Sex Jobs at Maxim Wien

Sex Jobs at Nightclub Maxim Wien

We want you, ladies!

Nightclub Maxim Wien is always looking for new, young and ambitious talents. So if you are looking for sex jobs and think that you can fit into our ensemble of dancers, strippers, escorts and sex workers, we strongly encourage you to contact us immediately by submitting your CV, some images and a few words about yourself.

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Benefits of being a Maxim Girl

Sex Jobs Overview

  • You will live in Vienna, the most liveable city in the world
  • You will be located in the city centre
  • Your earning potential is limitless
  • You do not pay to work here
  • You get paid every day
  • You benefit from a great working atmosphere
  • You will be pleased about the safe and clean environment
  • You have various opportunities to make money (Sex Club – Escort – Strip Club – Dominatrix)

Sex Jobs FAQs

Maxim FAQs

Who are we looking for at nightclub Maxim Wien?

We are looking for female showgirls, hostesses, adult entertainers, escorts and sex jobs workers between 18-30 years old to perform and entertain full time in our club. Are you craving for an exciting lifestyle with financial freedom in a sex job? With the right working spirit, you can make it with us!

Maxim FAQs

Can I become a successful Maxim Girl?

Yes, you can become a successful Maxim Girl. If you are a sophisticated and attractive lady, then you have already half won. In addition, you are communicative and speak English at a conversational level. Of course speaking various languages especially German is a bonus. We are always delighted to work and support reliable, flexible and diligent ladies.
Note: We do not require dancing skills but dancing on the stage increases your chances of success and higher earnings.

Maxim FAQs

Why should I work at sexclub Maxim Wien?

Besides the fact that you can be very successful, you will benefit from our good reputation and high-class clientele. As we want you to feel in good hands, we ensure that sexclub Maxim Wien offers a nice, warm and professional environment for sex jobs. We believe that a good team spirit, friendly management and professional work ethic are the cornerstones of good business and success!

Maxim FAQs

How much money can I make as a sex jobs worker in Vienna?

In general, Vienna is a popular place for sex jobs. How much you earn as a sex jobs worker in Vienna depends on various factors, such as the place you work at and the guests you work with. We can assure that nightclub Maxim Wien is located in the best area of the city. We are pleased to attract premium clientele. This advantage plus your motivation can result in very high earnings with no upper limit.

Maxim FAQs

Do I have to pay to work in Nightclub Maxim Wien?

No. In no case will you have to pay anything to work and perform in nightclub Maxim Wien. Other places like a sauna club or a Laufhaus will charge you a certain amount to work there. We guarantee, at sexclub Maxim Wien you have no financial commitment whatsoever.

Maxim FAQs

Where do I work as a Maxim girl?

Nightclub Maxim Wien is located in Vienna‘s city centre. Just a stone’s throw away from the Vienna State Opera and many other famous sights. Needless to say that this is the safest and cleanest part of the city with all the best places nearby.

Maxim FAQs

Do I find Maxim Wien on social media?

Yes, of course. We definitely are as social as it gets. We are present on the biggest social network sites. You can follow us on Twitter, where we do not face any restrictions. Become our friend on Facebook and like our Maxim Wien page. We also post regularly on Instagram. Be up to date with our posts, promotions and more content.
Note: Don’t worry, we take your privacy seriously and will never publish an image of you without your permission.

Maxim FAQs

What else can we offer to you?

What else can we offer to you?
You have the chance of financial prosperity with really no limit to what you can earn. It is natural that we offer a safe working place to you. We know that you probably need affordable housing. We are also able to provide that close to your working place.

Sex Jobs in Vienna

The best place for a sex jobs in Vienna

Sex jobs in the heart of Vienna

As already mentioned, Maxim Wien is in an absolute prime location for sex jobs. We are surrounded by many world-famous sights, a luxury shopping mile, a party zone, many restaurants and more. Therefore we count many exquisite guests from abroad but also locals. Tourists, business men and other last-minute visitors find their way to Maxim Wien.

Maxim Wien Nightclub Sex Work

Highly paid sex jobs at nightclub Maxim Wien

Become a part of our Dream Team

Nightclub Maxim Wien is a meeting point for Maxim Wien guests and Maxim Girls. We provide the location for your sex work and of course for our guests. You will meet the guests in the main area first, where you can enjoy a glass of Champagne together, party and dance. We have private rooms and VIP rooms available, where you and the guest can retreat to the privacy of the room.

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Maxim Sex Jobs Vienna Guide

Step 1: Introduce yourself (online application)

Sex Job Application

Please fill out the form below. Complete it with as much detail as possible. We appreciate a short description of yourself.

Maxim Sex Jobs Vienna Guide

Step 2: Send us your pictures

Apply now for Sexjob at Maxim Vienna

Please attach 5 images of yourself.

    Maxim Sex Jobs Vienna Guide

    Step 3: First contact

    Contact us at Nightclub Maxim Vienna

    After we receive your application we will contact you to discuss more details and answer your questions.

    Maxim Sex Jobs Vienna Guide

    Step 4: Work papers for sex jobs

    Work at Maxim Wien Vienna

    You are only allowed to work, when all legal documents are set up. This is neither complicated nor expensive, but it takes some time. If you need help, we are always around to help.

    1. Get an appointment at the police (Address: Deutschmeisterplatz 3 - Zimmer 14 / Kontrollstelle - 1010 Wien).
    2. You need 4 passport pictures and a Meldezettel.
    3. Come to the appointment at the police. It will merely take 15 minutes and you are handed the blue register card.
    4. Go to the doctor for your first health examination (Address: Thomas-Klestil-Platz 8/2 / Acces through Schnirchgassa 14/1 - 1030 Wien).
    5. One week later you will have your 2nd health check. This time you will receive your green card (health card).
    Maxim Sex Jobs Vienna Guide


    Part of our Sex work Team

    Congratulations! With the blue police registration paper and the green health book you are now finally ready to start your job as a Maxim girl.