maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary I-M


I&I: Abbreviation of ‘Intercourse and intoxication’, used in texting when somebody would like to ‘chill out’ at night, get drunk and have sex.

Icolagnia: The scientific term for becoming sexually aroused by looking at different pictures.

IIT: A common abbreviation of the sexting expression ‘Is it tight?’, often used by men who are going to have text-sex and would like to know whether their partner’s breasts are tight enough or not.

ILF/MD: Abbreviation of ‘I love female/male dominance’, used when somebody would like to let the other person know that he/she is bisexual.

IMEZYRU: Abbreviation of ‘I’m easy, are you?’, often used when, after flirting with somebody at a public place, one of the ‘flirting partners’ are sending a text to the other asking whether he/she is up to sex or not.

Incall: Meeting the girl at her place is called an incall, because she is calling you ‘in’.

Incest: When the members of a family are having sex with each-other. This can lead to very serious psychical problems.

Insemination: When a man ejaculates into the vagina on purpose.

Intercourse: Sexual act during which the penis is inserted into the vagina, anus or mouth.

IPN : Abbreviation of ‘I’m posting naked’,usually used when a person is about to have online sex or just seeking for a potential sex partner.

ITS: Abbreviation of ‘Intense sex text’, used when two people are having a very heated ‘text sex’.

IWSN: Abbreviation of ‘I want sex now’, often used by lazy people or as a joke. Lazy people tend to use these expressions when playing video games which have chat rooms and seeing the picture of a very hot player.


Jackhammer: A man who is very good in bed and moves very quickly in and out during sex, thus giving more pleasure to his partner.

Jail Bait: A very attractive but underage girl who would like to have sex. It is called so because if you get cauth, you will be her ‘bait’, and this will send you to the jail.

Jelly Dougnuth: The act of punching a woman in the nose while she is having oral sex on you.

JEOMK: Abbreviation of ‘Just ejaculated on my keyboard’, used when having online or text sex in order to let to know your partner that you are ‘done’.

Jersey Turnpike: The act of inserting your finger in a woman’s anus and then putting it into her mouth.

Jigsaw: A sexual position during which both the man and the woman kneels down,except that the woman kneels on a single leg, while putting the other around the man’s tights and sitting on his penis.

Jill Off: It is a vulgar synonym of female masturbation, and its pair ‘Jack Off’ is used for male masturbation. These two expressions are probably originating from the ‘Jack and Jill’ movie.

Jocker: Slang term used for a very dominant male homosexual.

Joy Juice: Slang term used for the natural vaginal lubrication produced by a woman who is sexually aroused.

JRB: Abbreviation of ‘Jerking off Before’, that is, masturbating before going out on a date in order to reduce your sexual appetite.

Juicy Lucy: Girls who can supposedly “squirt” when they cum.


K-J Jelly: A material applied on the condom in order to have hurt-less sex.

K9: Slang term used for ‘doggie style’. Originally used for the police unit which has dogs to sniff for drugs or other stuff.

Kick-Fucking: When you are getting kicked in your ass during sex, and this gives you sexual pleasure.

Kinky Sex: Slang term for unusual or very extreme sexual activities, being very creative or imaginative during the sexual intercourse.

Kitty: Slang term for vagina. Beside the word ‘kitty’, which is used to describe cats as well, the word ‘pussy’ also means vagina.

Kryo Queen: Slang term used when two people are having sexual intercourse without any feelings, when the two partners are ‘cold fucking’.


Lace Curtains: Slang term for the long, frilly skin on an uncircumsized penis.

Lady’s Best Friend: Slang term for any kind of gadget often used by women to please their-selves sexually, i.e a vibrator or a dildo.

Lakshmi: A tantric sex term used for goddess of wealth and prosperity. The Hindu Goddess of wealth, which bestows people with wealth, wellbeing and prosperity. The goddess is worshipped especially on Diwali day, the biggest hindu festival in a year.

Landshark: A sexual act during which the woman braces herself facing a wall, naked, hands against the wall, bent over. Next, the man also naked walks to the opposite end of the room, places his palms together and raises them above his head, and begins singing the theme to Jaws. When given some predetermined signal, the man sprints toward the girl at full speed and starts to have anal sex with her.

