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New Years Goals of Nightclub MAXIM Vienna

Since one can always improve and progress can only arise by change, New Year’s resolutions have again boom at this time of the year, this case we will focus on Sexy Girls Wien!

What are your New Year’s Supplements?

More sports, eating less, quitting smoking, saving more money?

However, according to a study, we Austrians in terms of New Year’s approaches are far behind the European average.

How can you change that?

There is always a desire behind a resolution. For example, you want to lose weight, and that is why your plan is to eat less or make sports (or in the best case both ;). But where is the motivation? Good question. But why? Because there is no concrete goal.

And that is the big difference between an intent and a goal.

Concise your desire and make it your goal. Conclusion with projects defining goals is announced for the New Year.

Sexy Girls Wien are Definitely Among our New Year’s Goals!

  • At the moment we have an average of 30 sexy girls Wien, of which about 20 are active. The rest is on vacation, sick, etc. Our goal is to raise our staff to 35. More would not be efficient and thus not meaningful.
  • As you may have noticed, on the 5th of December, our SM – Room was inaugurated as part of the “Rocky Horror Erotic Show”. Next year we will activate and establish it.
  • Some girls are also dancers on stage. We will put more focus on the dance shows and improve them.
  • In addition, we will be open during the day to provide our customers with not only an escort, but also the advantages of a sex club as well as at night.

So then HELLO 2017 and don’t forget to check out the current lineup of sexy girls Wien!

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