Russia loves MAXIM

When Russian people dress up they have something to celebrate, like leaving the house or visit a strip club for a party. And they go all out from high heels to fur coats ladies, and the latest men’s fashion on men.

So you can imagine how this might look when going out to party. Nothing is to fancy for a russian. And they have chlichee rolemodels… in every aspect of daily life. Men are very traditionally chivalrous, paying for the ladies and everything else that somes with it. Women are expected to always look feminine and gorgeous.

Russian Vodka in strip club Vienna

All Russians I met are capable of drinking vodka like water, and most of them will have a bottle on their table in a club, they can simply drink more than most other people! Drinking Vodka is very traditional and they will invite you to drink with them as their guest.

Russian Vodka in Strip Club Maxim Wien

Moscow is by far the Nr.1 destination for luxury brands, and it has the most billionaires in the world, after New York. They love everything bright, shiny, luxurious and entertaining. We think russians have a great sense to celebrate life and that´s why we decided to have a russian night at Nightclub Variete MAXIM Vienna.

Russian Party Night in Vienna strip club

On the 16th of May MAXIM is changing into MOSCOW. So get ready for it, dress up and come over to the strip club to Party Like a Russian. We will have a range of Russian show-entertainment to dive into the Russian atmosphere.

Russian Show in Vienna

A classic russian solo dance number, Russian pop song and other songs including a current hit in Russia with a dance show of our MAXIM girls, singing of classical tenor, the Wolga song and many other inserts are on our list for your entertainment.

MAXIM with a Russian Soul

So come over and party with us, wether you´re a russian or just at heart. It will be an unforgettable night! 16th MAY – THE DAY.

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