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Steps to take if you wanna become a Sexworker

Sex Jobs in Vienna – You wanna become a Sexworker and have high income opportunities?

You wanna work and live in the best city in the world? Becoming a MAXIM Girl is a way to let the boredom behind you to maximize your everyday life and last not least your income.

You are attractive and can also seduce men on a physical level and beyond? You have style, you are sophisticated, self-confident and can initiate and lead conversations, but also listen? You are open-minded and have fun with erotic? Than working in Sex Club Wien MAXIM is perhaps the thing for you!

Sex Club Wien Maxim
Maxim Wien – the place where you can work

But along the way you need to consider a few things before you start to pursue sex jobs.

So before you go:

In order to work in Vienna as a prostitute, you have to make the so-called “Green Card” and register with the police at the Deutschmeisterplatz

Address Police: Deutschmeisterplatz 3, Room 14 – checkpoint,1010 Wien

Address Doctor: Thomas-Klestil-Platz 8/2,Access Schnirchgasse 14/1,1030 Wien

Since 2016, sex jobs require girls to go to the doctor every 6 weeks. Blood is being taken and tested every 12 weeks.

Previously as known you had to go each week.

Steps to take if you got interested in Sex Jobs in Vienna

1. decide in which club or system you want to work

2. obtain a Green Card and Blue Card

3. to do so ask for an appointment for registration at the police. Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 12:00

4. go for first examination to the doctor. Monday to Friday no later than 08:00 to 9:00

5. for the police appointment you need:

  • 4 photos in the passport photo format
  • Meldezettel (proof of residence) in Vienna
  • Translator German and native language
  • EURO 16,40 for police registration

6. after the police appointment to get the blue card from the police

7. pick up the green card at the doctor

While waiting for the card you are not allowed to work, but you have enough time to visit different possible locations for sex jobs and to choose the ideal workplace.

work in Sex Club Wien Maxim
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For real beginners it is recommended to start in a system in which you are not left on your own, and ideally not have to satisfy 10 guests per day.

Therefore Nightclubs are ideal, because:

1. You’re not running around naked as for example in FKK Sauna Clubs

2. You are in company of other girls and the rest of the staff (unlike for example in Laufhaus)

3. If you have questions or need help you can contact the bar staff who will help you or give you advice (unlike Escort Agency)

4. You probably have sex less frequently than in cheap establishments, while still making good money

5. In these types of sex jobs, alcohol and music contribute under certain circumstances for looseness and one can even earn more

6. In Nightclubs girls have free entry, so there is no danger of going home with a minus

Interested? When it comes to sex jobs, you can find all the information on the site!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Read more to make the best decision:

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