Launch The Morning Missile: Slang term for having sex in the morning. The erectile penis of a man when he is waking up in the morning it is called ‘morning wood’.

LF: Abbreviation of ‘Let’s fuck’, generally used when having cyber or text sex.

LH6: Abbreviation of ‘Let’s have sex’, used as a texting abbreviation sent by either a girl or a boy who are in a relationship and one of them becomes ‘horny’ at a place where they are not allowed to have sex. It is also common in sex texting.

LHOS: Abbreviation of ‘Let’s have sex online’, used when somebody would like to express his/her intention to another person to have online sex.

LHU: Abbreviation of ‘Let’s hook up’, used as part of sex texting, when partners are about to begin having sex. The noun ‘hook-up’ itself is used when talking about a temporary connection between two pieces of equipment, i.e electricity, computers or water supply.

Libido: Sexual energy, the desire for sexual pleasure and for having sex.

LK: Abbreviation of ‘Light kissing’, that is, kissing without tongue and without an open mouth. It is like a little peck.

Load: Slang term used for semen. It is better to use instead of cum or other derogatory words.

Lorena Bobbit: A sexual act for ladies. When engaging in sexual intercourse, the act of squeezing the butt cheeks as tight as they can and start jumping and trashing the ass around in an effort to rip the man’s penis off.

Lot Lizard: Slang term used for those prostitutes who tend to work in truck shops so that they can get more clients. Truck drivers tend to use their services because they are always on road and do not have time for normal relationships.

Love Wand: A very polite word used for penis. It is highly recommended to use this in public places because it is not a well-known word.

Low Dollar Looker: A person who does not worth a dollar because she/he doesn’t look hot. It is the opposite of the expression ‘High Dollar Hottie’.

Lubrication: The body ‘juice’ appearing in women’s vagina during sexual stimulation. Without it, sex would be painful for women.


Manscaping: Slang term for shaving a man’s penis. Waxing and cleaning up the unnecessary hair.

Manual Release: Stimulation of the penis to orgasm using your hands and fingers. You are helping yourself or somebody else out here when you cannot do sex in the particular situation. After that you or your partner will be feeling more released.

Mengeles: Used to describe the dubiously trained cosmetic surgeon who works on porn stars.

Mile Heigh Club: Having sex in a plane when it is flying, and it is at least one mile above the ground.

MILF: Stands for ‘Mom I’d Like to Fuck’, and it denotes a sexually attractive older female. It is generally regarded vulgar when spelled out. It was made famous at the ‘American Pie’ movies.

Mirrors on The Ceiling: Used when a couple puts mirrors on the ceiling in order to watch their sexual intercourse. Often available at some hotel rooms upon request.

Mish: It means ‘man on top’, and it is an abbreviation of a sexual position called ‘missionary’. It is a very popular sex position because the majority of people are unable to perform other, more complicated sexual positions, and this one is relatively easy, especially for women.

MNSNUW: Abbreviation of ‘Mini skirt, no underwear’, used as part of sex texting or online sex, when a girl would like to let the boy know that she is not wearing underwear.

Money Shot: A man blowing his load on a girl’s face is called ‘money shot’. The term is mostly used in pornographic movies.

Monkey Shot: The climax of a sex scene in a porno movie.

Monkey Wrench: When a woman takes a man’s penis between his legs and pleases him orally.

Mork: Used by Robbie Williams and Mork&Mandy, and it involves sticking a man’s pinky and ring fingers up a girl’s ass and then jamming your middle and index fingers up her vagina.

Moses: A man who enjoys having sex with a woman during her period. The expression originates from the Biblical figure Moses, who parted the Red Sea.

MSOG: Abbreviation of ‘Multiple Shots on Goal’. It is used when somebody is having several orgasms during one sexual progress.

Mud Flaps: Used for the meaty, not so usual vaginal lips or labia minora which offer a very ugly picture.

Muff teaser: The act of fingering, fucking or licking a girl until she is begging for it. During the act, when she is feeling deeply in heaven, finish the act, and start a handjob on yourself. Then, when done with this, leave the room without saying a word.

Mumbler: A slang term used for a very attractive girl in tight shorts or jeans through which you can see her vagina’s lips ‘moving’.

Mushy Biscuit: Choose a piece of food which you like the most together with your friends and jerk off all over it. Who ejaculates last can eat the food.