Brothel Maxim Wien on a Roller Coaster Ride

Life is like a roller coaster; and we agree with this saying in Brothel Maxim Wien too. Sometimes the roller coaster slows down and sometimes it goes at top speed. It goes up and down, and often one or the other steep curve or even a loop surprises us. There is a reason for the saying “life is like a roller coaster”. We all know that life has many ups and downs in store for us. With this in mind, let’s take a look at Maxim Wiens recent turbulent years.

Life is a rollercoaster for Vienna brothel Maxim Wien
Also for Sexclub Maxim Wien applies: Life is a rollercoaster!

The many challenges in Maxim Vienna’s history

If life is a roller coaster, what are we ultimately left with? Sometimes we get dizzy and sometimes we put our arms in the air and look forward to the thrill. Nightclub Maxim Wien has experienced some ups and downs, especially in the last two years.

Ups and downs that Brothel Maxim Vienna faced in 2019

Looking back, we can proudly say that 2019 was the most successful year in Maxim Wien’s history. But last year everything shook up quite a bit, like a ride on a roller coaster.

An unusually quiet Christmas in the brothel

We were forced to close our brothel on December 10, 2018. We were and are committed to our guests and employees alike to ensure the safety of everyone. Therefore, the rectification of technical defects in the brothel was our main goal. Unfortunately, our doors had to be closed for exactly 4 months. On the reopening day, April 11, 2019, Nightclub Maxim Wien had already missed over a quarter of the New Year.

Maxim Vienna feels responsible for its employees and Maxim Girls and would like to ensure a safe job environment for each individual. Therefore, it hit management particularly hard to have to report a problem like this.

We are proud of all of our employees and all of the loyal Maxim Girls who are still returning to us. What would be without the motivated faces that define Maxim Wien and bring it to life?

A low point is followed by a high one

After the low point at the beginning of 2019, a steep curve led upwards once we reopened the Maxim Wien Sex and Strip Club. It was like climbing the highest heights and enjoying the view. Despite the precipitation, we look back at 2019 as the most successful year in the long history of Maxim Wien. We look forward to a bright future!

In 2019, over 30 Maxim Girls were on duty in the Maxim Vienna Sex Club. This is how it’s supposed to be, because our dear guests should always have an incredible time in Maxim.

2020: When life throws a spanner in the works

2020 started promisingly with a very successful start to the New Year. The low points of last year were already forgotten and we were highly motivated. Nightclub Maxim Wien is constantly working to offer our guests better and more enjoyable opportunities. We were ready to take the place to a new level. We had a lot of things planned for this year, like further renovations in order to bring you more luxury and comfort. But as it is so often in life, things turn out differently than expected.

Yet another ride on the roller coaster

As with a roller coaster ride, you don’t know what will follow after the next turn. Is it going to go up or down? The year 2020 will go down in history because a global pandemic followed, which brought not only the Maxim Wien Brothel, but the whole world to a break. Again we were forced to close our Vienna brothel. The doors closed shut again for an uncertain time.

A year that will go down in history

And again we began a descent into an uncertain future. Just as we got over the minor shock and nausea of ​​the last trip, life decided that we and many others should do an extra lap.

The government decided to act quickly to slow the spread of the Corona Virus. We were surprised by a lockdown on March 16, 2020. Therefore we had to say goodbye to our guests and close at midnight on March 15th, 2020.

At the time, no one could foresee how long we would have to hold our breath. We were always hoping and waiting for new updates from the government. When can we again offer our guests a place of relaxation and joy?

Strength is to be found in serenity

We have learned our lesson. Nothing can disturb us in the future. Everyone from Vienna to Brazil had to experience a roller coaster ride of emotions during this time. Nobody could foresee a global crisis like this year. When the situation was fully understood and realized, it was time to find new hope and prepare for an early reopening.

Nightclub Maxim Wien: stronger everyday!

Hope for our Austrian Brothel

We were very pleased to finally be able to open on July 1st, 2020. After another slumber of over 3 months, it was time to mobilize our strength. Maxim Wien brought back the employees and the Maxim Girls.

This was a ray of hope for everyone. From now on we approach the future with enthusiasm and motivation. Come what may, Maxim Wien will overcome the challenges and emerge stronger from them.

Why can Brothel Maxim Wien stay open longer than 1 AM?

Many will ask why Maxim Wien is allowed to be open longer than other bars. This is due to the fact that Nightclub Maxim Wien is a special hybrid of gastronomy and prostitution. Of course we adhere to the law. Drinks may no longer be served after 1 AM.

Readily into the second half of the year

We made a good start with full speed ahead. But why is the way so bumpy? This is again just like on a roller coaster; the ascent to the top is often slow and feels a little bumpy, before the ride starts to speed up and rushes adrenaline through our veins.

Brothel Bureaucracy

Countless new ladies have applied and would like to work at the Maxim Vienna Sex Club. Unfortunately, it is currently almost an impassable bridge that new women in Vienna have to face. The waiting times for appointments with the necessary official channels are currently very long due to the Corona situation. Therefore, women have to wait a long time before they are allowed to work in Vienna.

Pause in tourism

Compared to previous years, 87% fewer hotel bookings have been recorded to date. This ensures a void for hotels, restaurants, event organizers and many more – including us.

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A Golden Autumn in the Maxim Vienna Sex Club?

There is great hope that improvement will be in sight from September and that the curve will point upwards again. There are again congresses planned in Vienna, which as experience shows will lead to more tourism in Vienna. Almost all industries suffer severely from the restrictions brought by the Corona Virus. We all know that a low is followed by a high. We will also overcome this low together and return to new heights.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!