maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary D


Daisy Chain: Sexual activity during which several peoople are stimulating each-other’s genitals. The 69 is the most common position of it.

David Copperfield: Used for the act when you are having sex with a girl from behind and then you suddenly give it out and let one of your friends continue while you are waving to the girl from the window.

Dead Soldier: A slang term for a penis which is in its normal state, without any stimulation.

Dental Dam: A safe-sex barrier made of flat sheet of latex and used when having oral sex on a woman.

DFK: Abbreviation of ‘Deep french kissing’, which means kissing with open mouth and with tongue.

Diaphragm: A birth controller method, which consists of placing a flexible device into the vagina behind the public bone to block the sperm from reaching the uterus.

Diddle: It is a slang term for female masturbation. The word itself means ‘to shake rapidly’.

Digital Penetration: The insertion of the toes or fingers in the anus or vagina for sexual stimulation.

Dildo: An object having the shape of a penis and used instead of masturbation by women.

Dine At The Y: A slang term used for performing oral sex on a woman, the ‘Y’ representing her body and legs.

Dirty Girl: Slang term for a woman who is very promiscuous, and is living a life which involves having sex at a regular basis.

Dirty Old Man: Used for men over middle age who have sexual desires for younger women.

Dirty Sanchez: The act during which you are performing anal sex on a woman and you are inserting one of your fingers in her anus, and than drawing a thin mustache from shit at her face.

Dog in a Bathtub: The act when one is trying to insert your nuts in a woman’s anus. It is called so because this is as difficult as keeping a dog in the tub while bathing it.

Dominatrix: Used for those women who enjoy humiliating men for money or pleasure.

Donkey Punch: The movement when, before ejaculating, a man inserts his penis in a woman’s anus and than punches her neck, so that the punch can stun the muscles in the woman’s anus and give a man an extraordinary feeling.

Double Bagging: When, during oral sex, a man is placing his testicles into a woman’s mouth. It is called so because the word ‘double’ stands for the man’s testicles. It is also used when a man is wearing two condoms during sex (not recommended).

Double Bass: A sexual position during which the man enters the woman from behind while grabbing one of her nipples with one hand and her budgie’s tongue with another. It is similar to the sound of a double bass instrument.

DP: The abbreviation of ‘Double Penetration’, when two men are having sex with a single girl.

Dry Hump: The act of stimulating sex clothed. There is no tactile sweat during it, that is why it is called ‘dry’.

DT: The abbreviation of ‘Deep Throat’, used for the act when the entire penis is taken in the mouth. It goes as deep as it almost reaches your throat.

Duff: Used for a very ugly and fat woman who is hanging out with her hot and beautiful friends at a bar.

DUM: Used as a ‘sexting’ abbreviation when one would like to ask the following: ‘Do you masturbate’?

DURS: Abbreviation of ‘Damn you are sexy’, used in ‘sexting’.

DUSL: Mostly used as an internet acronym instead of asking ‘Do you scream loud?’. It is usually employed during cyber talking as an act of virtual foreplay. It is popular amongst older men and young girls.

DVDA: This expression is mainly used in hard porn, and it is the abbreviation of ‘double-anal, double-vaginal’. It is used when a woman takes four penises in two holes.

DWPKOTL : Abbreviation of ‘Deep wet passionate kiss on the lips’, used as an erotic texting term as a foreplay of cyber sex.

Dyke: It is a slang term used for lesbians who are noticeably masculine.