Maxim VIP Reward Programm ab 01.02.2020

The Maxim VIP Reward program is ready

It is almost time! The Maxim VIP reward program is nearly out. Our new reward program will be online on February 1st, 2020. Maxim Club rewards your erotic adventures! Find out more about our new Maxim VIP reward program now!

Maxim Club Wien VIP Mitgliedschaft ab 01.02.2020 online
Become a Maxim VIP! Reward your erotic adventures in Maxim Club.

Exclusive benefits as a Maxim VIP member

  • As a Maxim VIP, you will be the first to learn about new Maxim Girls.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to even more photos of our Maxim Girls! You also gain access to the services that our Maxim Girls offer.
  • Reward your erotic adventures! Collect Maxim points and grab coupons and special offers.
  • Become part of the Maxim Community – a Maxim Insider – discreet and anonymous.

We want to offer you an attractive and satisfying reward program. Therefore, we are constantly working on presenting new opportunities for you. We will soon create even more VIP experiences for you to enjoy!

Registration for the Maxim VIP reward program

Sign up for exclusive benefits. Registration is easy and straightforward. You remain anonymous – your name and other data will not be published or passed on to third parties.

Go to the Maxim Club website and register. In just a few steps you can become a Maxim VIP member. Participation is free, of course.

You can access and view your profile at any time. On your profile you can see which activities you can collect Maxim points for.  You can see how many points you already collected and how to get even more Maxim points.

Collect Maxim points

The Maxim VIP Reward program is simple and worthwhile. We want you to have fun collecting Maxim points so that the points on your account grow on their own.

How to collect Maxim points:

  • Fill out your profile completely and get +10 points on your account
  • Rate Maxim Girls (without review code) and get +5 points on your account
  • Rate us on other sites and get +10 points on your account (Read now where you can rate us)
  • Sign up for the Maxim newsletter and get +10 points
  • We reward you for your feedback. If you discover an error on our website, for example, you will also receive points.

Maxim Club rewards you not only online, but offline!

You get points every time you go to the room at Maxim Club with a Maxim Girl. This also applies to Bar Schönbrunn. Of course, your score also grows when you use our exclusive escort service.

  • Visit to Maxim Club Vienna (with room) +10 points
  • Escort booking +10 points

Gradually you will have more opportunities to collect even more Maxim points. Among other things, if you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and other social media websites. Take our surveys and we will reward you with Maxim points. If you recommend us to others, additional Maxim points will land on your Maxim VIP profile.

Watch now! We proudly present: The Maxim Club VIP reward program

Redeem Maxim points and benefit in Maxim Club

Enjoy the benefits of the Maxim VIP reward program. Exchange your points and reward yourself. We offer various vouchers that you can exchange for the points that you have earned. You can redeem this voucher at Nightclub Maxim and choose what you want to use the voucher for.

Maxim VIPs do it better!

As a Maxim VIP, you can do it better. You benefit from advantages and unique experiences in the Maxim Club. Be there right from the start and become part of our Maxim Community. Join us on the path to the future and long-term friendships. We look forward to your feedback in order to continuously optimize our reward program and adapt it to your wishes.