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Safe SM in Maxim & the shoelace of death

BDSM Vienna news: Vienna, September 2015, hotel room with the number 1714. A man is found dead. His domina is shocked. A year later the trial and sentencing to a two-year conditional imprisonment.

BDSM Vienna breath control

At that time, according to the instructions of the volunteer, she performed a breath control. He explained to her that he was going to put the snare that was attached to a wall holder around the neck and pull it while she was to put a shoe band around his neck from behind and pull it as well. Previously, there was a contract that stated that he was “taking full responsibility for any risk and health damage”.

The suitor should have put himself in the snare with his whole body weight, his body began to twitch and he became unconscious. The domina then released the shoe strap, but did not remove it from the neck and left the hotel room.

The deadly shoe

According to autopsy reports, the 45-year-old suitor died due to strangulation of cerebral paralysis. Even without the hanged act, the shoe band would have been his death sentence because of the unconsciousness, “since the shoe strap would not have spontaneously loosened spontaneously due to internal friction.”

In order to be able to exclude such cases, even if individual cases are 100%, a correct execution of the SM services is necessary. That’s why there are professional dominas. This profession involves a lot of responsibility.

100% secure BDSM in Sex club MAXIM

BDSM is not dangerous if performed properly by a professional hand. As well as operations are performed by professional doctors to guarantee safety. It is important to know the anatomy of man and to have empathy, for not every human being is equal. Therefore, high attention is needed. So come to the Nightclub Variete MAXIM. Try our BDSM Vienna services – you´re not gonna die!

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