman is stands and faces each-other while leaning back.