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Schlumberger – Night Brut Champagne

The Schlumberger champagne house might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sparkling wine, but it doesn’t mean that this bubbly is anything but perfect. Many people call the Schlumberger Night Brut Austria’s answer to French champagne. This Austrian champagne has a distinct flavor and aroma that you won’t find in any other sparkling wine. The Night Brut champagne is a popular choice in the club, as this is truly an exquisite and one of a kind bubbly that you have to experience. And there’s no better place to taste such a delicacy than Sexclub Maxim Wien!

History of Night Brut

The house that this sparkling drink originates from was created by Robert Alwin Schlumberger in 1842. The founder previously worked in Reims, France in one of the oldest champagne producing houses, so he was familiar with the French champagne creation method. After meeting his wife, Robert Schlumberger moved to Vienna and started his now world famous champagne house.

The Schlumberger house was revolutionary in the history of Austria’s champagne business, as it was the first sparkling wine producer to use the French champagne producing method, using Austrian grapes. The champagne house was allowed to call their drinks champagne until 1919, but they had to rename all of their drinks to Sekt since then.

Signature Blend of Night Brut

The blend of this unique sparkling drink consists of three different grape variants; Pinot Blanc, Welschriesling and Chardonnay. The Night Brut isn’t technically a champagne, as champagne is officially produced from grapes that are grown and processed in the French champagne region. This drink is called Sekt, as although it’s made using the French method, the grapes that are used in the blend originate from Austria and not France.

Characteristics of Night Brut

As soon as you see the bottle of the Night Brut, you will know that this is indeed something special. In order to make the sparkling drink even more unique, the Schlumberger house decided to put a luminescent label on each and every bottle of Night Brut.

On the nose, the Night Brut has a delicate grape bouquet and a fruity aroma that is easily distinguishable from any other sparkling drink. After taking the first sip of this Sekt, you’ll immediately realize that this isn’t the typical champagne that you’re used to. The Schlumberger Night Brut truly delivers an unforgettable experience.

The Night Brut Sekt has a light yellow color, with golden reflexes. Like most French champagnes on the market, the Night Brut also has an alcohol rate of 12%. The sparkling drink goes well with fish, white meats or as a starter or aperitif.

Night Brut in Maxim

Maxim is all about the night life and the Night Brut embodies this perfectly. With the sexy bottle and luminescent label, this sparkling drink is sure to be in the center of attention. And the best part about the whole thing is that the Sekt’s taste is also exquisite and it doesn’t rely on its clever packaging alone. The Night Brut is a drink that is able to enhance your Maxim visit by tenfold and make it a night that you will remember for the rest of your life.

If you prefer French champagnes, Maxim’s Champagne Card has a myriad of champagnes from world-renowned sparkling wine producing houses. Some of the manufacturers that you can choose from are Louis Roederer, Krug, Dom Pérignon or Moët & Chandon. Along with the Austrian Schlumberger producing house, the variety of champagnes that can be ordered in the club is large. Choose a bottle of exquisite bubbly the next time you’re visiting Maxim and share it with one of our sexy Maxim girls.

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