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Maxim Vienna Sex Club Holiday Opening Times

With the Christmas Holidays just around the corner, many ladies go home to rest and businesses close down for a few days. And Maxim Wien is no exception to this. Our club is going to be closed for a few days around Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. However, our doors are open on all other days, with plenty of Maxim ladies available in the club. Read on to find out exactly when our Vienna sex club Maxim is going to be closed throughout the 2019 Christmas Holiday season!

Maxim Wien holiday opening times

Vienna Sex club opening times 2019 Christmas

Some of our ladies in the club are going on a well-deserved hiatus at the end of December. Most of the ladies are expected to return early on in the next year, and many ladies stay in Vienna to work in the days the club is open.

Vienna sex club Maxim Wien is going to be closed from December 23-25, on December 31 and January 1. We are open on every other day and welcoming clients with numerous girls in the Maxim club.

Why visit Maxim Wien around Christmas?

Those who visit our Vienna sex club around Christmas can expect plenty of girls, great club atmosphere and fun and erotic times with the ladies.

Although not every girl will be available around that time, there are still more than enough sexy ladies in the club for a pleasurable time in Vienna. Enjoy great drinks, excellent music and the company of our Maxim ladies.

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Our escort service is operational through the Christmas Holidays and you can call us if you wish to arrange an escort meeting with one of our escort ladies.

In case the girl that you have picked is available, we are ready to make the escort date happen! Click here to check our Escort page: Escort Wien

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In case you have any questions about the opening times in Vienna sex club Maxim around the Christmas Holidays, or you have anything to ask, be sure to get in touch with us now!

We are ready to assist with anything that you might need or with anything that might make your stay in Vienna that more enjoyable!