maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary C


Cactus Cock: A penis that has been shaved recently, and now there is stubble on it is called a ‘cactus cock’, because it looks like a cactus.

Calico: A very sexy lady, usually a prostitute, who has three different colors in her hair. This is an effort to look good and young. Even though it fails, it catches attention.

Call Girl: Slang term used for female escorts who usually are not visible to the general public, unlike those who are working on the streets.

Camel Toe: When a woman’s labia is so ‘puffy’ that it can be seen through her clothes.

Canoodle: A slang term for kissing extremely passionately, usually in public.

Capella: A very sexy and funny girl at the same time. Used for girls who are easy to get along with until you piss them off. They are very good in bed too. However, her best friends are always more important for her.

Capnogeria: Sexual pleasure which derives from smoking, when somebody is a heavy smoker.

Car Wash: When a man is having anal sex with his partner and recieves oral sex afterwards. It is metaphorically a ‘car wash’, because the woman is licking the man’s ‘product’ from his penis.

Carpet Munch: Slang term for pleasing somebody orally,usually used in case of lesbians.

Cash and Dash: An escort showing up, taking the money, offering to dance too, and leaving without providing anything.

Castration: When the reproductive organs are removed with surgery both at men and women.

Catcher: Slang term used for man who receives anal penetration. A term often used in jail.

CBJ: Abbreviation of ‘Covered Blow Job’, which means oral sex with a condom. It is called ‘covered’ job, because the man’s penis is not bare.

Ceiling Inspector: A slang term to describe somebody who spends most of her/his time having sex, so he/she knows best how the ‘ceiling’ looks like.

Centerfold: A term to describe a person who is very desirable sexually. Used also for people from the centerfold of porn magazines.

Cervix: The opening of the uterus that opens and extends into the vagina.

CFS: Abbreviation of ‘Covered Full Service’, that is, having sex with a condom. It is called so because the penis is covered and sex involves everything, ‘full service’.

Chasity: A moral restriction applied to women where they are prohibited to make love until they get married.

Cherry: Term used for girls who are still virgin. It is also used to refer to the ‘hymen’ (see among the expressions) itself.

Chick Magnet: Slang term used for those men who are as handsome as they are attracting lots of women.

Chicken Choker: Slang term used for a person who masturbates on a regular basis.

Chicken Cutlet: A summertime act on the beach when, during sexual intercourse, a man covers his penis with sand before re-inserting it into the woman’s vagina.

CID: Abbreviation of ‘Come In Deep’, often told during sex when you are penetrating into a woman’s vagina using a condom.

Circumcision: The removal of the skin that surrounds the head of the penis, mostly performed for cultural and religious reasons in Judaism or Islam.

Cleavage: When two woman is having sex there is an attractive gap between their breasts when they are close to each-other which is called ‘cleavage’.

Clitoris: A small female organ situated above the urinary opening and vagina. It is the point which leads to orgasm during masturbation or stimulation. Its only function is to give sexual pleasure.

Clockwatcher: Someone who is fond of counting the minutes until the sexual session is over. Often used for those who are in a rush and does not have time to enjoy the act.

Closet Exhibitionist: Term used for those people who pretend that they do not enjoy being looked naked.

Closet Queen: Used for men homosexuals who hide their desires for men. (See also the expression ‘Out of the Closet’).

Clown Face: An aging slut who wears a lot of makeup to hide her numerous wrinkles because the facelifts cannot cover them.

Club Sandwich: When two man are having sex with one single woman. It is called so because they tend to lie at each-other like a ‘sandwich’.

Cluster Fuck: Used for group sex, during which many females are having sex with vibrator type toys.

COB: Abbreviation of ‘Cum on Body’, when the man ejaculates on the female’s body. The ‘cum’ here is a preposition, meaning actually ‘when’, so the expression can be used as ‘When on Body’ as well.

Cock-Stuffing: Used in gay circles, when they are inserting different thin items from the kitchen into their anus. For instance, thermometers or wires.

Cockblock: Used when preventing a male friend from seducing a woman.

Cockteaser: Used for those women who are sexually arousing a man without having any interest in sexual intercourse with him.

Completion: Or the ‘act of completing’, which can be used as a sexual term as well, with the meaning of ‘having an orgasm’.

Contraception: Birth control measures, like condom or pills altogether are called ‘contraception’.

Coochie: It is a variant of ‘cooch’, which means ‘female vagina’. The expression presumably derives from the famous song called ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’ by Willie Dixon, written in 1954, with a sexually suggestive phrase.

Copulation: Sexual intercourse. It derives from the Latin term ‘copulâre , copulât-‘, which means ‘to join together’ or ‘being liked together’.

Cop’s Delight: When you are doing a woman in the ass and you are spitting all over her butt, thus making it look like a huge donut.

Corkskrew: Similar to the act of ‘fingering’, except that in this case you have to cross your fingers and then begin to wrist back and forth either in the butt or in the vagina of a women.

Corn: A rarely used term which originates from the campus of Cornell University, used for very hot and gorgeous girls. It is used when a woman looks as beautyful as a man would even ‘eat the corn out of her shit’. Can be used as a friendly compliment as well.

Cornhole: It is used instead of the term ‘anus’, probably because the anus has the shape of a corn.

Cougar: A middle-aged woman, usually over thirty-five, who prefers to have sex with younger boys.

Cowgirl: It is a term used for girls who are on the top during sex. It is a sexual position, which is also called ‘woman on top’ position.

Cream: Used when a man ejaculates on a woman’s breasts. It originates form the fact that the male cum is ‘creamy’.

Crime Scene Action: It means having sex during the women’s period. It is called so because there is blood everywhere, as if you were at the scene of a crime.

Crossing Swords: When a man rubs his penis against another man’s during sex (usually in case of homosexuals or groupie).

Cruising: Looking for a sexual partner while driving or walking in a particular area, usually for a single ocasion.

Crumpet: Slang term for a very hot and sexy chick. It is a term especially used in British English.

CU46: Used as a texting abbreviation, meaning ‘See you for sex’. The letter ‘C’ is used here instead of ‘S’ in order to make the abbreviation more encoded.

Cum Gargle: Used when, after ejaculation, the partner gets the cum in her mouth and uses it to wash her mouth.

Cum Guzzling Sperm Burping Bitch: When a man is blowing his hot cum down a woman’s throat, as if he is giving her a cold bottle from her favourite drink. After that he is shaking the woman’s head to create the effect given in the expression’s name.

Cunnilingus: Performing oral sex on a women is called so, because your tongue plays a very important part in it, and ‘limba’, which here is ‘lingus’, is a term used in some latin languages.

Cupid’s Alley: Slang term used for the vagina, in sense of having a very long path or passage.

Cups of Coffee: It is another slang term for orgasm, because when you have it, the feeling is similar with the one after drinking a cup of coffee.

Cyber Sex: A kind of Foreplay, except that in this case the partners are communicating through their PCs.