Sex Club Maxim Wien Rosé Collection

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What do our Maxim Girls have to do with Rosé Champagne? Clearly, Maxim Girls prefer to enjoy Rosé Champagne. But apart from that, what does Rosé Champagne have in common with our Maxim Girls? Let’s answer this question with 3 facts about the luxury drink.

Sex Club Maxim Wiens exclusive Rosé Collection

Rosé Fact #1: a limited count

Did you know that only 3% of all C ampagnes are Rosé? This makes Rosé Champagne very rare and sought after. This already shows the first commonality, as our Maxim Girls are also rare and highly sought after.

Rosé Fact #2: a unique character

Each Champagne house has a unique composition of its Rosé Champagnes. Each Rosé has an unmistakable character. The same is true for the Maxim Girls, each of which is unique and incomparable.

Rosé fact #3: from gentle tingling to enjoyable bubbling

Each Rosé seduces us in a different way. Whether with a highly elegant and noble character or with an extravagantly exciting taste, there is a suitable drink for every connoisseur. In the same way, connoisseurs will find the right Maxim Girl from delicate to tingling.

Sex Club Maxim Wien Rosé Champagne collection
The finest Rosé collection at Sex Club Maxim Wien

At Sex Club Maxim Vienna you will find a carefully selected selection of the world’s finest Champagnes and Rosé Champagnes.

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