Today is a good day to say thank you!

“It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.” How wise are these words of the French writer Guy de Maupassant. We are aware of that particularly in times of the pandemic. It has now been around 10 weeks since the last lockdown in Austria. Since then, the doors of brothel Maxim Wien have been open every day to entertain our guests. Reason enough to take the opportunity to thank everyone.

Maxim Wien, an institution?

Who would have thought that brothels and churches would be closed for the same reason. We regard the word institution in connection with Maxim Wien with a wink. Brothel Maxim Wien is rather an establishment that is operated like an original brothel.

There are now various forms of companies that offer and perform sexual services . More and more other variants are entering the market, such as the Laufhaus. We deliberately keep and by all means the classic Brothel Maxim Wien upright. In this way we can secure the jobs of our Maxim Girls and employees. Moreover, our guests enjoy the advantages of the classic form of a brothel.

Grateful for the problems we don’t have

Brothel Maxim Wien had to and must face a number of adversities. As a decades-old brothel, we have to adapt to new circumstances in order to continue to be successful. We survived the worst and after almost 3 months of opening we can say: it’s going well. We are very happy and above all grateful. Even when times are challenging, we can continue our work undisturbed. We are always there for our guests if we do not face any force majeure spanner in the works.

A big thank you to our Brothel Maxim Wien team

We say thank you to every single person in our Maxim Wien team. Each individual contributes personally to make Brothel Maxim Wien a place filled with unforgettable moments.

The heart of the brothel

Who but the Maxim Girls, could represent the heart of the brothel Maxim Wien. They are like a vital organ, which we cherish and keep. The Maxim Girls are always by our side and conjure up happy faces for our guests. It is them who create unforgettable moments with our guests. Therefore we would like to express our big thanks to the young women at Maxim Wien .

We would also like to thank those ladies who for various reasons are currently unable to return to us. Every Maxim Girl has enriched our team in the past. We therefore owe a thank you to these ladies too.

Brothel Maxim Girls say thank you for visiting us!
The Maxim Girls say thank you as well and are looking forward to your visit

The Maxim Wien employees

The Maxim employees are the supporting structure of brothel Maxim Vienna. Our employees are indispensable for the functioning of the club. In front of the backdrop our bar staff, our in-house DJ and our security provide for you to enjoy a carefree evening. The team behind the scenes is important to other areas of the company that are just as relevant to keeping the many gears of this plant going. For this reason we would like to thank our employees for their commitment.

A big thank you to our brothel Maxim Vienna guests

With all the comparisons, who are our Maxim Wien guests? The guests are the nutrients and energysuppliers. The brothel Maxim Wien body cannot function without our guests. Without our visitors, we would not be able to guarantee a safe workplace for everyone involved. The more grateful we are to our loyal guests that help make Maxim Vienna to the great place that it is.

Finally back to the brothel Maxim in Vienna

Our gratitude goes to every guest who has waited with patience and perseverance for Maxim Wien to open again. We really appreciate this and strive to create the best memories for every visitor.

Unfortunately, the occupancy of the hotels in Vienna is around 10%. We hope that soon more tourists will come to Vienna again. Despite these sad figures, we are still competitive, which makes us happy, proud and grateful above all. This not only surprises us positively, but also others.

Proud of the local guests

Even if we appreciate and gladly welcome our guests from abroad, tourists and business people, in these times it is our local guests in particular who fill us with pride. They loyally stand by our side and are beloved regular guests who always find their way to the brothel Maxim Wien. Our local guests want to have fun and that is what we enable them to do.

Today we owe it above all to our local guests from Austria to say thank you! They make Maxim Wien’s heart beat faster. 

We stick together and – we like to repeat it – we are proud of our visitors!

One nation sticks together

We say thank you to everyone who makes it possible for us, to work undisturbed, to provide our employees a secure job and a place of joy for our guests. Our thanks go to those who, through their decisions, ensure the stability and security of the country.

We say thank you to our readers

We would also like to thank you and all readers who take the time to read this and other articles on our Maxim Wien website. Even if you are not one of our offline guests, we look forward to your visit to our online presence. We hope you continue to enjoy reading and browsing.