157cm 27years
44kg 75Abreasts


Maxim Girl Adela is small and has a willowy figure. In the pictures they are well hidden, but during a visit to nightclub Maxim Vienna you will be surprised by her tattoo adornments. A tingling affair with Maxim Girl Adela could not be more varied. Among her talents is the ability to make people feel comfortable all around in her presence. Depending on the atmosphere, she adapts to your desires. She likes it sometimes tender and sometimes a little hard, both in equal measure. Maxim Girl Adela offers the exciting sex with a stripper experience. She captivates not only on the dance stage, but also behind closed doors. Whether it's with an erotic massage or a harder walk, her penchant for your wish fulfillment is evident. Visit Maxim Girl Adela at Maxim Vienna nightclub and let a tender lady seduce you. You are welcome to book her for exclusive hotel escort in Vienna.

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