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Miss Maxim 2018 & Rap Battle 2 Newsletter

On February 15th

we will step up the game!

The Big Rap Battle Part II crosses Miss Maxim Contest 2018


The show opens its doors once more at the nightclub Maxim Vienna. Due to the great success of the first freestyle rap battle ever held in an Austrian brothel, it will be continued then! As in the previous year the evening program includes the Miss Maxim Contest 2018 as well.


Facts of the Miss Maxim Contest 2018

In two rounds our contestants will show what they have and entertain us with a sexy dancing performance.

We picked ‘n’ mixed fun people in this year’s jury. Among others, fashion designer Dino Sadino will be part of the jury. He dresses celebrities like DJ Antoine in his extravagant outfits.

Winner of the Mister Vienna contest 2017, Julian Savacsi, will also vote his top three maxim girls to win.

We are happy to have Gogi Knežević, boxing world champion as jury member too.

The evening will be hosted by the very charming Mr. Alexander Klement singer of the oldest Austrian boy band called “Die 3”.

And now more to the big rap battle part of the evening.


Facts of the the big rap battle II

This time it will be more


Unique & new

Because we have female rappers this time as well

We love women & we love girl power!


The rap youngsters will show us their talents especially we are very excited to see two wonderful girls on stage!

The attendees of the freestyle rap battle part 2 will be

  • Defending champion LXO
  • Nema (ITA)
  • Toast4Me
  • J.F.
  • King Kilo
  • The Fuccking Dutchman,
  • XLEO (CDM)

And two super-hot young ladies:

  • Soulcat E-Phife
  • Samira Dezaki


The operator Kid Pex concentrates on female power. The two rap ladies will additionally entertain us with a special show performing on our pole mixed with live rap music.

The famous radio FM4 host DJ Joe Joe will get the guests into the right mood with his hot rhythms; DJ King will take care of the musical accompaniment.

The winners are determined with fans-voting. Can titleholder LXO defend his title again?

A fun night awaits with celebrities, fun people and YOU!

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Entry fee € 10, – (valid as a drink voucher)

Admission from 8PM

Best of Maxim to YOU: