maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary G-H


G-spot: An area located in the inside of the vagina, which, when it is stimulated, its size increases and gives intense orgasms.

Gangband: Used when several partners, usually 3 or more, are engaging in sexual intercourse with a single partner. Often used when selecting and changing partners in a very indiscriminate manner.

Gape: Used for a very dilated anus which became dilated after having anal sexual intercourse.

Gaylord Perry: Used when, engaging in anal sexual intercourse with a virgin, one is using several knuckles in order to stimulate the virgin’s anus.

Gender Outlaw: A person who tends to mock the usual gender roles.

Genderfuck: Used when a person is sending mixed messages towards the other person such as wearing a prom dress, a skirt and a beard or combat boots and mustache. It is based upon the belief that either gender does not exist (but only in the context of culture) or that there are multipule genders (beyond male and female), including but not limited to transgender.

Genitals: Your external sexual body parts, parts of the penis or vagina.

Get Confortable: Abbreviation of ‘Rip off your clothes’, usually men telling women when they are inviting a girl up to their apartment just for a ‘quickie’.

Get Your Rocks Off: Slang term used when somebody is having a really good time, either by getting an euphoric feeling, orgasm or is in a state of excitement.

Glazed Donut: A person’s face after licking the vagina, covered with the sticky, wet sauce.

Glory Hole: A slang term used for a hole, usually in the wall, in which a man inserts his penis and a woman stimulates it either by performing oral sex on it or by masturbating it from the other side of the wall.

Glove: It is a slang term for condom. In reality, it is a garment covering the whole hand in order to protect it from cold weather at winter. Its openings for each finger are similar to the shape of a condom.

GNOC: Abbreviation of ‘Get naked on cam’, used when two people are having sex on the internet using microphone and webcam.

Golden Shower: When you are peeing all over your partner’s body.

Goodie Drawer: Slang term for the place where sex toys or under-wears are stored in your house.

Grabbing Ankles: To bend over at the waist before sexual intercourse. Usually it is a reference to having anal sex.

Greek Sex: Synonym of anal sex, whereas ‘french sex’ is the synonym for oral sex.

Greyhound: Slang term used for a very short skirt, only an inch from the ‘hare’ (in this context, stands for the vagina of a woman).

Guppy Mouth: A sexual position when a woman is standing on her knees with her head cocked upwards and with her mouth open waiting for the man to ejaculate in her mouth or on her face.

Gynotikolobomassophilia: Used when a person becomes extremely aroused by a woman’s earlobe.

GYPO: The abbreviation of ‘Get Your Pants Off’. It is similar to the expression ‘Get Comfortable’, except that in this usage the other clothing items were eliminated previously.


Half and Half: A service offered and performed by a prostitute. One half is oral sex and the other is vaginal sex.

Hall Pass: When one’s partner gives him/her permission to have a night out with his/her friends and do whatever he/she wants.

Ham and Cheese Sandwich: Eating your own cum mixed with the woman’s ‘juice’ after the orgasm.

Handmade: A large penis which was enlarged through masturbation.

Happy Trail: A form of public hair which starts at the belly button of a woman and ends in her pubes. It is considered very sexy on guys.

Hard Nipples: Often, as a result of stimulation or cold the nipples of a woman can become erected. When they do, they become tougher and bigger. This phenomena is also called ‘Bruce Lee’.

Head: Slang term used for performing oral sex on a guy. Often teens do not know how to do this, so they practice a lot. They tend to forget to move their head up and down on the part of the penis which actually leads to the ejaculation.

Hermaphrodite: A person with both male and female sexual organs.

High Dive: When a man is pulling his penis all the way out of his partner’s anus and than putting it back again.

Hiudini: When, during ‘doggy style’,the man is waiting until he is about to ejaculate and then pulls his penis out and ejaculates on the girl’s back or face when she turns around.

Hobbyist: Used for someone who’s hobby is to visit the local escort places. It resembles a gambling addiction because a huge amount of money is necessary.

Hogging: When drunk, depressed or lonely you are getting off to search for the fattest woman and you ride her like a Harley.

Hood Ornament: A piercing which is attached to the clitoral hood of a woman.

Hooker: Slang term for prostitutes. It is simply used to describe those who ‘hook’ or ‘snare’ clients.

Horny: Slang term used for a person who is very excited sexually.

Hot Carl: When a woman gives oral sex to a man with whom she was having anal sex earlier.

Hot Pants: Slang term for being sexually aroused. It is used when somebody is dying after sex or wants somebody badly.

Hotdog In A Hallway: When a man is trying to insert her penis in a vagina and realizes that his dick does not even touches the walls of the pussy, resembling a hot-dog tossing in a hallway.

Hotdogging: A pre-sexual activity, during which the man is placing his penis between the butt cheeks of his partner, forming a ‘hot-dog’ shape.

Hummer: Slang term for performing oral sex on a man.

Hymen: A thin part covering the vaginal entrance when somebody is still virgin.