maxim eoritc glossary

Maxim Erotic Glossary Q-Z


Q2C: Abbreviation of ‘Quick to cum’, used when a woman is texting about her adventures from last night to one of her friends and would like to express that the man she was sleeping with is very bad in bed.

Queef: A very embarrassing phenomena, happening when there is some air trapped in the vagina and makes a weird sound when coming out.

Queening: Slang term used for the act of sitting on a person’s face as a form of captivity, i.e when you would like to punish somebody for something she/he had committed before.

Quiff: A British term used for male homosexuals or for those men who are quite ‘womanish’.

Quim: The noun ‘quim’ was a Victorian-era word that was used specifically to refer to the fluids produced by the vagina. In modern usage it is primarily heard in British slang and is a vulgar term for the vagina. The word may be related to Welsh ‘cwm’ meaning ‘hollow’ or ‘valley’.

Quiver: When, during sex, one is moving or shaking himself very slowly. Often used for the slow motion performed before orgasm.


Rackjack: The act of stealing a girl with which someone else was flirting before.

Ragman’s Coat: Slang term used for a very untidy public hair. Probably it derives its origin from a fictional character whose coat has always been dirty.

Raincoat: Slang expression for condom. As the man’s cum is wet, the condom can be called ‘raincoat’, because it prevents the woman from becoming pregnant.

Reach Around: To stimulate your partner’s genitals manually while penetrating them anally.

Red Light District: An area in a town with many brothels and striptease clubs or prostitutes.

Refractory period: When a man is unable to have another erection immediately after he ejaculated.

Resolution Phase: The last phase of sex when the man and the woman is about to have orgasm.

Reverse Cowgirl: Sexual position during which the woman ‘rides’ a man while she is facing him. It is a variation of the ‘mish’ position, except that here the girl is on the top.

Reverse Piggy Back: A sexual position during which the woman straddles the man from the front.

Rimming: Used as ‘anilingus’ as well, it means licking one’s anus. Focuses on the use of the tongue.

Roman War Helmet: The act of placing your nut-sacs on a girl’s forehead and then shafting it across her nose.

RUH: Abbreviation of ‘Are you horny?’, used in sexting when a man would like to know whether the woman is in the mood for some sex or not.

Rule #2: It is a rule between men that says ‘never perform cunillingus on a newly met woman’.

Russian: Rubbing your penis between a woman’s breasts.

Rusty Trombone: Performing oral sex on a man’s anus while masturbating him manually.


Scratch Marks: When you and your partner are making love very intensively, you can get abrasions from it.

Scrotum: The scientific name of the ‘balls’ of a man’s penis, which are containing the testicles.

Seatbelt: A sexual act during which one person is having oral sex on a man while he receives a blowjob from the fruitcake on the bottom.

Semen: The white, milky fluid which is leaving the man’s penis during ejaculation.

Sex Kitten: Slang term for young, beautiful girls who usually enjoys having sex, in spite of the fact that they look very innocent. They are often flirty and playful.

Sexpot: Slang term for young and beautiful woman who enjoys engaging in different sexual relationships. They are usually promiscuous and horny, and a men often tend to sense that they can be seduced easily.

Sexual Endurance: Used for being able to prevent orgasm.

Shack Up: To move in with a sex partner, usually from the opposite sex in order to have sex often.

Shag: Slang term for sexual intercourse. Also, British coloquialosm for sex, but it was also used in the Victorian period for eating grass.

Shagging Wagon: An automobile which is mostly used for having sex.

Shop Vac: The feeling when a woman, very good at giving oral sex, gets your entire ‘package’ in her mouth, and sucks you with an amazing power like a vacuum cleaner.

Shrimping: Licking or sucking someone’s toes in order to generate sexual appetite.

Sixty Nine: A sex position from Kama Sutra when the partners are performing oral sex on each other at the same time.

Sixty-eighter (68er): Used as a sexual lesbian term for the act where one girl will go down on the other, but the other girl will only fingerfuck or toyfuck the first girl.

Skiing: Used when a girl is having sex with two guys, and while they are facing in the same direction, she gets between them and jerks them both off.

Slumpbuster: Slag term used for those athletes who are engaging in sexual intercourse with the fattest and ugliest woman in order to break up a scandal.

Snowball: After the man’s orgasm the girl takes the ejaculation in her mouth and kisses the man, giving it ‘back’ to him.

Snowflakes: A semen from one’s clothes or chest remained there and hardened.

SOMF_ The abbreviation of ‘Sat On My Face’, an expression usually told to each-other when partners want to have oral sex during the actual sex.

SOT: Abbreviation of ‘Sex on Text’, meaning having sex during talking on-line.

Spinner: A woman who is as thick as she can be rotated during sex at a man’s penis.

Spoon, spoonning: A sexual position during which both partners are lying on their sides and the man is lying behind the woman.

Spread Eagle: Used when a girl opens her legs so far that her vagina splits in half. Usually performed before sexual intercourse.

Starfish: A slang term used for the female anus.

STD: Abbreviation of ‘Sexually Transmitted Disease’, which you can get easily if you are not cautious enough during sex.

Stingy Nut: Used when a girl is not worth having sex with and one pulls down her pants, bends her over and performs anal sex on her.

Stranger: The act of sitting on your penis until it shrinks, and than masturbating. This will give you a feeling that somebody else is jerking you off.

Stranger On The Rocks: The act of putting your hands in a bowl filled with ice and than masturbating.

Strangers In The Night : Used when two gay guys are masturbating each-others penises.

