58cm 21years
49kg 75Abreasts


Maxim Girl Lena will greet you at Maxim Vienna nightclub with a bright smile that you won't be able to resist. Maxim Girl Lena is young, beautiful and absolutely delightful. Enjoy a drink together and flirt warmly. Surprise Maxim Girl Lena with her favorite champagne, Moet & Chandon Impérial. Not only the champagne will make you sweat, because the proximity of this sexy lady promises a happy and hot night. She will spoil you with a sensual massage and show her gentle side and when it comes to the point, she turns into a wild mouse. If you like it, she will also show you rigor with pleasure. Retreat to one of the private rooms with Maxim Girl Lena in the all-in-one nightclub Maxim Vienna and make the most beautiful secondary thing in the world your main thing. Alternatively, you can book Maxim Escort Girl Lena exclusively for hotel escort in Vienna.

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