6 reasons for a sexjob in nightclub Maxim Wien

Are you interested in starting as a Maxim Girl, but you are not sure if you should apply to our Vienna nightclub? We’ll show you 6 reasons why Nightclub Maxim Wien is one of the best places for a sexjob and why you should not be afraid to apply.

A sexjob in Vienna: Anonymous and yet in the midst of happenings

As the only all-in-one nightclub in Vienna, you will find us right in the middle of the action. We are in the center of the city, where Viennese, tourists and business people meet. Maxim Wien is surrounded by a shopping street, sights and first class hotels. Moreover, Vienna is one of the liveliest cities in the world. Because of this, working in brothel Maxim Wien can be very rewarding. Click here to get a little insight about this.

Nightclub Maxim Wien is located across the Vienna State Opera
Nightclub Maxim Vienna is situated across the famous Vienna State Opera

Earn like politicians and co with a sexjob in our Vienna sexclub

One of the crucial questions for you is certainly how much you can earn in Maxim Wien. In our Vienna nightclub or brothel, you have the opportunity to earn extraordinarily high sums of money that can exceed the salary of a politician. Your options are almost unlimited. But even with us: no diligence, no price. With a lot of diligence and perseverance, you can manage to accumulate a small fortune in a short time if you choose to work in the Maxim night club.

Feel good in Brothel Maxim Wien

We want you to feel comfortable with us. We strive for a pleasant atmosphere in the Vienna Sexclub. We are a helpful team and we look after each other. Everyone behaves respectfully in the workplace and thus helps to create a friendly atmosphere with a feel-good factor.

You are safe and in good hands

Of course, that is part of our feel-good factor. But we think it is important to emphasize that you are looked after and safe in night club Maxim. Whether in the club or as an escort, it is important as a sex worker that you are safe in your sexjob. We have security personnel and drivers who take care of you if you work in our Nightclub Wien.

Maxim Wien offers financial transparency

What does that mean? At Club Maxim, you have no financial obligations. You do not have to wait for your money, because we pay you daily. If necessary, we can also offer you safe and affordable accommodation. We clarify in advance all the details and therefore there is no cost trap if you work in our Vienna nightclub.

It’s fun to work in Nightclub Maxim Wien

Last but not least, it is fun to work in Nightclub Maxim Wien. We are a nice team. From management to the bar staff, we are all eager to have fun and enjoy working together. Our upscale clientele is educated, friendly and charming. This makes a sexjob a pleasure. You drink the best champagne with nice gentlemen and spend a nice time together with them in a Vienna nightclub.

Now you know 6 reasons why you should work in Nightclub Maxim Wien. Apply now and become a Maxim Girl!

Do not be afraid of applying in Maxim Wien!

Our requirements can be daunting for some. But we tell you very clearly that you do not have to be afraid. We are looking forward to receiving your application. And you, like any other lady who applies, will also receive feedback from us.

Sometimes our capacities are busy at the time of your application and therefore we cannot accept every lady. But as that keeps changing, chances are you’ll soon be a Maxim Girl in Brothel Maxim Wien.

Apply now at Club Maxim!

We value variety, as do our customers. Whether you want to try working as a sex worker for the first time, or whether you already have experience in the brothel or as an escort, we look forward to receiving your application. Whether you are small or tall, blond or a brunette, all this is not crucial to working as a Maxim Girl in Maxim Wien.

Do not be afraid to apply to us. We will contact you and clarify any questions and concerns you might have. In addition, applying at Nightclub Maxim Wien is quick and easy. With our online application form you can introduce yourself with just a few clicks. Click here for the application form.