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The 5 most common types of girls in a VIP erotic nightclub

The key question before and during a visit to a VIP erotic nightclub is what kind of ladies are present? Apart from their optical charms, the ladies, like our Maxim Girls, differ in their character traits. We present you the 5 most common types of girls in a VIP erotic nightclub.

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The 5 most common types of girls in nightclubs:

  1. The party girl
  2. The shy one
  3. The new girl
  4. The alcoholic
  5. The MILF

Stereotypes in a VIP Erotic Nightclub

Our following stereotypes help us to categorise different ladies who work in erotic nightclubs. This article has a certain amount of truth, of course, but should be read with a twinkle in your eye.

A wide variety of people come together in nightlife. Just as diverse are the reasons why we are drawn to a nightclub. Some want to party loudly and others prefer a relaxed atmosphere at the bar. This is especially true for nightclub guests, regardless of the type of establishment.

But without our Maxim ladies, there would be no Maxim guests. We value each and every lady and are happy with the diversity that each of them brings, making them a unique individual. In order to present the 5 most common types of girls in erotic nightclubs, we form small groups for orientation. Even if we don’t take the following stereotypes too seriously, we know them all.

Below we present the 5 most common types of ladies in a VIP erotic nightclub in a simplified form.

1. The party girl

You can’t miss the party girl. She can party all night long. She loves to party and the party loves her. She makes the dance floor unsafe and is full of energy. With her you can steal horses and have the craziest experiences. With her radiant lust for life, she attracts interest with ease. She’s the one who shares a wet kiss with her friend while your eyes are on her.

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Yes, we have a party girl or two at VIP Erotic Nightclub Maxim Vienna. She is sexy, confident and smart. She is not only a hit on the dance floor, but also behind closed doors. Here you will especially enjoy her wild qualities. The party girl loves adventure and is open to new things, ideal for going on a journey of discovery together.

2. The shy one

It may come as a surprise, but there are also shy girls in erotic clubs. But it is precisely this character trait that can quickly melt the conqueror’s heart. A shy woman is particularly emphatic and will respond to you with a lot of feeling. We advise you not to interpret the behaviour of a shy woman as disinterest, because still waters run deep. You will get weak knees when she looks deep into your eyes.

How does the shy woman behave especially in a VIP erotic nightclub, like Maxim Vienna? Her reserve alone makes her attractive to many men. She usually likes dominant men who appreciate her submissive personality. If you like to take the lead, then the shy one is the ideal choice for an intimate night for two. This type is a good choice for a Girlfriend Exprience that is authentic and romantic.

3. The Newbie

You should not confuse the shy girl with the new girl. It may well be that a new girl behaves reservedly at first. Most of the time, the new girl is also a newcomer in the erotic industry. You can recognise them because they are very young and naturally inexperienced. And due to her lack of experience, she may be a little clumsy on her first attempt on an evening. No master has fallen from the sky yet.

New girls are always welcome at the VIP Erotic Nightclub Maxim Vienna and are always very popular with our guests. So if you don’t value absolute perfection and already sophisticated seduction skills, you will have a lot of fun with the newbie. Moreover, due to her position, the newcomer is usually very motivated and willing to learn. Ideal to go on a journey of discovery together.

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4. The Alcoholic

No matter where you go to party, in every group you will find her: the alcoholic. She is used to drinking and it won’t be easy to drink her under the table. But even the most hard-drinking lady in a VIP Erotic Nightclub has her limits. Either way, she is easy to identify. Always a glass of her favourite drink in her hand. And maybe even two. No sooner has one glass been drunk empty than she raises the next.

Especially ladies in upscale nightclubs prefer the French sparkling wine. The presence of the “alcoholic” type guarantees unrestrained fun. If you start the evening early, you may have to buy her one or two more glasses to get her going. In any case, you’ll have a lot of fun with her in the club and in the private room.

5. The MILF

In every VIP Erotic Nightclub and also in Maxim Vienna you will find the MILF. To ensure a balance and a good selection of ladies, the mature woman must not be missing. She is quite a popular choice in Erotic Nightclubs. She is also easy to recognise because of her maturity.

As a rule, you can quickly recognise the MILF because she is no longer 20. Nevertheless, she can keep up with the young girls. She is sometimes a little curvier, but above all she brings experience. She already knows the wishes of every man and also knows exactly how to fulfil them. Besides, MILF’s are fun-loving women who enjoy life and are not afraid to take what they want. An adventure with a hot MILF is always worth a visit to the VIP Nightclub Maxim Vienna.

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Visit the girls at VIP Erotic Nightclub Maxim Vienna

Now that you know the 5 most common types of girls in a VIP Erotic Nightclub, it’s up to you to decide which of these types suits you best. All our Maxim Girls are attractive and have their own charm. One may be more colourful than the other, but they all have one thing in common: they will make your evening an unforgettable experience. Visit us and find out who suits you best.