A brothel with a heart and team spirit

What is the philosophy of a brothel? Is there a philosophy at all in a brothel? Which values ​​are the most important in a brothel? This is an exciting question that we are going to get to the bottom of. Maxim Wien has been one of the most popular brothels in Vienna for decades; and this has not happened by accident. One of the main reasons for this is the philosophy on which Maxim Wien is based on.

The most important aspect of a brothel: a strong team

Maxim Wien’s philosophy is based on a strong team. This is the main component of the values ​​that shape Maxim Wien. Only as a team can we make our guests’ evening truly wonderful. Our guests visit us to leave their everyday life behind for a few hours. Our visitors want to have fun and look forward to erotic adventures. So our job is to make that possible; and the better the entire team works together, the better your experience in Maxim Wien.

Who is the Maxim Wien team?

The Maxim Wien team consists of numerous members who cover various areas of the company. As a guest you come into contact with the following people: the security staff, the receptionist, the bar staff, the DJ and of course the Maxim Wien Girls. These staff members are the first line and they are there for the concerns of our guests on site. They represent Nightclub Maxim Wien and give you a feeling of security, relaxation and joy.

Other employees will only be found backstage, such as the cleaning staff, accounting, technology, marketing and finance, all the way to management. In a brothel in particular, cleanliness and hygiene must be guaranteed at all times. The same applies to perfectly functioning technology, such as the music system and the lights. All of these things give the club a special atmosphere. Every single position and person therefore contributes to the success and above all to the higher goal of Maxim Wien.

Fun at work

We not only take care of the well-being of our guests, but also of our team. We want everyone to have fun at work and feel comfortable. We automatically transfer this authentic and honest joy to our guests. Our guests should find a place where they can feel good, relax, celebrate and more. All of this is only possible if our team can approach their job with enthusiasm. This motivates us to create an unforgettable evening each and every night.

This is one of the reasons why many Maxim Girls keep coming back to us and many of them have been our regulars for years. In our previous article about Maxim Vienna and its attraction, we describe why Maxim girls and guests are drawn to us again and again like a magnet.

A dream team in the brothel

We fulfill the erotic Wien Sex dreams of our guests. That is the higher goal of our team that we work on together. We pursue a vision and a goal together, and we improve it and follow our path carefully. Our popular Maxim Girls love their job and look forward to new erotic experiences with every guest. Our bartenders and the in-house DJ ensure the feel-good factor with good drinks and good music. We are a dream team in the brothel because we all work together towards a common goal.

Maxim Vienna’s team spirit

Maxim Wien is constantly working on building and maintaining a strong sense of teamwork. Our team sticks together and we help each other. We celebrate successes together as a team and also with our guests. An important part of the Maxim Wien philosophy is the appreciation, recognition and respect of everyone, especially the Maxim Girls. Unfortunately, it is still a vulnerable profession that is not well received in society. Appreciation is very important; for every person and for a team as well.

We all have private lives, with positive and sometimes not so joyful moments. We are also there for one another in private matters. Maxim Wien is a brothel with a heart. We are of the opinion that this is the way for a nice experience, trust and a good atmosphere in the club. To strengthen the team, we regularly organize events and excursions to get to know each other better and to experience each other as regular people.