Black Magic girls at Maxim, we miss you

A couple of years ago, we used to have a fine group of exotic Black Girls Wien working in our Strip Club Vienna, which was highly appreciated by our customers. Unfortunately, this has changed in recent years and there are far fewer exotic black girls working in Vienna altogether, not just in our club. Let’s see which black girls Vienna have been parts of our Maxim history!

Previous Black Girls Wien who worked at Maxim

For a nostalgic feeling, we have decided to showcase some of the ebony beauties that have previously worked in our Maxim club. Unfortunately, these sexy black girls are no longer available in Vienna, but it is still good to look back at the good old days when there were plenty of exotic ladies to choose from in our lineup!

In the next section, we will only list a handful of Black Girls Wien who worked at Maxim. There are many other black beauties that were part of our club, but unfortunately aren’t working in Vienna any longer. Here are some of our former ebony girls in Maxim:


Joy is a busty ebony girl who was a great addition to the Maxim lineup while she was working in our club. In addition to having a sexy chocolate body, she was full of energy and a great person to be around. Her joyous personality, hot body and erotic persona all contributed to the fact that she was a popular Maxim girl while she was working here. Here’s Joy’s profile if you want to see how this black lady looked when she worked in our club.

Joy, one of the formers Black Girls Wien showing her amazing legs in Vienna Stripclub Maxim


Cindy is actually the sister of Joy, the previous former Maxim girl that we have mentioned. Her charisma, sexy body and pretty face were all highly appraised by the clients and she was a popular girl in our club. Cindy was a newcomer to the sex scene and Maxim was the first club that she worked at. Check out Cindy’s profile under the former girl who used to work in Maxim to see her pictures!

Cindy in white dress in Nachtklub Maxim Wien


Last, but not least, Pamela is a former ebony Maxim girl who spent a lot of time in our club. She is also from Ghana and her busty body and sexy appearance ensured that she was busy while working in the club. It was always a pleasure to talk with Pamela and many clients loved to enjoy her company. To see pictures about this girl, go ahead and click on the link to Pamela’s profile under former Maxim girls!

Pamela, one of the Black Girls Wien in sexy black dress in nightclub Wien Maxim

Current Black Girls Wien that can be found in our lineup

When comparing our current lineup to what it was a few years ago, currently there are fewer sexy black girls working in Maxim Wien. A few exotic ladies can still be found in our ranks, but the number is nowhere close to what it was previously.

Thankfully, the ebony girls available right now are both great additions to the lineup and perfect for those craving some chocolate brown beauties. In this section, we will introduce the black girls who are currently working in our club and bar!


Sarah is currently among the most sought after black girls in Vienna. She is a Nigerian lady who is working in our club Maxim Wien. Sarah is in her twenties and she has a sexy and delicious chocolate body and a pleasant personality to go with it. In addition to being available in the Maxim club, Sarah can also be booked for escort meetings through our escort service. This means that regardless of where you want to have fun with this black escort lady, Sarah is always a good choice!

Check out Sarah’s profile on the Maxim page now for more information about this sexy black lady!


Another gorgeous black girl who is available right now is Ella. She can be found in Bar Schönbrunn rather than our club Maxim, but she is just as worth visiting as Sarah.

Much like the other black girl that we have mentioned, Ella is also a sexy lady who has plenty of experience in this line of work and knows how to take care of clients. If you are into black girls Vienna and you are craving to spend some time with one, Ella can be the perfect pick for you!

For more information about this girl, check out Ella’s profile on the Bar Schönbrunn website now!

Why aren’t there more black girls in Wien?

As you can see there aren’t as many black girls in Wien as there used to be. The reason behind this is mostly due to the current prostitution laws that are in effect in Wien.

At the moment, only women who are citizens of the European Union can work legally in Vienna. Since most ebony girls who worked in Vienna are from Nigeria or other African countries, this has turned into a problem.

Currently, most black girls are only able to work while they are on asylum status or if they have a permanent VISA. Previously, because of police endeavours, many black ladies had to stop working in the city. This had an impact on the whole Vienna sex scene, as well as our lineup in the Maxim club.

Conclusion on Black Girls Wien

Maxim Nightclub used to be filled with exotic black girls, but this is no longer the case. There are still a few ladies of colour who are very much sought after by our clients, but we hope to introduce a larger selection of ebony girls and black escort girls for our customers!

Unfortunately, because of the current prostitution laws in Vienna, it is hard for black girls to work in the city for a longer period of time. However, we are hopeful that we can again showcase a large number of black girls in our club in the heart of Vienna!

If you are interested in any of the currently available Black Girls Wien, be sure to get in touch with us and let us help you in arranging a meeting!

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