Lady M

58cm 27years
49kg 70Bbreasts

Lady M

Maxim Girl M is a small and delicately built young lady. One could lose oneself in her blue eyes for the time being. In the Maxim Wien brothel you will see Maxim Girl M dancing on the stage. She is not only a dancer but also a stripper. After a hot lap dance, you can fulfill a hot fantasy: sex with a stripper. This and much more is only available in the Maxim Wien brothel! Maxim Girl M loves it sometimes gently and sometimes wild. It adapts to your wishes. She also has experience in the BDSM area, where she prefers to take on the submissive role. After a glass of champagne, start the evening with a massage from Maxim Girl M. She will help you relax and prepare you for more erotic. She is diverse and available for many types of sex play. She enjoys sex with couples. Her loving and reserved manner is an advantage, especially with couples. Visit Maxim Girl M in the Maxim Vienna brothel or book her as a Maxim Escort Girl in Vienna. A special evening is waiting for you!

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