Sex Club Maxim Wien: Myths busted - the brothel in Vienna edition

Debunked! 5 myths about brothels in Vienna

Let’s debunk 5 myths surrounding brothels in Vienna. The stories you know about the red-light scene are most likely peppered with exciting but false information. Let’s get into the brothel mythology.

5 myths about brothels in Vienna:

  • Debunked: Myth No.1: Brothels are not safe
  • Debunked: Myth No.2: Brothels are for men only
  • Debunked: Myth No.3: Call it what you like
  • Debunked: Myth No.4: Sex work is not real work
  • Debunked: Myth No.5: People in the sex industry are criminals
debunked 5 myths about brothels in Vienna

Debunked: Myth No.1: Brothels are not safe

This myth comes from other countries. In many countries, brothels or prostitution are generally prohibited. In those countries, illegal prostitution is therefore inevitable. In Austria, however, prostitution is legal.

Brothels in Vienna or Austria are a safe place for visitors and the ladies working there. Establishments of this kind are legal businesses, as are service providers in other industries. Brothels and other erotic establishments are subject to legal regulations and, in addition, regular inspections by the authorities.

If a customer meets with an independently operating lady in the sex industry, both parties bear a high risk. In a reputable brothel in Vienna, such as Maxim Vienna, the following risks are eliminated.

These include the safety of the guests and the service providers. Sex Club Maxim Vienna is a safe place for everyone to enjoy a relaxing evening. In addition, regular health checks are obligatory to ensure the health of the ladies as well as the guests. Another important aspect is also the price transparency in a reputable brothel in Vienna and all over the world.

Debunked: Myth No. 2: Brothels are for men only

Yes, it is indisputable that the majority of visitors are men. However, it is a myth to believe that brothels are exclusively for men. There are different establishments and erotic events, with a wide variety of guests.

All-in-one sex club and brothel Maxim Vienna welcomes not only men, but also couples. As the Maxim Vienna is an all-in-one sex club offering many possibilities for erotic fun, a visit with a partner is also very suitable.

Women are more likely to use erotic services from both men and women. Brothels in Vienna offer the right conditions to feel comfortable as a couple.

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Debunked: Myth No.3: Call it what you like

Call it what you want? What do you want to be called? We all want to be treated with respect. This also applies to designations. Especially in the erotic industry, there are some terms that are humiliating. These include words like whore, drug addict, victim, disease carrier, criminal, slut and many more.

They all have quite a negative and disrespectful connotation, don’t they? The same goes for the word prostitute. This word also has a very negative connotation. Most sex workers do not want to be called as such. And rightly so. Since there are also great differences in the activities within the erotic industry.

So sex work fits better. The term sex worker underlines that one understands the profession as a serious activity and also shows the necessary respect. However, each sex worker is unique with her own preferences and her own exact services. One lady prefers to be called an escort or a romantic companion. One establishment calls itself a brothel, another a gentlemen’s club.

Debunked: Myth No.4: Sex work is not real work

As already indicated, the word sex work signals to us that this profession is also real work. Such a statement is disparaging and comes from the countries where this profession is illegal. Of course, these countries do not treat sex work as “real” work. Such legislation puts women who work in this profession at a great disadvantage and stigmatises them.

It is quite different in Austria’s brothels. As this is a legal profession, sex work is a recognised activity. By definition, work is a regularly performed activity or a regular performance of a service in order to earn money. So in the brothels in Vienna and elsewhere, a physical service is performed.

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At the Maxim Vienna sex club and brothel, we appreciate every person who is involved in the success of the establishment. Because first and foremost it is the sex workers in Maxim Wien who are particularly diligent and work hard. They are always there for the guests and give them fun and pleasure. They are the reason why the guests go to a brothel.

Debunked: Myth No.5: People in the erotic industry are criminals

What might have been true 20, 30 years ago is now just a myth. This is especially true for the Austrian red-light scene. People in the erotic industry and especially people who work in brothels and similar establishments work just as seriously and professionally as people in other professions.

As described several times, such prejudices come from countries where prostitution is prohibited. By being an illegal prostitute, one is automatically criminalised. This applies to the lady who offers her services as well as to the client who uses them.

There is also still the idea of the classic pimp waiting on the corner while one of his women gets into a car. Such notions are also created by films on television that portray this. Unfortunately, this still exists in the world. But not in the brothels in Vienna and Austria.

We can say with a clear conscience that both sex workers and the staff at the Maxim Vienna sex club and brothel, as well as our guests, are completely normal people who are either doing their job or looking for relaxation and fun for a few hours.