That was our Christmas Party

It’s Christmas time in our Strip Club Austria!

Christmas angels bring back people to their senses usually, but our naughty Christmas angels take our guests senses, also beyond Christmas time.

Maxim’s staff members in the background, who foster and maintain, renovate and decorate, develop and modify the movement of Maxim round the clock. Each Christmas elf is equally important to ensure a joyful time to our special guests of our nightclub and brothel Vienna.

In this time of the year we reflect and want to express our sincere thanks for each individual!

Christmas is just around the corner, and so it is in our strip club Austria. Therefore we came together to spend an enjoyable day. Our Maxim models are little devils by night, that’s why we believe that the best solution is to have lunch. Because daytime they are little angels.

Our team Maxim is a small family. And in families one is cooking for all. Our good soul of the house served delicious food at the party. As hobby chef he surprises us with his yummy tasty creations.

Instead of from the typical party music we had lunch with classical Christmas music. But some festive classics later such as Maria Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is you” we were soon back in our element. If our Maxim angels wish to listen to pop music, then their wish is our command.

Several cups of “Glühwein” (mulled wine) later we hit the road to play laser tag.

The MAXX Entertainment in Vienna 09 welcomed us with a welcome drink and after a short briefing we found ourselves again in the laser tag room. Unlike our friendly strip club Austria, the laser tag room was a true battlefield!

We split into two teams. Team red and team blue. “Armed” we hid behind walls, sprinted from hideout to hideout and tried to catch the opposing team in ambush. Some of our Maxim girls have been wounded countless times, but it seems, our hostesses and team members have more than 9 lives 😉

We had fun together and will come back!

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And what would Maxim Gentleman’s Club be without our two Santa’s? Yes, we’ve got two of them! And therefore this is for our two chiefs:

A jolly Merry Christmas,

From dawn to candlelight,

And enough of happy memories,

To make the year bright!

Seasons’ Greetings to our favourite bosses!

Merry Christmas!

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