maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary N-P


NBR: The abbreviation of ‘No Beers Required’, used when there is a very attractive woman in a bar and a man who sees it would like to have sex with her instantly in the pub.

Nectar of the Gods: A slang expression for the female wetness that occurs during arousal or after orgasm.

New York Style Taco: Slang term used when a man is so drunk that he actually boots on a woman’s ‘box’.

New-Jersey Meat-Hook: The act of inserting your finger in your partners ass while screwing her and sensing her cervix.

NFS: Abbreviation of ‘Need for Sex’, it is mostly used when texting a girl and letting her know that it is high time for her to sleep with you.

Nocturnal Emissions: In other words ‘wet dreams’, when a man is ejaculating in his dream as a result of having sex during his sleep.

Non-Pro: Escorts who are not professionals, and rarely get paid for sex.

Nookie: Slang term used for the sexual encounter during lunch hour.

Nooner: Having sex during lunch hour, especially when it is not allowed.

NSA: Abbreviation of ‘No Strings Attached’. Either being in relationship with someone and dating other people or frequently having sex with a person without any feelings.

Nubs: Slang term used for ‘breast’. It can also refer to small bumps on a vibrator that provides extra vaginal stimulation.

Nutcracker: Inserting the penis deeply into the vagina, while the woman is flexing her vaginal muscles.

Nymphomaniac: A ‘hyper-sexual’ woman who cannot stop thinking about sex. This is considered as a mental illness, and the term colloquially stands for a ‘horny’ girl.


One-Eyed Trousers Snake: A snake that likes to live in the trousers of men. They are very unusual creatures that like to be caressed, licked and played with, and they spit on you through their one eye when they are happy. In other words, they are called ‘penises’.

Open Swinging: Used when a couple is swinging with another in the same room. It can involve several or all the couples swinging in the same room. The swinging usually refers to group sex.

Out of The Closet: A person who is not hiding his/her sexual orientation, i.e. a homosexual or a lesbian.

Outcall: The oposite of the ‘incall’, when you call the girl ‘out’ to your place.

Outercourse: A type of sex play that does not involve inserting the penis into the vagina or anus.

OWO: Abbreviation of ‘Oral Without a Condom’, the normal way of giving oral sex on a man.

Oyster: A similar movement to the ‘tea bag’, except that in this case the man is numbing his testicles with ice and than inserting them in a woman’s mouth.


P2P: Abbreviation of ‘Private to Private’, meaning sexual contact between two person without birth controlling devices. It can also mean to rub a penis on a vagina without penetration.

Paddle: Slang term for gently beating your partner’s butt, either with an object or with your hands.

Paint Brush: Slang term used for a type of public hair which has a racing stripe.

Palace of Poundage: An apartment used for sex only.

Pandering: In other words ‘pimping’, being a Prostitute Pimp who is facilitating in sexual activity for money.

Parolee: Used for an avarage male pornstar, typically working for the compensation of cheeseburgers and gas money.

Paying The Rent: A sexual position during which the woman is folded in half with her knees above her shoulders, and the man holds the back of her calves and bangs it.

Peach Fuzz: Slang term for public hair.It derives from the fact that there are peaches which are ‘hairy’.

Pearl Necklace: When a man cums on the neck of a woman, and the cum has the shape of a beautyful jewelry.

Penguin: Used when a woman begins to masturbate a man and when he is about to blow, she stops and walks away. Then the guy walks after her with his pants on his ankles to see where did she go.

Phallic Symbol: An artistic representation of a man’s erected penis, often exaggerated in the art of myth.

Philly Fakeout: The conception of this act is that while having sex with a girl/guy from behind, right before you are ejaculating you pretend to spit your cum on the woman’s back and when she turns her head you are spitting it at her face.

Picasso Arse: Slang term used for those women whose panties are too small because they have got too many butt surgeries.

Pick-Up Joint: A place where one goes to search for potential sex partners.

Pile Driver: A sexual act during which the girl is on the floor, her body up in the air at 90 degree angle to her face. She is looking up at the guy as he hovers over her and he is now able to have free access to her vagina.

Pink Glove: Often, the petting before sex is not done properly and the woman is not wet during sex. Then, when the man wants to grab his penis out, it is stuck there.

Pink Sock: Used for the act when a man is having anal sex with a woman and gives her simultaneous blows to the sides of her kidneys.

Play The Field: When somebody is afraid from loneliness and he/she is dating multiple people in order to avoid monogamy.

Plumper: Slang term used for overweight women. Plumper than the average lady, but nonetheless very attractive.

Pocket Rocket: Slang term for the erection when a man’s pants are on. Also used for small vibrators.

Poke In The Whiskers: Slang term for the act of going through the hair, that is, in other words, to have sex.

Poontang: Slang term which can refer either to a sexual intercourse with a woman, or stands as a pejorative term for a woman.

Pork: Slang term used to refer to sexual intercourse. It can also be called ‘porks’ or ‘porking’. This term derives its meaning from the fact that pigs are as ‘dirty’ as sex.

Postage Slot: Slang term used for those women who does not have a visible outer labia, i.e Pamela Anderson.

Premature Ejaculation: When a man cannot control the timing of his ejaculation and has a ‘quickly’ orgasm.

PS: Abbreviation of ‘Private Sexual Dance Show’, performed either by girls working for agencies or by average woman as a pre-sexual activity.

Pucker Up: When, before kissing, you prepare your lips for the kiss.

Punching Possums: Slang term used for a one night stand whose performance in the sack ‘just lays there’.

Purple Mushroom: When a woman is giving a man oral sex and the man pulls out his penis in order to punch the woman’s cheeks. It can make her face look like a ‘purple mushroom’.

Push-out: Slang term used when withdrawing the penis before ejaculation either during anal or vaginal sex.

PW: Abbreviation of ‘Pussy Whipped’, an expression used when a guy is controlled by a girl because she is giving him sex at a continuous basis.