maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary E-F


Easy Access: A kind of clothing that offers easy access to sex organs.

Eifel Tower: A ‘threesome’ position, during which a woman is having sex with two men, one being behind her and the other in front, while high-fiving each-other to form the shape of the Eifel Tower.

Erection: When the penis, as a result of stimulation, becomes firm and grows its size. The stimulation can be either physical or psychological.

Erotophobia: Used as a psychological term to describe a phobia which is related to sex. It means ‘fear or anxiety of sexuality or the expression of sexual love’. It is often used by feminists and when analyzing literary works.

Eskimo Sisters: Term used for two women who, in a point or another, discovered that they were having sex with the same man.

Etch-A-Sketch: The act of playing with a woman’s nipples in order to make her smile.

Eunuch: A community of people who are biologically men adopting feminine characteristics and are castrated or hermaphrodites (that is, born with both male and female private parts).

Exhibitionism: The habit of showing your own ‘private parts’ mostly in public or to a specific person, in order to increase sexual appetite.

Exotic Dancer: Slang term used both for male and female strippers.

Eye Candy: An extremely attractive person or phenomena. As attractive as you wish you can eat it.


F/IB: Abbreviation of ‘In the front, in the back’, used as a ‘sexting’ term during cyber sex.

Face Painting: When a man ejaculates on a woman’s face and her face resembles a surrealist painting.

Face Sitting: When a woman is sitting on a man’s face so he can please her orally.

Facial: When a man is spanking all over a woman’s face with his ‘thingies’, and she looks as if she is wearing a mask.

Family Jewels: Used as an euphemism of ‘testicles’. ‘They’ are called so because ‘they’ are responsible for creating all the families.

FBSM: The abbreviation of ‘Full Body Sensual Massage’, a kind of petting form, erotic massage. It can also be a sexual game, during which, if it is performed properly, one can even have an orgasm.

FDAU: Abbreviation of ‘Face Down Ass Up’,an expression used when the partners are preparing to make anal sex in doggy style.

Felching: The act when somebody is ejaculating into the anus and then licks or sucks the cum out.

Fell Her Up: A kind of a foreplay, when a man is touching or handling the breasts or butt of a woman.

Femoral Coitus: In other words, ‘penis-tight sex’, which involves the masturbation of the penis while being inserted between the thighs of the partner.

Fetish: Used to describe those who feel compulsion to use objects in order to achieve sexual pleasure. Watching porn movies is also considered a ‘fetish’ act.

FFF: The strategy of ‘Find them, Fuck them, Forget them’. It is used when somebody is seeking for a women who is up for a ‘single occasion’ good sex without strings attached.

Figging: Used when someone is using ginger (the spicy root of a plant) for anal playing. The burning caused by the root offers intense pleasure.

Finger: Used when a man is using his fingers to cause a woman to become wetter and to reach the orgasm.

Finger-fuck: Used for masturbation that involves inserting one’s finger not fully into a woman’s vagina, but just to the ‘hall’ of it.

Fish Eye: Used for the act, when, during sex, while working from behind, you shove your finger in a woman’s butt and she turns around in a one-eyed winking motion to see what the hell are you doing.

Fish-Hook: The movement when a man pulls back toward the vagina after he had stuck his finger up the woman’s anus.

Fisting: The inserting of the whole hand into the vagina or anus.

FIV: The abbreviation of ‘Finger in Vagina’, used when a man’s finger is in the woman’s vagina trying to give her an orgasm using his finger instead of his penis.

Flaccid: Used to describe the condition of the penis before and after the erection. Also used as: detumescent, flabby, lax (and soft), limp, not erect, not firm, relaxed, soft.

Flagellation: It is similar to S&M, except that in this case the emphasis is on the fact that one enjoys being whipped sexually.

Flamer: A homosexual who is not making a secret of his homosexuality and emphasizes his attraction to the other sex.

Flap Jacks: Used for those ‘tits’ that are very small, without shape, discolored or look like pancakes. They offer a very unattractive image.

Flasher: Somebody who reveals his/her naked body or his/her sex organs to strangers. These kind of persons are also called ‘exhibitionists’.

Flatties: Used for the tiny breasts of young girls working in porn industry. It is also used as ‘mosquito bites’, but this term is considered rather derogatory.

Flooding The Cave: The act when a man inserts his penis into a woman’s vagina and than pees in it.

Fluffer: Usually used in porn industry. A ‘fluffer’ is a person who prepares male actors for sex either by manual or oral stimulation.

FMUTA: Abbreviation of ‘Fuck me up the ass’. It can be used both in positive and in negative meaning. It is used in a positive meaning when it is said during sex, and in negative meaning when it is used as a swear expression.

Foofoo: Used when speaking about a big sticky aromatic vagina. Meaning also sexual stimulation, oral or hand job.

Foot Fetish: Used for those who are obsessed with feet and prefer to use it as a part of sexual pleasure.

Footsies: A part of flirting, when a person touches another person’s genitalia with his/her legs in public under the table.

Foreplay: A synonym of ‘petting’. It means having sexual acts, like kissing or body massage, before making love.

Foxy: Used for a person who is very attractive and sexy. The term derives from the british word of ‘Foxismonitism’, meaning ‘attractive or sexually appealing person’.

Frap: Punching a person with a penis is called ‘frapping’.

Freak Show Porn: Something that is as scandalous as it is not even about sexuality anymore, i.e, anal cum slurping, severed limb porno, etc.

French: Slang term for performing oral sex on somebody.

French Maid Outfit: A very revealing clothing worn by women when they would like to invigorate their sexual relationship with a man.

French tickler: Used for a type of condom having a feather at the head of it to tickle women during sex. This type is considered to be an urban legend because nowadays it is not popular to see these kind of condoms in the markets.

Fricatrice: Usually used as a euphemism of the word ‘whore’, ‘hooker’ or ‘slot’, a woman who is immoral and engages in sexual intercourse with men for money.

Frigmarole: A type of foreplay, which is as unnecessary as it could not worth any time.

Froggy Style: A sexual position where a woman faces the man in ‘frog position’ while bunching up and down.

Frottage: When someone is passionate and has sexual pleasure from rubbing against another person’s body.

Frotteur: Used for a person who tends to masturbate in public while secretly rubbing against other people.

FS: Abbreviation of ‘Full Service’, meaning complete sex that can involve everything related to love-making.

Fuck Buddy: Someone who has a ‘fuck buddy’ is having sex with his/her friend ocasionnaly, without any feelings.

Fudge Packer: A homosexual who has anal sex with another man. It is considered a vulgar term for homosexual men.

Funky Spunk: Used for semen which has a very bad taste or smells very bad. This can be caused either by being a heavy smoker or by eating something which generates the bad smell and taste.

FUPA: The abbreviation of ‘Fat Upper Public Area’, which is used to describe the public area of those fat people who has patches of fatty waste on it.

FUPA Chalupa: Used when an extremely overweight woman has a flatty flap that hangs over her vagina.

FUTB: Abbreviation of ‘Finger Up the Butt’, when someone is stimulating somebody’s anus with his/her finger.

FWB: Abbreviation of ‘Friends with benefits’, used when somebody is having sex occasionally with one of his/her friends.