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Pornstars in Maxim – Mia Anderson

Mia Anderson is a Lithuanian pornstar who hasn’t spent that much time in the porn industry. She’s been active since 2006, until 2008, two years in which she did 26 porn movies. We’ll list all of her movies below, so keep scrolling.

Mia Anderson Style

Almost all of her porn videos are hardcore, some of which even show her enjoying the pleasures from different sex machines (this girl really can’t get enough). Seems like she specialized in fetish porn, perhaps in an attempt to make a name for herself in this “rather peculiar” porn genre.

Mia is currently a resident of the Czech Republic and enjoys working in Austria. Prior to Vienna, Mia used to work in Casa Bianca which is close to Salzburg. After Casa Bianca, Mia began her work in Maxim, becoming one of the pornstars Wien who worked there, which lasted for about half a year.

Last seen in Fortuna Bar, Burggasse, Mia will be missed at Maxim, but surely not forgotten.

Short Porn Career Movies

As promised, here’s the complete movie list that Mia Anderson has done in her short porn career:

2006 movies

  • Berliner Wohngemeinschaft 18
  • Bitch
  • Das grosse Fressen
  • Fotzen-Drill im Bootcamp
  • Gag Balled
  • Heisse Ware
  • Jailbreak
  • Mach’s mit Till 2
  • Man Fuck
  • Mini Titten
  • No Cut 62
  • Phallus
  • Reife Damen junge Manner 29
  • Venus im Pelz

2007 movies

  • Bis der Darn zerfetzt
  • Fick Luder Test 4
  • Fickinferno
  • Machine Sex 23
  • Piss mich voll du Sau 3
  • Vulgar Treatment
  • What Bitches Are For

2008 movies

  • Bizarre Lektion

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