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Schlumberger – Night Rosé Champagne

The Night Rosé is a bubbly from the Austrian Schlumberger house, which was Austria’s first champagne producing company. This drink has an exquisite taste and the design of the Night Rosé is quite stylish to say the least. The bottle’s label is fluorescent, which makes the Night Rosé a perfect drink for nightclubs and sexclubs. This bubbly is great for partying and it can also make a romantic evening a whole lot more special. This, plus the fact that it tastes delicious makes the Night Rosé a popular drink in Maxim Wien.

History of Night Rosé

Robert Alwin Schlumberger, the founder of the Schlumberger champagne producing house created Austria’s answer to French sparkling wine. He worked in Reims, France in one of the oldest champagne houses, where he learned how to create champagne using the French methods. In 1842, he moved to Austria and started the country’s first champagne house. He used the French methods he learned, but his blends consisted of Austrian grapes.

The Night Rosé is technically not a champagne, as officially champagne needs to be created using a blend of French grapes. Night Rosé and all other Schlumberger bubblies are made from Austrian grapes and they are called Sekt, rather than champagne. The house was allowed to call their drinks champagne until 1919 when they were forced to change the name to Sekt.

Signature Blend of Night Rosé

Rather than being a mixture of different grape variants, the Night Rosé is created using 100% Pinot Noir grapes. This gives the blend a familiar, yet exciting aroma and taste that you won’t sense in any other sparkling wine. Since a blend of pure Pinot Noir grapes is used in the bubbly’s creation, the color of the Night Rosé is authentic and vibrant compared to other rosé wines.

Characteristics of Night Rosé

The first thing you notice about the Night Rosé is the bottle and the design on it. The bottle looks great, but the most interesting part comes when the lights go off. The label on the bottle can be made fluorescent with a slight tap on the bottom of the bottle. This instantly makes the Night Rosé the center of attention with its glow-in-the-dark features.

On the nose, the Night Rosé has a fruity aroma, with strawberry, lime and peach notes. The bubbly has a distinct and strong smell that is unique to this rosé. On the palate, the Sekt has notes of melon, citrus, and other exotic fruits.

The Night Rosé has a tender pink color and has well-refined bubbles. This is a dry bubbly that can be enjoyed on its own or by pairing it with food. It goes well with seafood, cream cheese, dessert or as an aperitif.

Night Rosé in Maxim

The Night Rosé is the ideal bubbly for Maxim, so naturally it is included in Maxim’s Champagne Card. Not only is it extremely delicious, but the bottle’s fluorescent features also make it a drink that’s easily noticeable in the club.

The Night Rosé is not the only Sekt from the Schlumberger house available in Maxim. You can also get a bottle of Night Brut sparkling wine, as well as various other champagnes from world-renowned houses. The bubbly selection is vast and includes prestigious champagnes from houses, such as Krug, Dom Pérignon, Moët & Chandon and Louis Roederer.

Maxim girls love this drink, as it has an exquisite taste and a sexy design. Ordering a bottle of Night Rosé is a sure way to enlighten your Maxim visit and make the night more special. Once the bubbly is out, that’s when the real fun starts! Come to the club and enjoy the drink, the music and the Maxim girls that are waiting for you.

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