Sugar Daddy: An older man who supports a young girl for sexual favors in return.

Surfing: Used when pleasing a fat woman with your fingers. It is called ‘surfing’, because during the act the woman’s fat is shaking up and down, and you are getting the feeling of riding a wave.

Swamp-Donkey: Slang term used for a very-very unattractive woman. When you see her, it scares the hell out of you.

Swing From The Chandelier: A wild sexual position which involves holding a lighting fixture.

Switch Hitter: Slang term for a bisexual or sexually flexible person. Originally used for someone who could bat with both hands equally well.


Taffy Pulling: An euphemism used for male masturbation. It is advisable to use this term in public instead of other, more vulgar terms.

Tap That Ass: Expression used to encourage a person to have sex with another person, usually not hearing the conversation.

TDTM: Abbreviation of ‘Talk dirty to me’, used in sexting when one of the partners become sexually aroused from dirty talking so he/she can enjoy the sex better when hearing dirty words.

Teabag: When a man kneels down and puts his balls in a woman’s mouth that looks like a ‘teabag’.

Tears of Joy: When, during anal sex, a woman sucks a penis so hard that it makes her vagina begin to ‘cry’ and it offers ‘joy’ to the man.

Ten-Pinter: Slang term used for a woman with who a man would only have sex after drinking at least 10 pints because she is so unattractive.

The Bronco: When you are having sex in ‘doggy style’ with your partner and you are grabbing your partner’s breasts while screaming another woman’s name. This will make her look like a ‘wild bronco’ because she will try to stop you and push you off.

The Bullwinkle: The sign given to a friend during ‘doggie style’ sex, while the man’s palms are placed over the woman’s head.

The Chili Dog: Taking a hot dump on a woman’s breasts and then ‘titty fucking’ her.

The Dunkin Delight: Used when a woman fills her mouth with a cup of milk and the man sits on her face and shakes his nuts in and out in her mouth.

The Fire Island: When somebody is threatening you that he will spit his cum on your face while you are asleep, and you don’t believe him, so he does it to prove that he was not joking.

The Flying Camel: When the woman is lying on her back and you are doing her from your knees, you are moving forward propping yourself on your penis while it is still inserted in the woman’s pussy. Then, you are continuing with your hand instead of your dick and you are yelling like a flying camel.

The Flying Dutchman: When, during sex, before the ejaculation you are starting to scream: ‘Here comes the flying Dutchman’, thus confusing your partner, causing interesting side effects.

The Fountain of You: When a man is sitting on a woman’s face and the woman is biting his ass, the man suddenly stands up. Then, surprisingly, he is ejaculating all over the woman’s body like a fountain.

The Hindenburg: Used when a slut is as bad in oral sex as you are crying during: ‘Oh!The humanity!’.

The Indian Cock Burn: When a woman is having oral sex on a man and twists her head around his dick as if she was trying to give him an ‘Indian burn’.

The Jedi Mind Trick: When, during sex, you tend to repeat: ‘I’m NOT fucking you’. Actually, this expression is the name of a hip hop duo from Philadelphia.

The Mellon Dive: When you are ‘headbutting’ a woman’s big and fat tits.

The Menthol: The act of receiving oral sex from a woman who moments earlier ate many cough drops, thus giving a very pleasurable feeling on the penis.

The Moped: Used for woman with whom the sex is a pleasure until your friends see the whole act. Than, you would not like to fuck her anymore.

The Motorboat: When giving oral pleasure to a girl, the kiss of her clit, which will give out a sound resembling to a motorboat.

The Rodeo: A sexual act during which, while having sexual intercourse with a girl in ‘doggy style’ suddenly you are grabbing her hair and then several friends of yours bust into the room.

The Woody Woodpecker: When a woman is sucking her partner’s nuts and he taps his penis on her forehead.

Third Leg: An incredibly large penis. Very rare because this is not a usual phenomena.

Titanic: Slang term used for a girl who experiences her first oral sexual adventure.

TLD: Abbreviation of ‘Topless Lap Dance’, when in a striptease bar women are dancing with a naked upper body.

Tossing salad: A slang expression for inserting one’s tongue into the anus of their partner. To ‘toss’ means to throw something up, and in this case, you are throwing up your tongue.

TTA: Abbreviation of ‘Tap that ass’, used in sexting, originating form a song called ‘Sexting’ by Ludacris.

TUMA: Abbreviation of ‘Tongue Up My Ass’, an expression used when you are licking your partner’s anus and your tongue is deep in his/her butt.

TV: Abbreviation of ‘Transvestite’, the practice of cross-dressing, when somebody is wearing clothes which are traditionally associated with the opposite sex or gender.


Up On The Blocks: Slang term used when a woman is having her period and she is not willing to have sex like an old car in the garage.

UTF: Abbreviation of ‘Untranslated French’, when an escort or a prostitute is performing oral sex without using a condom.

Utopian Swinger: Slang term used for a person who practices swinging as part of her lifestyle with humanistic ideals.


Vagina Decliner: Slang term used for a male homosexual who is not willing to ‘copulate’ with women.

Vaginismus: A spasm of the female muscles in the vagina that makes sex very difficult, often caused by stress or other emotional factors.

Voyeur: A person who gets sexual pleasure from watching others have sex.


WYFM: Abbreviation of the question ‘Will you fuck me?’, used either in negative or in positive meaning. In negative meaning it is used as a swearing and in positive meaning it is used when a girl is very horny and texts one of her potential sex partners to have sex.


Xeronisus: Used when somebody is unable to have an orgasm.