How do I ask my partner if I want us to go to an elite sex club?

You want to visit an elite sex club with your partner. But you don’t quite know how to ask? Anyone who lives in a partnership knows that a good relationship only works with good communication. We help you to ask the right questions.

Communication is the alpha and omega

Good communication is important for a relationship to work. This is not only healthy for the relationship, but also quite sexy. Elite Sex Club Maxim Vienna has the golden ticket to an erotic adventure ready for you with the following questions.

Before you go to an elite sex club with your partner, you should ask yourselves a few questions before the visit:

  • Do we both want to go to a sex club?
  • If so, how far are we willing to go?
  • Do we visit an elite sex club just to watch at first?
  • What if one of us likes a lady in the sex club?
  • Is it OK if one of us just watches the other with another lady?
  • Is it OK if both are involved with a sex club lady?
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If you have good communication, you will be able to communicate your desires confidently. Especially in the bedroom, or in this case, in the sex club. With the above questions and others that come up during the conversation, you can clarify what you are comfortable with.

The first step is taken

It is quite natural that certain feelings can arise. How do you deal with jealousy? As you can see, an open conversation is very important. During the conversation it is important to identify your own feelings. Only then can you clearly communicate your needs, desires and boundaries.

The fact that your partner finds someone attractive is one thing, but sharing your partner in bed with a third person for the first time is a completely different matter. So it’s important that you know and respect your own feelings first and foremost. Of course, those of your partner as well.

Set and respect boundaries

But most importantly, support each other. What happens when your partner gets intimate with a lady in a sex club? What is he or she allowed to do. Is one of you only allowed to watch while the other becomes active? Or is the sex club visit only allowed if you are both actively involved in lovemaking with a third lady? Think about the rules you set for yourselves.

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Although it may feel a little weird and awkward at first, having an open conversation about sex will bring you closer together. Whether you eventually want to go to a sex club or not. After the conversation, you have not only taken the first step, but also mastered the most difficult part.

It’s decided: You want to go to an elite sex club as a couple

You have decided to visit an elite sex club together as a couple. If you have clarified all questions in advance, hardly anything can go wrong. If one of you gets into a situation where he or she feels uncomfortable, you can take a break at any time.

The first time with your partner at an Elite Sex Club

Are you visiting a sex club as a couple for the first time and would like to approach the subject slowly? That’s no problem at Elite Sex Club Maxim Vienna. Elite Sex Club Maxim Vienna is an all-in-one nightclub where everything is possible, but nothing is mandatory.

Here you can enjoy music with club vibes and a good drink. Plus, you can relax and watch the ladies dance on the pole without any urge to do anything. You’ll soon realise that an elite sex club, like Maxim Vienna, will be a very relaxed club visit.

After you have loosened up and realised that a visit to the elite sex club Maxim Vienna is actually like a normal club visit with the option of sex with a third party, your inhibitions will gradually fall away naturally.

Once you have agreed on a lady of your choice, nothing stands in the way of a shared erotic adventure for three. Since our Maxim girls have experience in dealing with couples, they can carefully introduce you to a hot threesome in the Elite Sex Club. We hope you have fun exploring our Elite Sex Club Maxim Vienna.