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Maxim Blog Showcase Part 1

The year 2020 has challenged all of us, in all aspects of life. As the year is coming to an end, we would like to look back at some memorable posts from the Maxim Wien blog. This is just the first of a three part mini-series of Sex in Vienna articles through which we will be reminiscing about some of the most interesting and informational posts that have been published on our blog. If you’re interested in learning more about what has happened this year in Maxim, be sure to read this showcase post, as well as the ones that will follow!

Is Maxim Wien a sex club?

The first post we are looking back at is a fairly recent one. Since there have always been many questions as to what exactly the Maxim Wien club is, we published a post where we clarified this question once and for all. By reading this particular article, you can learn everything there is to know about the type of adult establishment that Maxim is. Not only do we clarify that Maxim Wien is a sex club and explain what this means, but we also write a bit about other types of establishment and how they differ from Maxim’s sex club business model.

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In the original article, you can also find explanation to other types of adult entertainment venues in Vienna. So in case you wish to learn all about the different types of venues in Wien, you should definitely click on the link and read the full article right away!

Article on the Maxim Wien blog: Is Maxim Wien a sex club?

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Maxim when looking for Sex in Vienna

If you weren’t sure what you can get at the Maxim Wien sex club, this article is the perfect one for you. In this post, we highlight five reasons why you should definitely choose our club when looking for sex in Vienna. Among other things, you can learn about Maxim’s location, the availability of the ladies who work in the club, the staff and much more. This article is undoubtedly going to make you want to explore the club immediately!

Click on the link at the end of this section and read five reasons why you should visit the Maxim club right now. There are things that some of you might already be familiar with, but we are sure everybody can find something new that they haven’t known already.

Article on the Maxim Wien blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Maxim when looking for Sex in Vienna

Special sex services by Maxim Wien

Having sex with a sexy Maxim lady is a treat in its own right; however, there are people who want something wilder and spicier. For those clients, we are glad to say that there are numerous special sex services that can be acquired in the Maxim club. In the following post, we have explained exactly that! Everything you need to know about the offered special sex services in Maxim Wien can be found in this blog post!

Naturally, those who are looking for regular sex services have a plethora of sexy and erotic ladies to choose from. However, in addition to these types of services, some of the ladies who work in the club also offer sex with couples, threesome in Vienna with two ladies and we even have a fully equipped BDSM room for those of our clients who wish to experience the eroticism of pain. The choice is yours and yours alone. Simply talk with the staff members or the ladies themselves about your special sex requests and make your dreams come true in the Maxim Wien sex club!

Article on the Maxim Wien blog: Special sex services by Maxim Wien


There you have it! These are some of the best articles that we have published on the Maxim Wien blog page in 2020. Of course, do not forget that this is just the first part of the mini-series of articles that we will be publishing on our blog, depicting the best posts so far. For more interesting and juicy articles, be sure to check back regularly, not to miss anything important. Until then, take a look at some of these related blog posts from the Maxim Wien website now!