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Schlumberger Champagnes in Maxim Wien

Schlumberger is one of the very first Austrian wineries and it is Austria’s answer to prestigious French champagnes. Technically, the drink that the Schlumberger house produces isn’t champagne, because it is not created using French grape types. This brewing house uses pure Austrian grapes in their blends and the proper name for all Schlumberger bubblies is Sekt.

There are a plethora of different Schlumberger Sekts available on the market and we’ve chosen to feature only the most unique ones on Maxim’s Champagne Card. You can order a bottle of Schlumberger Night Brut or Night Rosé in Sexclub Maxim Wien. Pick either of these drinks and you are set for a memorable night in the club. These are some of the finest Austrian sparkling wines you can get, and Maxim is just the right place enjoy them.

History of Schlumberger

Robert Alwin Schlumberger, the founder of the Schlumberger house was born in 1814 and he started working in Reims, France for the Ruinart Pere et Fils champagne house at a young age. He worked as an assistant and was able to observe and learn everything about how French champagne is made. Robert continued to work in the French champagne business until he met his future wife on a boat trip. He immediately fell in love with the Austrian maiden and decided to move to her home country to settle down. Robert leased Austrian vineyards and founded the Schlumberger champagne house in 1842.

The Schlumberger house’s popularity started to grow soon after it was founded and their Sekts were enjoyed by Austrian and British royalty alike. Her Majesty the Queen was served a Schlumberger Sekt at the 1862 London Exhibition, while in Vienna, the Schlumberger house became the main provider of sparkling wine to the Imperial Court of Austria-Hungary.

Schlumberger Night Brut

The Schlumberger Night Brut Sekt has an incredibly delicious taste and a rich aroma that is unique to this blend. The signature mixture of the Night Brut Sekt is created using the finest Austrian Pinot Blanc, Welschriesling and Chardonnay grapes. To this day, the same French method of champagne making is used to create each bottle of Schlumberger Sekt, including the Night Brut.

The Sekt itself is extremely tasty, but there’s something else that’s special about every bottle of Schlumberger Night Brut. Each bottle of this Sekt is laced with a luminescent label that can light up when desired. Simply tap the bottom of the bottle and the label will instantly become glow-in-the-dark. Not only is this cool, but it is also a sure way to grab some Maxim girls’ attention. Drinking this bubbly in the company of a sexy girl like Gloria leads to an unforgettable night in Vienna.

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Schlumberger Night Rosé

This sparkling wine is the rosé in Schlumberger’s Night collection. Just like the Night Brut, the Night Rosé’s bottle is also luminescent. This trademark attribute ensures that this Sekt is the center of attention in any party setting. And let’s not forget about the exceptionally fruity taste of the Night Rosé. This is partially due to the fact that the Schlumberger Night Rosé is created only using Austrian Pinot Noir grapes. This gives the Sekt its easily recognizable color, aroma and taste.

Most Maxim girls’ favorite champagnes are rosés, and the Night Rosé Sekt is no different. One of the best ways to impress a Maxim girl is to order a bottle of prestigious sparkling wine and invite her to join you. Girls like Sarah love rosé champagnes and they will get very comfortable with you after a glass or two.

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