Motel1 Vienna

Motel1 is the last hotel in Vienna’s center that we are recommending for those who want to reside near Maxim. Rather than being another 5-star luxurious and expensive hotel, Motel1 is a budget option that is still very centrally located. This is the perfect hotel for those who do not want to spend a fortune, but still want to stay near some of Vienna’s most memorable and popular landmarks and sights.

Naturally, you’re not going to get the same services as you would in a 5-star luxury hotel, but Motel1 is still a good option regardless. The staff of the facility is friendly and helpful and the facilities of the hotel are clean and cozy. More importantly, you are residing in the heart of the city, meaning that you can access most things by foot. This eliminates the need for public transportation and you can enjoy the sights that Vienna has to offer as you’re exploring the surroundings of this hotel.

Since the hotel is centrally located, there are various places you can visit and a plethora of things that you can do near Motel1. For example, the Vienna State Opera House is very close, as well as numerous shops, restaurants and other places. Of course, there many sights to be seen, such as the Albertina Museum, the Vienna University of Technology, the Augustine Church and the Secession Building. The Austrian National Library can also be accessed by foot without any problems and the Museums Quartier is also a 10 minute walk away from Motel1.

For those who would rather spend their time partying, there are many bars and nightclubs near Motel1 too. Among the places that you can find nearby is Sexclub Maxim Wien. In fact, the club is only a few minutes away by foot, so there is no need for transportation arrangements to be made if you ever want to visit Maxim from your hotel. This is the main reason why we are recommending Motel1; the fact that it is extremely close to Maxim and most of Vienna’s sights and landmarks.

All of the rooms in Motel1 are clean and cozy in nature. The rooms do not have all the amenities that you would expect at a 5-star hotel, but there are a couple of things that each and every room in this hotel has. For example, every hotel is equipped with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning unit, a comfortable bed, a private bathroom and a couple of other things too. There are 400 rooms to choose from and most guests who have resided in Motel1 have left positive feedback about the amenities in this hotel.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that this is in fact a budget hotel and not a luxurious accommodation. This means that you are not going to be baffled by the room that you get, but you are certainly not going to be disappointed either.

Since this hotel is located in the downtown area of Vienna, it is among the most recommended for those who want to stay near Sexclub Maxim Wien. The hotel’s budget price also ensures that most visitors of this city can afford to stay a night or two without any financial issues. The hotel is surrounded by the gorgeous buildings of Vienna’s center, as well as the multitude of different shops and restaurants that you can choose from. With so many things to see, try and explore, Motel1 is sure to be a safe haven for those who want to reside in the beautiful city center of Vienna without paying a small fortune. And let’s not forget that you can walk to Maxim whenever you want to without having to arrange private transportation or anything for that matter. Motel1 is mostly recommended for those who are not looking for prestigious or luxurious accommodation, but rather something simple and cheap.