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Vienna BDSM – How does the BDSM era start in Vienna?

The Vienna BDSM story (re)started with one movie, which was a big hit Worldwide. Fifty Shades of Grey made $571m worldwide on a budget of just $40m. At the end Dakota Johnson’s young and inexperienced girlfriend Anastasia Steele walked away from the billionaire, BDSM-loving, dominant boyfriend Christian Green, unwilling to go along with his lifestyle. But he is still after her, chasing her and Anastasia is still drawn to him, so as you might guess, they’ll be back together in Fifty Shades Darker on this year’s Valentine’s Day.

We already introduced you to BDSM. What is it and what do they practice? Find out here!

Why are people curious about BDSM or into it?

Dominance and submission and the inner conflict and surrender that come along with it. In human sexuality BDSM has emerged as a mutual exploration of certain roles or role play. We are talking about emotions and activities which would otherwise be difficult or next to impossible to do experience without a approving partner taking the opposite role.

It´s a dynamic flowing between two people. The Dom is taking over the part of a guider, a protector,.. while the sub on the other hand takes the role of a pleaser, a servant.

Vienna BDSM – Just Another Way to Play

Studies show that the vast majority of BDSM players are mentally healthy, however, find conventional sex unfulfilling and want something more intense. Before judging BDSM one might want to consider that not too long ago homosexuality, oral and anal sex were said to be “perverted.”

Meanwhile, around 20 percent of adults report experiencing some kind of arousal from BDSM images or stories.

There are public BDSM clubs and private groups in every metropolitan city.

It’s all about trust

When trust is deep and outweighs the potential harm, the outcome can be a very intimate and erotic one.

Many people consider BDSM as perverted, aggressive, dehumanizing, or worse. But people practicing BDSM consider it to be the most loving and intimate form of two people exploring each other. Many people can have sex without any emotional connection and communication, in BDSM people form a special bond.

DeSade and Sacher-Masoch

Where and when did it all start?

Ancient Greek art depicts BDSM. The Kama Sutra (300 A.D,) shows erotic spanking and European references date from the 15th century. In the 18th century some European brothels began specializing in woman being dominant over submissive men.

SM in the City – the new SM room in Vienna

All of you who’ve always wanted to submit themselves to a domina and are curious to dive into the world of BDSM are welcome from now on to do so with us in MAXIM. Vienna BDSM room is now available for everybody who is interested!

For all those who are already experienced subs MAXIM offers a standard program with a few new surprises on top.

On this occasion, I as an editor, thought to myself that it was about time to dive into this shadow world and give you some information from my POV. However, I prefer to just dive into the Internet and ask an expert… I don´t think I will test the SM room myself, but if so, I will report about it.

BDSM – An attempt to add structure

BDSM is so diverse and so individual that an straight forward classification is impossible.

On the one hand this is due to the almost inexhaustible amount of games, and on the other hand to the individual feelings of the persons involved. For some, bondage, spanking, brackets, etc. are an absolute NoGo but in turn they get excited by their partner being fucked at a swinger club by strangers because the master gave this very order.

For some it is the utmost pleasure to receive the urine of their master or mistress and for others this is the most humiliating feeling they can think of.

There are dominus’ that are masochistic and who like to endure pain even enjoy being whipped.

Then again for others this might be an absolute red flag. For example for the followers of the Story of O.

Some Sadists like to torture their slaves with violent CBT (beating on the penis and expose them to the most violent bruises), other make themcarry catheters, bowel movements are permitted only if he has been filled before with an enema. “Victims” enjoys this very much. But countless BDSMs also feel repelled by such practices.

Then there are the pseudo – superdoms (mostly men, but also women) who believe that a sub has to look down constantly, may only speak with permission and has to obey everyone around (even total strangers). If it is OK for each and everyone involved, why not…?!.

Into which categories can we break down BDSM? Maybe like this:

Dom / Sub:

This is mainly about dominance and submission, testament too the power gap. Pain plays a role but a small one.

Sado / Maso:

Pain and only pain, in whatever form, are central to this attitude.

The game of humiliation:

A very perfidious form of domination and submission. The sub is reduced, becomes an object, an animal, a thing. The Sub is humbled in the silent room or in public. Sub is used by one’s own ruling or by strangers. Sub will be a living piece of furniture, a bitch, a grunting bitch, just a whore ..

The game with the pain:

It can be a pleasure to experience pain or inflict it. But it can also become violent and ecstatic because of the adrenaline released which makes one feel hardly any pain at all. Traces that remain can range from light redness to long-lasting visible bruises. Some  carry traces with pride, though, and hope for constant renewal of them and of the experience.

Signs of submission:

The ring of O. is the most famous and popular symbol in the BDSM scene. Some wear a dog tag. Others are pierced or tattooed to display the signs of domination.

DIY store or erotic shop:

There are the craftsmen among the BDSM lovers whose greatest pleasure is to wander through the DIY shops and to buy all kinds of utensils together and to adapt them for their purposes. But there are, of course, also the BDSM lovers who exclusively buy high-priced furniture and utensils just because their perversion dictates and allows for it. After all they help experiencing BDSM correctly.

The Story of O:

This book works through its incredible intensity and authenticity. The story is based on true events that the author herself has experienced to a certain extent. The history of the O is above all a wonderful love story with very direct, pornographic descriptions of the experience of BDSM. Where the real experience ceases and the fiction begins, which blurs.

How do we rate Fifty Shades of Grey now?

Above all, lots of clichés are served in these stories.

Poor Cinderella, discovered and seduced by the incredibly rich, radiant prince.

Actually BDSM is partly ritually inflated here, on the other hand it is also portrayed as very ill, because poor, poor Christian had such severe traumatic experiences in his childhood and adolescence life which he now compensates with his Games of Power and, of course, his material success. Won’t get any more stereotypical than that.

If you are interested in experiencing Vienna BDSM in the club, go ahead and check out our currently available dominas on the All Girls page now!



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